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Mandrake Lyrics Album by Edguy

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1. Tears of a Mandrake

Gaze at the leaving clairvoyant
Predicting invasions and pain
A child cansee through the stranger…
The Watcher’s eye, the noble liar

It’s time for the merchant and his help for sale…
Blades to cut wicked flesh
On a merchantman he counts his money
Then he sails away
The sea he’ll cruise is blood and fire

Oh father I can’t see a lane
They make you a pawn in the game
For we all are deaf, dumb and blind

After the storm when the magic has gone
Drown in the tears of a mandrake
Pawn in the game, invisible chains
Try to move, you’ll feel as they graze

After the storm when the magic has gone
Drown in the tears of a mandrake
Fading away, the final decay
Try to move, break out from your chains

When you’re off to the hall of the serpent
See the cynic who’s counting his gold
While gun runners, priests and clairvoyants
Are dancing around the rising demon

You are taught to eat up all the crap they shit
Parading your nuts on a silver plate
Kill your brother by the blade they sell
For you don’t unite
They reap your bondage sowing evil

There’s no use to tell what I’ve seen
They know how to make you believe
Just what they want you to know

[repeat chorus/ solo: Jens/both/Jens/both]

Tears of a mandrake – yeah…

[solo: Jens/Both]
[repeat chorus]

Drown in the tears of the mandrake
Pawn in the game – Drown in the tears of a mandrake

2. Golden Dawn

He was born into this world
Living love but he got hurt
And he sighed when he beheld
The bleeding lamb

Blood and tears drip on the ground
Dung the olives on the mount
Love is crucified, made way
For the greed of man

There’s no way out of here

No we don’t, don’t wanna take it no more
No we don’t, don’t wanna wait forever

Golden dawn, a new age has begun
Golden dawn, in every single one
Don’t you run away, don’t say it’s all too late
Start to ring in the age… The golden dawn

Killing brothers, sick ideals, TV-Show lie and reveal
Poor philistine reasons why to hate a man
It’s so easy to give in, do your dirty trick and win
Join those lemmings to the shore and fly but then

Don’t complain if you’ll drown in the end

Kill to eat, when you’re the final one
There’s no one to compete
Then find the time to think of a…

[repeat chorus]
[solo: Dirk/Jens/Dirk/Jens/Both]
[repeat chorus]

3. Jerusalem

Cold in the wind, starless the night
Rain pouring down when the last one arrives
So many stories telling of pain
Are told by the freaks they’ve been throwing away

Ride out, set off to the sea
Odd fellows, you and me
Sail on to a world far away
That might not exist, we must be insane

Torn and feathered
Put in the pillory my friend
Accused as a fool marching on
In quest for a place they don’t know

To Jerusalem
The piper inside, can’t you feel him calling
You don’t be afraid of the horizon
To Jerusalem
Don’t you give in to their fingers pointing
So don’t be afraid, you won’t crash at the horizon
The dwarf and the giant, children who stray
The dreamer who’s walking far off their way
A jester cast out, he can’t laugh anymore
Here comes the freakshow… Welcome on aboard

Torn and feathered
They’ll never get what you say
Kill what they don’t understand
Don’t know and don’t even try

[repeat chorus]
[solo: Both]
[repeat chorus]

4. All the Clowns

When you’re walking down the empty road
Feel like creeping, crawling, cold and bare
And you’re afraid of Mistery Scary-face
Don’t turn around since you may find him there

A fire of hope has turned into smoke,
The child to a man
It’s nothing but grey painting your way
And no one could ever tell…

Tell me why all the clowns have gone
Tell me where did they run
Just when I close my eyes I can see them arise
Fool tell me where did you go
Foll tell me why did you go away, all the clowns

On and on, tomorrow’s yesterday
No more tears allowed, you’ll stand your pain
The child inside will die for liberty
Hope you don’t mind that they will nail a frame
A spark of a ‘no’
Rebellion and hope
The fire of life
I don’t mind if you blame
Don’t feel ashamed
Still I know them well

[repeat chorus]
[solo: Both / Jens]
[repeat chorus]

Oh, all the clowns…

5. Nailed to the Wheel

Good intentions pave the way of the human child
Heading for the fork as you walk the path of life
A spell cast from the hiding woods, don’t you close your eyes
The snake is waiting anytime to penetrate your mind
Don’t you hear voices whispering, incline to walk down

Don’t you see the shadow on the wall, angel eyes… the one cast out to fall
Calling me to look up to the sky we follow but we never know oh why

A vision revealing a child down where I’ve sure never been
An angel who’s touching the flame, oh the angel is me

Nailed, nailed to the wheel – Nailed, let the cut run deep
Nailed, nailed to the wheel – Nailed, I said go – let bleed! – Go, – let bleed!

[solo: Jens]

Feel it crawl, feel the magic coming over like a daze
Welcome as the poison for the cornered snake
Taste of sin, bitter sweet, never, never let us go
But never, never, never is a price we’d pay to grow

They call it original sin, some call it divine
The moment the evil appeared… the chance to decide

[repeat chorus]

From children in cradles to hangmen who smile
Lick up the blood from the blade of your knife
Walk the stairway, leading down, ride on fire, take the crown

Your mind could be strong but your flesh will be mine
He’s offering those kingdoms, they all could be thine
Rising powers, tempting gold, but at what price would it be sold?
It’s all up to you…

[solo: Jens]
[repeat chorus]

6. The Pharaoh

From the cradle of silence and of light
It took a birth in human blood – angels cry –
To the ages of violence and of hate
To explore the left hand path I came alive
Into my striding, the shell of a god in the cold
My soul is just hiding, my spirit haunting on to control

Flame of the Nile, fire in the darkness
To swallow the light
Behold the ghost of a god
God from the Nile, eternally roaming
To swallow the light
Behold the spirit of a pharaoh,
Pharaoh, pharaoh, no!

[solo: Jens]

To the world of spirits he’s sailling on and on
Why magician don’t you feel they broke the seal
Cyril’s facing the tyrant everywhere
Far away from his grave, Seth is free

Roaming through ages
Begetting advice for your kings, yow…
Leading the stages
Of history that’s bound to my strings, no, no, no…

[repeat chorus]
[solo: Jens]

Don’t you see that it’s coming, it’s near
The wise man screamed in the noble chamber
Just a parrot in a rich man’s cage
He’s a jester on the count

The wise man died and the seance went on
And the red one reigned in the noble chamber
In dreams of a masterplan
For a billion parrots in a big cage

Afraid of the eyes that shine in the darkness
You don’t realize, afraid in the haze
You point at the man that grins in your nightmare
And don’t realize the mirror you gaze into
You don’t wanna see the spirits behind sceneries

[solo: Jens]

I guide your away I make you stay alive
My servants taught you know how to survive
The way of light is food for your soul
But it’s your belly that’s taken control

No guiding light would shine anymore
It’s just the red god replacing the core
He’ll rise again to open up the gate
We have to learn for our future, our fate…

[solo: Both]
[repeat Chorus]

The ghost of a god…
Slave to the pyramid…

7. Wash Away the Poison

Here alone now I’m staring at the sea
Behind the far horizon
Is there a better place for me?

Afraid to drown, afraid to dive
Scared by fears and the hot sunlight, yeah

And I dance in the rain, dive in the pool of life
Wash away the poison
And I dance through this pain, my body in a starless night
To wash away the poison from my soul, turn it to gold

Between the devil and the deep sea
I don’t know how to carry on
I only feel that inner force that’s pushing me along

The tides of life bring clarity for my tumbling mind
I’ll dive to see, set me free

[repeat chorus]
[solo: Both]
[repeat chorus]

8. Fallen Angels

Sun going down, she opens her eyes
It’s dark in the belfry and cold
Whispers of rain, wind in the sky
So long it’s been all she’s been told

Dream child, you’re all alone
Roaming though the night
Scream child, lost and ashamed
For all the tears you cry

You’re a child in sadness
A chessboard nightmare to go
Hear that silent symphony
Calling you up to the shore and you’ll see us

As we sail away, moonstruck and astray
We’re fallen angels
We’re the scary tale to scare your mind away
From fallen angels

[solo: Both]

So many days wasted in haze
You’re free, oh so free on their strings
Illusions of life, they say you can fly
They laugh and they cut off your wings
Night child, they give you steel
And make you believe that it’s gold
Lies child, all that you’re told
Is just what you shall know

When they ‘know’ we are evil
We’re strangers
And danger and fire,
The dark and the light
We are eyes in the night
Lost souls’ they curse
For we’ve found it inside – oh

[repeat chorus]
[solo: Jens]

Ohhh, yeah…

[solo: Jens/Both]

When they say you’re a fossil
When their eyes nail you to the cross
Take their curse and join our way
Welcome my frien on the ship of the damned – oh

[repeat chorus]

9. Painting on the Wall

Strong on your feet, you were blinded
Building up a towar on shaking ground
Once in a world full of colors
Back to see just ruins there to be found

And now you’re falling, crawling
Diggin in the broken remains
Of what had to be taken for strong
Slowly it’s been fading away

Come into the painting on the wall
So the joker smiles
Come into the painting on the wall
No more crying
Illusions let you in from the rain
Follow Mr. Hopkins, get insane

Stories are told – wanna hear him
Talking from the picture to your head
Follow the call of a puppet
Led into a black room painted red

Where life is painless, brainless
You don’t think of broken remains
Of what had to be taken for strong
Slowly it’s been fading away

[repeat chorus]
[solo: Jens]

Look at the picture
Point at the child there on the floor
Realize that it’s a looking glass

[repeat chorus]

10. Save Us Now

[solo: Shuttle-crash suite in F-Major, Marsian Traditional]

The sound of explosions, the children awake
The turn of the tide acts up, the ground it starts to quake
A pile of dented steel, in fear I realize
Behind the shuttle’s windshield two evil shinig eyes

Highspeed alien drum bunny – Highspeed alien drum bunny

Handcuffed they take the stranded straight into their lab
Examine him, his DNA, what you give is what you will get
He takes his magic carrow, a bang and drums appear
He starts to play like thunder, mandkind flee to save your hearing

Highspeed alien drum bunny – Highspeed alien drum bunny

Save us now, somebody – Save us now, someone
From highspeed A.D.B.
Save us now, somebody – Save us now, someone
From highspeed A.D.B.

Bum Bum Bunny B., life is a drag I can tell
But let me count to four and then you play the roll of hell
One, two, one, two, three, four…

[hoplle-roll of hopple-hell bu the protagonist]
[solo: Both/Jens]

Highspeed alien drum bunny – Highspeed alien drum bunny
Hi fish, alien drum bunny – Hasi, alien drum bunny

[repeat chorus]

[Anonymous protagonist encouraging the cheering masses:]
This is alien drum bunnies’ revenge – Resistance is futile!!!

11. The Devil and the Savant

When you cross the edge inside
reach out for the stranger
As you sign the deal tonight
Icarus’s your only guide
See the haggard child of sun
To the tempting fires you run
Pass the gate and realize
Casting evil eyes

Down at your dark lab
you threw some tarot cards
Reading the fiery truth
alchemist you were right
the vision’s alive

The devil and the savant
Gaze away
Far away
Alchemist you’re free
inside of your prison
The devil and the savant
Take a light,
Getting sight of a revelation forced:
the chemical wedding day…

He appears at your desire
Does your bidding – always
Lights the candle in the dark
See the blood – oh – of us all
Think you force him to expose
All above and all below
You’re never able to unveil
what you had to feel…

Taming your seraph but who is in control
You or the demon called curiosity, Mephistopheles…

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