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1. Origins (Intro)

He who has ears to hear, let him hear
For this is a tale of an ancient kind
In the word there lies existence and the word became flesh
And dwelt among us and we saw its glory
Let him hear it who will

Every soul heard
Some ran and hid away
Some listened
Some laughed
Most just stood there
And forgetting

2. The Nameless

Holy Father in Darkness
Hallowed be Thy name
Thy kingdom came
The rise of Thy reign

The bloom of the silvern night
Hail King of Antumnos

Holy Father in Darkness
Thy will was done
When the gates of Antumnos
Were opened wide

From Thy bosom
Arose in glory
The children of the Otherworld

You are the nameless
You’re the primordial one
Who was, who is and is to come
You are my genesis

A rose e’er blooming
From noble stem
Hath sprung the tribes
Of the night born

Holy Father in Darkness
Bright sun of the night
Thine is the power and the glory
Forever more

Holy Father in Darkness
Blessed be Thy name
Thy kingdom came
The rise of Thy reign

3. From Darkness

Is it not ironic
How your favorite dread
Is the matrix in which you were formed
The unfathomable dark
Of a realm arcane and burrowed far below

The grain sprouts from deep ‘neath the soil
Where sunlight will never ever reach

From darkness we come
That shelter where all life is formed
To darkness we sail
Eternal refuge of the soul

The darkness of night goes out
When dawn befalls in the time between the times
And the grain in the soil, buried deep
Shall not bear fruit unless it dies
In the dark of Antumnos
The Awen waves and life is conceived

The day is born from the night
In the three night of Samon the year is born
So the song has been sung
Let him hear it who will

Is it not ironic
How you cling so hard
To all evidence of all there is
As you maintain your unbroken urge
To explain what you can’t

The child grows in its mother’s womb
Enshrouded and concealed

4. Celtos

Ueuone drucorigin
Auios auiettos, auios auiei
Mantrat-io ulatin
Auios auiettos, auios auiei

Doaxte in bretannoi rigion
Auios auiettos, auios auiei
Belorigos argantios

Comanxte mercin rigos
Auios auiettos, auios auiei
Siraxta gabesse

Sin cecantont uidlui
Tre panpe aisson

In the west he rose
The high king from Antumnos
With a high queen
Noble daughter of Bretannos
Their first born son, lo, the sovereign Celtos
The world marveled at the offspring of the Antumnos

Uiors benape bisiomos
Auios auiettos, auios auiei
Bie matir mouon mapon

Gegnetro eobon mapos
Auios auiettos, auios auiei
Iaccousassos aurios

Bou uassoi anuan Celtos
Auios auiettos, auios auiei
Doaxte neruos caros
Maras boudas doaxte eu

Eddi-jo atir cenetli
Auios auiettos, auios auiei

Sin cecantont uidlui
In cantlobi senauon

5. Virunus

North of the yew grove
One mountain was crowned
With glory and steel

Shining beacon of wealth
Home of the prosperous
High Princess of Noreia

One man
To fight on the blood-red mountainside
One man
To vanquish the rapacious beast
Once man
to end the age of distress
One man
To fulfill the prophecy enthean

One fateful day it appeared
That colossal and furious boar
To feed on our sacred lands
A swath of destruction
Was all that remained

Iron swords were raised in vain
Asunder burst our lightning spears
Oppressed and stricken we languished in fear
Until he rose…

Vir! Vir! Vir! Vir!

North of the yew grove
One man stepped forth
To challenge the beast

The father of this town,
Home of the prosperous
High Princess of Noreia

6. Nothing (Intermezzo)

So many lives faded, withered away. And many were born.
Much that was great and significant sank into irrelevance.
Today became history, history became legend,
And fell into oblivion.
Yet nothing vanishes without a trace.
Everything that is sprang from what was.

7. The Call of the Mountains

Against the waves, with out swords in our hands
Against the sea, with our backs to the walls
Against distress, in the presence of our enemies
Against the storms, roaring at our faces

A cry rang out throughout the skies
A beckon, the flight of the cranes

The call of the mountains
The call of the Alps
The call home
The tune in our hearts
The song of the mountains

What’s that stir, so blatant in our sallying hearts?
What’s that urge, that lifted up our longing eyes?
What’s that ring, echoing from the leaden skies?
What’s that augur, resounding from the lyre’s strings?

A cry rang on in the sibilant winds
A behest, the outcry of the cranes

8. Sucellos

Sacred the enclosing welkin of dawn

As the blazing red pours over the firmament
The first light runs through my outstretched hands
I see your face, shining on me
Puissance never running dry

Thy maul and staff
They comfort me

Thou art my shepherd, I shall not want
Thy maul and staff, they comfort me
Thou maketh me to lie down in pastures green
Thou leadest me beside the still waters
Bright sun of the night

Begetter, sempiternal force, fire of existence
Sparks of life emit when you strike
Your mallet’s target is never missed
No man can fathom the vastness in your hand

Atir aissom
Rodatis buiotutos

The times surrender, sun of the Otherworld
The wolf’s hunt won’t be in vain
As the raven homes and finds the isle
Nantosuelta’s noble servant

Escorting the soul
Into the darkness where life is born

9. Inception

And there was nothing…

Grannus’ healing touch – Cernunnos’ beckon
Deo Sucellos’ strike – Taranis’ piercing roar
Dandelions floating like snow
Witness the eternal laws of nimiety

Every single one
Is numbered
Not one is forgotten
Every single one
Is just one more in Sucellus’ hand
Infinitesimal and evanescent

Distant echoes ring out, exalting the unseen
Ancient mountains serenely bode the vast
All deriding the pompous futile
That will be burnt to ashes and be washed away

Is it sempiternal, yet sanctifying
Waters and fires are to come

“They teach that the soul does not descend to the silent land of Erebus and the sunless realm of Dis below, but that the same breath still governs the limbs in a different world. If their tale be true, death is but a point in the midst of perpetual life.”

The ephemeral will fade, the futile will be washed away
Wounds will be healed and questions will be answered
Creation cleansed for a brand new day

Minor and small
Will become a little star
To shine for those to come

10. Vianna

We wandered led by the gods
You gave a voice
Uîdluiā of the Allobroges
Your feet danced
In the footprints of the Otherworld
The words of your songs
Carved into our hearts

My Vianna
My bright light
My Sacrifice
My Vianna
My patroness
My Immortal
Hallowed be Thy name, my child

Dancing in the Awen
You became the word
As tears mingled with the Rhodanos
And as the earth opened up
To receive its sacrifice
You blessed the fen
The consecrated ground

11. The Silver Sister

The silvern light – a stannite glow
The primal night – of the darkened vault

Under the welkin dark
Solemn chants will soar
The immemorial
Songs of the wise

To declare the rise
Of the night-born
Of glinting dew
And susurrant winds
Of a vibrant dawn
Long foreshown

And your pristine face
Pours down crystal rays

Caressed by your velvet touch
As we dance through the night
One last silver kiss
As the ancient song falls silent

The wolves from Antumnos
Come bearing heritage divine

In stannic pearls – the light pours
Over the rock-grey coats of the proud

Your radiance crystalline
Heralds the ancient words
Resounding high and clear
From the otherworld

In this night we dance
Glory to the nameless one
Atir aissom atir imon

One last silver kiss before the last string decays…

12. King

I high king
Sovereign and servant
Holder of divine
Regality bestowed
In the omphalos grove
My king ship the song of the gods

Thou shalt know me by my fruits
The abundance in which we grew
The signs and wonders at our feet
Which the flight of the crows revealded

I am the crown of GALLIA
I am the oak in the Nemeton
I am the servant of antumnos children
I am the will of our gods ambicatus is my name

My chosen set forth to conquer
Kindling beacons
My kingdom prospered and grew

Thou shalt know me by my fruits
From the Hercynan forests
To beyond the skyscraping alps
To which the flight of the crows lead us

I am the crown of GALLIA
I am the oak in the Nemeton
I am the servant of antumnos children
I am the will of our gods

I am the crown of GALLIA
I am the oak in the Nemeton
I am the servant of antumnos children
I am the will of our gods ambicatus is my name

13. The Day of Strife

Imi gdonios riios rijiaspe toutias

The mountains trembled
When the Antumnos’ doors opened wide
The ancient one stepped forth
To bring to justice the grim tyrants
A withered-skinned old man
Divine Logos upon him
His words alike the arrows in his quiver

We followed him
Our ears tethered to the divine tongue
The ancient wise of Antumnos

Our burning strength – our beacon light – our freedom’s drown

On the day of strife
Two daughters born in pain
To the reign of life
Their dawning glory will shine

“Seseroneos! Ferocious giant o Tauriscus! You wroth bull
Long enough have you trampled over these lands!”
A raddled aged man
Vanquished the oppressor
And reclaimed the lands of the West

Our salvation – our victory

As our lands bloomed again
And Celtos’ children grew
Ogmios returned to Antumnos
To attend Gobanno’s feast

14. Ogmios

“The godly tongue distills honey, mankind’s tether of amber and gold.
This is my verdict. For neither are kingdoms conquered by iron,
Nor dies the mighty by the spear.
Men are felled by what they fail to believe in.”

15. Carry the Torch

Aidus esti-io gnata uer axsin bitous uertassit in uextlon
Etic uextlon clouir

Garion sepimor, brater
Dligentes bisiomos
Deuinin budin ro-plecomos, brater
Age, rouraxsamos

Aritere tres rhenon dexsoui
Tres alpes epro-crabantes
Eriwedu arcipi

Laxsarin – uroncin beromos
Uodextes – adandamos
Emmos nis adgarion
Atisepitor silon Antumni

ansi cretimi, brater
Rata deuon beunti uer toutas Gallias
Budi deuon, brater ulates blatouesant

16. Eternity

So here we are. Plays have been enacted.
Empires have come and gone.
The mightiest have passed away and withered alike the least.
Fires have burned. Thousandfold.

Yet did not eh great wheel serenely continue its course?
Does not the blackbird still sing its song?
Does not the mistletoe still dwell in the oak’s crown?

Forgotten what once has been told. Veiled the words that
Once rang out, shrouded, like the larva in its cocoon.
Let him hear it who will.

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