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Edguy Theater of Salvation Lyrics Album

Theater of Salvation Lyrics Album by Edguy

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1. The Healing Vision

Lord of fate, I feel you deep inside my brain…
Is it really just a dream or the urge to survive?

2. Babylon


In a world of hate pollution
We can’t breathe anymore
We’ve to leave and this time you
The pawn, have won
On our quest for nowhere island
We set off to the sea
You call surrender what we call
Acalm before the storm…

Pounding thoughts of home they make me know:
“I will return! I don’t live my life for you
It’s too short to get burned
Stand upright and face the wind!”

Time to go back where I belong…
No one can prevend me from
Raising towers in Babylon
Time to go back where I belong…
No one can accuse me
For I do not fear Babylon, Babylon…

You only can love me if you can convert me
To attitudes of your brain
You blame us for doing things
That you don’t know, you tell me what you’d do
If you were me but you are you and I am I
Lucky you, but this time I say: “No!”

Pounding thoughts of home they make me know:
“I will return! I don’t want to hurt you
But you’ll have to learn: you are you and I am I!!!

Oh yeah…

3. The Headless Game

Longing for silence
“Always faster” is the way that we go
Not a little patience
Higher, farer, better we grow

The beast is rising, it’s tantalizing
Those who are taking the time
Alienation… a revelation…
Straight to the end of the line…

The cold chill you feel is no dream it’s for real
We don’t follow!

Fly! Riding away… Rising today…
No we don’t play your headless game!
We are alive, don’t say goodbye
Fly! Riding away… Rising today…
No we don’t play your headless game!
We are alive, don’t say goodbye

Cast out from Eden…
You don’t like what we are in your eyes
We’re leading the treason on the race you run
The way of your life

I am danger, I’m a stranger
Cause I don’t give in to your call
And not until she is satisfied
We can come and explode and we fall!!!

We’vr blowing the frame of your headless game:
We don’t follow!

4. Land of the Miracle

Blinded by the fire and the sorrow of the day
I come knocking at your door to dry the tears away
The eventide is calling me to take a look into your eyes
Pull me on and make me mesmerized!

Riding on the wings of light
Dreaming dreams and holding tight:
Leaving all my sorrow far behind
Your eyes are the gate

To the land of the miracle where our love can make us fly
Make us fly
In the land of the miracle
We can can find a reason why and how we can fly

Open up the book up madness read the page of life!
Who’s the one to tell you what to do and how to rise?
And if the stars would fall one day I’d climb up to the sky
To put them back for you to save your smile

…Take a look onto the book of fantasy and poetry and
you will see: what you can feel is everything you
need to heal your crying mind, the soul behind and
everything that you may find inside your head…

…A million years have passed away to make us head
for the decay and to unlearn just what yearn for
all day long: Right to be strong and stick to our
ideals, are they for real and do we just have lost the

… I believe in miracles they happen everyday
In your arms a dream comes true for me…

5. Wake Up the King

Soldier of sunlight
Welcome to the kingdom of ignorance
Where all the tears of ages tell their tales
No one dares to break the spell
No one dares to fly
Time is running out you can’t deny

How many times have you found yourself under the influence?
How many times has a mirror made you cry?
Now it’s time to stand upright
Tear down your inner door!
The birth of yourself can´t wait no more…

In your mind there’s a battle raging on
Try to find what your fighting for!

Wake up the king
From his sleep in your fantasy!
Wake up the king
Let him be all your exctasy!

Tears flow to rivers and rivers to oceans of broken dreams
Have you ever heard of tears of joy?
Show yourself a sense of life, open up your eyes:
Let your heartbeat be your best advice!

In your eyes I can see the fire burn
Realize: now it is your turn!

Look at the mountain, look at the sun
Feel of the pure energy!
Birds fly and wisper, call out yor name!
They belong to you and you’re the
King of the kingdom, light in your hand
Look at what you have never seen!
Walk on a rainbow, look to the stars
Cry it out and make your dream come true!

Can’t you see your crown?

6. Falling Down

“No brain is left but here I got one more nail!”
The master’s final word
When he created a “hero” like you
Born to deride and hurt

You don’t try to find a reason why
You don’t have a brain
You are just a masquerade, just a nice facade
In a snob parade, I know

You don’t have to wait, I’ll be too late
When you meet to jump off the edge!
You don’t have to wait, I’ll be too late!
When you meet to jump off the edge!

I’m not like you and I don’t wanna be
Follow the times to a place you can’t see!
Don’t call in doubt, what the fashion may bring
And you’ll be falling down

Hammer the nail into what you don’t know
Keep on believing you’re strong!
You got your pride and I got my peace
There’s no sense in proving you wrong

We will fight just to stand upright
We are here to dare
Guts to sail against the stream
To defend the dream, to do what we feel, I know


7. Arrows Fly

Faking the thruth in their eyes…
Smile but they really deride…
Never give you shelter
Lady all alone, naked to the bone…
Make you bleed and melt into tears

Down on your knees you will see what you could be
Raise the power in your eyes! Makes you rise
To make you say:

Down and alone… arrows fly!
Breaking on my soul…
Down and alone… arrows fly!
I remember times when arrows hit me
Causing pain
All alone I found my soul
And now my soul is sane

The night has come down on the land
I wanna reach out for her hand
But she takes another
Lonesome in my room…
Staring at the moon…
Treated like a bother…

Down on my knees I have seen what I can be
Raise the power in my eyes!
Makes me rise to make me say

8. Holy Shadows

You’re a child of an old illusion,
Can’t you hear it cry?
You live your life to the exclusion,
Of what they call a lie…
The touch of evil it is getting stronger,
You’d better hide in the daylight.
Or you won’t stand the temptation no longer,
And you will ask if your way is right.

Do not ask the preacher why!
All your fears keep it alive.
Waiting for the end of time…

Holy shadows, always follow
Holy chains on… …holy shadows…

When you are eve then I am temptation
I am the words you’re not allowed to say
The animal of their revelation
Cause I can take your fears away.

They make you blind and they want you to follow!
“Free love is sin! Desire’s slavery!”
My wicked kiss on your virgin lips
Will be a pleasant way you’ll see it

Let’s get down on the floor
you’ll be screaming for more
When out bodies collide
I’ll make you feel alright
Never give in when they call it sin!

9. Another Time

The rain outside reminds me of your voice
Like everything I hear since you’re not there
The distance doesn’t leave me any choice
Than to meet you in a dream we still can share
In my dream I see your smile
But when I open up my eyes
I can’t see anyone
Now that you have gone away
I wonder if we’ll reach the day
That you will realize that we belong

I can’t take it for granted
I remember your smile
I can’t take it for granted
‘Cause I know that our life is in line
For another day or life in another time…
…In another time…

The pressure and the fear it made you blind
You thought you have to give some burden away
But are you really sure if it’s required?
Don’t you want to find out another day?

10. The Unbeliever

I am the madness carrying the torch
lighting the wheat in your fields
I am the eyes staring out of the dark
I am the war of your yields

When you give response away I grow
I am more of you than you might know

Burning down… burning down…
It’s a story of deceivers
Burning down… burning down…
Put the blame on the unbeliever!

I am the vision that comes to your mind
When you denounce without regret
“God” is the word in the bible you say
I am the word that you spread!

I’m born and I lead the weak into the fire
“No more pain” is what you claim
While you have found your wicked desire…

11. Theater of Salvation

“I’ve heard voices in my dream
Made me stand up, helped me see.” Aaah…


Visions called him to awake his mind
To find his horizon
And find out what may be behind

[vision:] “Take what you need
You can find in the back of your soul!
Wake up the king in yourself
To be mighty and bold!”

Seasons of doubt
Fear and silent desires of life
Have gone by
Visions have called back my longing
For freedom tonight
Made me sigh…

Wasting my life till the day
That the voice has appeared…
Made me see:
I am the one that can make it
Through times of despair; I am free!”

They built up a symbol of warning
To give me fear
To keep me away from paradise
Although it’s so near
Expecting I don’t take a look
At what is behind: Freedom calling…

Take a look at the open gate!
Walk on and don’t be afraid!
Free your mind in what they call
It’s the heart of temptation!

…oh… Go the way!

Take a look at the open gate!
Walk on and don’t be afraid!
Free your mind in what they call
It’s the heart of temptation!

Night after night
I remembered the word of the priest:
“Thou shalt not!
Never give in to the promises
Made by the beast
So help me god!
Never give in to temptation
Or you’ll burn in hell
Along, long time!
Is what I can sell
If you stay blind!!!”

But I wanna know what lies behind
The gate of their hell
And I won’t believe all the stories
that they always tell
I got the mind to find out
What is right and what´s wrong
Freedom calling…

Queen of mine I long for you
Tell me why to wait to find our joy!
It’s your wait for heaven’s door
Your fear that makes them grow
And let you forget today

I’ll never go and I’ll
Stay on your side
They’ll never know what I give to you
Is a piece of paradise

Heaven can wait! Now I’m living!
Heaven can wait forevermore
Heaven can wait!
I am to live like I want to also before I’ll die
Heaven can wait! You can’t thrill me!
Heaven can wait, we dance till we die!
Heaven can wait! Welcome to the
Theater of salvation

“Hallelujah, hallelujah!”
I hear the man in black, his
“Hallelujah, hallelujah!”
He tries to keep me back. No!
“Hallelujah, hallelujah!”
Lock up the gates to wisdom
“Hallelujah, hallelujah!”
Too late! I’ve found the kingdom…

Hallelujah, hallelujah!
I see a band of angels
Hallelujah, hallelujah!
Freedom calling…
Hallelujah, hallelujah!
I do not fear the stories
Hallelujah, hallelujah!
Freedom calling me…

Don’t you see it? Don’t you feel it?
Freedom calling…

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