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Hellfire Club Lyrics Album by Edguy

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1. Mysteria

“Ladies And Gentleman – Welcome To The Freakshow”

Oh Yeah…

The world around is killing me
No thunder wind and rain
Eels are crawling everywhere
Compounding with the game

Grind the army, the living dead, without destination
The faceless crowd is out to kill all kinds of variations

You’re trying to trample down my dreams
A shot in the dark

Mysteria – the spirit arising
Eldrich cries from the hill
Mysteria – fires are blazing
Their wicked feast is shattering the still oh

Seven days and nights a week
Spinning like a wheel
You try to buckle, band and break
And polish stainless steel

Raging fury in the sky burning with desire
Self-determination rising from the fire

You’re trying to trample down my dreams
My disdained ideals
Beware of the difference
We’re savage and mean – we’re a…


Evil is the dreamer to pit himself
Against the forces of the tide
You pay the see to portray
What you wanna hear what he has senn that night
Oh – unholy is the feast
Watch us dance around the the blazing hellfire
And Lucifer arises he appears at my desire


2. The Piper Never Dies

Oh Yeah…

Thirsting for salvation
You’re off to find the stairway
Novice on your never ending ride
Whatever you may find dare to take it higher
Here’s your instigation on your trip into the light

Standing at the temple
Where the wizard shall arise
You listen to the beauty of a song
A melody of promise calling from the dark
Tear down the portal and then go on and

Come and fly away with me
And your eyes are gonna see it all
And sleep with the fire – do you feel me
Go obtain divinity, be the one you wanna be
And don’t be afraid to give in

And ride into the shadows
The piper never dies, never dies
Ride into the shadows
The piper never dies, never dies

Entites are screaming, enticing from inside
Creatures you had never ever seen
And on the back of houghtiness
You leave into the light
The spirit on a mission in the shell of a beast

The ferryman is gentle
And promises are made
The other side may hold a lot to see
He’s gonna take you over
And then he’ll name the fare
Oh you gamble with the devil, fool
The ferryman is me

Come and fly away…

Balance on the edge of day and night
Not afraid of falling
Time has come to see all wrong from right
Something’s calling
Heaven and hell is it all the same
And just a different grade
Now I gotta know the point of change
Where live turns to hate

Balance on the edge of day and night
Dive into the haze and kiss the light
Many of the tales you’ve been told
Never written for the brave and bold
Come and take my hand tonight
Come and sleep with me tonight
Certainly I’m gonna take you there
Showing you around everywhere


Do you belive that you’re devil-may-care
As you jump into the fire
Do you belive that you’re devil-may-care
As you jump into the fire

Dreamer, dreamer, dreamer…

Ride into the shadows… You go on – into the night

Alright, the piper never dies, I got you hypnotised
Come with me and witness, see Babylon arise

The whore is fading light, let us step inside
O got you paralysed child, the piper never dies

The pied piper plays the song, beatiful but strong
He was never born, never he’ll be gone

Oh the pied piper never dies
He never dies, never dies…

3. We Don’t Need a Hero

When you wake up in the fire
And your harbor lies in ruins
You wonder why the giant has been shot
Fired off down from the sky

You plead for explantation
Is it accident or rule
And where is your childhood hero
To drive all the demons away

What if the light
Shines in darkness my friend
And darkness just can’t comprehend
So blaze the trail on your own
Go it alone

We are falling – falling to rise
Pain is the guide out of the wastelands
We don’t need a hero
We are falling – falling to rise
No charlatan to show you the light
We don’t need a hero

Indignty is the leader
To escort us to the fen
Where they say the light is endemic
If only I could comprehend

Now you’re old enough to face it
Rabble’s stones give pain
Hit you as they watch your tracks
Apart from the way that they understand

What if the light…

Oh we don’t need a hero
No we don’t need a hero

4. Down to the Devil

Roaming the plains
where a number is your name
In a palace
And you’ll never find the door
Oh look into the mirror
Is it what you wanna see
Or just a cuddle toy
The vogue has washed ashore

No I don’t care what you say
Into the darkness I plough my way
I’m striking out for paradise
To be the one I am

We’re going down to the devil
We are striking out for paradise
To bedlam below – down to the devil
The mad parade is comming home

Can’t you hear the sound
As they make the hammer pound
Rusty nails into a coffin of your size
To bury you alive
you mature until you’re ripe
Then they reap you
When you’re beautiful enough
in their eyes

They lurk to wall in your belief
Put up glass ceilings that you can’t see
To break down the freak
They don’t want you to be

We’re going down to the devil…

Oh we’re going down

Here’s your invitation, your instignation
Your damnation to the hellfire club

5. King of Fools

What do you think when you spit in my face
How does if feel to accuse and to haze
Now look at me, I’m not one of your kind

And I prefer to stay behind
And walk the wicked way

We don’t wanna be like you
Don’t you get that King Of Fools
We don’t mind your life is trite
You are the King Of Fools.

We are never gonna be like you
We don’t follow – King of fools
You’re the blind to lead the blind

And I walk the wicked way

You feel at ease as you flock with the masses
What do you see with your heads in their asses
Keep on railing at what I believe
Call me insane and I am proud to be

And walk the wicked way

We don’t wanna be like you
Don’t you get that King Of Fools
We don’t mind your life is trite
You are the King Of Fools.

We are not gonna be like you
We don’t follow – King of fools
You are the blind to lead the blind – oh

6. Forever

Sitting by the window
Staring out into the night
Waiting up for the light of day
And the sound of silence
The faintly flaring candle light
Parting has got me
Around to go insane

Alone I try to while away my time
Seconds turn to ages
As I close my eyes and wait
Sometimes I wonder
What’s the reason why
We long for someone to embrace
And say hello to say goodbye

Carry on – and I will forever
Longing drives bad memories away
And still carry on and I will forever
Cause when I see you smile
I dare to believe again

Is there anybody out there
To keep on looking for
If you don’t know then lie to me
Blue eyed for a letdown
If this is what it takes
To maybe see the light
I’ll dare to shed another tear

Oh I Know
The blows cold tonight
But anyhow I gotta go
Tell me girl where are you now

Carry on an I will forever…

I tried to build a wall
And let nobody in
To be on my own
Without love and without pain
Without pain
I don’t know why
But everywhere
I look into your face
Into your face
I am caught and I relapse again

Carry on, it’s forever
Longing drives and memories away

Carry on and I will forever…

7. Under the Moon

Now if you gaze up to the moon
See she’s become as blood and soon
The time is right:
We gotta pave the way

You gather silk to weave the net
Entrap the strongest you can get
A soul that’s ready to return again

See the purity shining from his eyes
A newborn angel
To help the chosen ones rise
Blood red prophet in the sky
We’re standing under the moon
Come down with fire
See the creature come alive
Standing under the moon
Come down with fire

Down with fire
Down with fire

Good intentions raise a mind
A new messiah to judge the blind
Kill off the fools
Who bar my pure and holy plan

We lead creation by the nose
To bring divinity to those
Who know tonight a golden age begins

Divine is the spirit
Into a terrestrial shell
A saviour of human blood
Lead u to somewhere
To heaven or hell

Blood red prophet in the sky…

8. Lavatory Love Machine

Oh if only Brazil was not so far
far away I Would swim or walk or ride
But never ever fly
But all the noise of the maniacs there
The sweat on my face it’s worth to bear
But I don’t wanna bounce and die

But then I see a lady in a tight blue dress
I close my eyes, I know what I would go for
Stewardess before the crash

Lavatory Love Machine
No fear can quell my steam
Lavatory Love Machine
No cabin fire burn my dream

I am at your disposal
I gotta get up to see what you ain’t gotta hide
Wheeling junk along the aisle
Keep your seat belf fastened
You’re whipping with an iron voice
You command
Uh mistress I am in your hands

And when she asks me what I’d like to eat
I realise the domina feels the same
And I reply: What about your pie?

Lavatory Love Machine…
Lavatory Love Machine
No broken wings to stop me steam
Lavatory Love Machine
Honey dou you like the way I cream?

Now if I gotta die
I’ll have been stiff and smiling till the crash
Let them know I’ve been alive
Till I made my final splash

Lavatory Love Machine…

Don’t hear the scary noises
From the turbine when you scream

9. Rise of the Morning Glory

I see an angel, fed up and pale
You’ve been a sleeper
You have been getting stale my friend
Time to leave the vale again

Back on the runway you accerlate
Get out of the tight spot and fly
Take your chance tonight
I’ll give you a ride tonight

And as the sun is gonna rise
I gonna make you come alive

You can fly, reach for the sky
(It’s) the rise of the morning glory
Scream and shout, cry it out loud
We are comming back to life
Now open your eyes
Witness the rise
Rise of the morning glory
When you’re next to me
You’re gonna see:

Everyday they’re wounding your pride
Try to break you
And make you let go
The dreams you once have had
They’ll never understand

There is a bastion that won’t ever fall
Our passion, our magic, our fire
Let them run us down
I couldn’t care less about

There is no time to waste
You better quicken up your race

You can fly…

10. Lucifer in Love


11. Navigator

The dessert in the blazing sun
I feel my throat is burning
The guard is incorruptable
You name it vanity or yearning – oh

Now – dusty into my face
We gotta build it higher and higher
The sun is whipping from above
Your child chains of desire

And craving towers
From the dessert towards the sky
The grind of the genius
Who’s raising his own decline

And the navigator is heading for hell
Setting off on a journey
And he’ll never return
And the navigator he rose and he fell
In quest for heaven
He’ll never return

Hey the seeker reaching for the stars
Beyond the scape of profanity
Oh and when he tried to touch the light
Fire burned his sanity away

Oh I gotta see it all
Tempting deities I hear them
But then when you follow their call
Pride goes before the fall

And the navigator…

12. The Spirit Will Remain

A Scent of rain
A healing breeze
Is blown into my face
To feel desire
And raise my head
To gaze at the sky
And watch the setting sun
Breaking through
The darkened clouds
And I feel that I
Am still alive and breathe

For all the world to see
You can bind my blood
But the spirit will remain

For all the world to see
No matter what you claim
The spirit will remain

They wanna see me down
On my wounded knees
Wanna see me cry
But my eyes
Have run out of tears
When there’s nothing left to pay
Just a little light of day
I got something
You can’t take away

Fly away
Fly away
Deep inside
Shetter for my spirit and my pride

For all the world to see
You can bind my blood
But the spirit will be free

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