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Spirit Lyrics Album by Eluveitie

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1. Spirit

Imm! Uelor! Uediumi! Gussu!

Andedion Uediiiumi Diiuion Risun Artiu
Artiu Mapon Aruerifatin

2. Uis Elveti

Uro si tovo keitone, e’brgant tovo bargo
Toge si se met snibi, staj si borso anda
Cuonos be toi se – immi spakto…
Cuonos be toi se – vo tovo vida

Veno ap tovo albeis, veno ap de bejos
veno ap oljo trano, cu tov’ aljo aunio
Cuonos be toi se – immi spakto…
Cuonos be toi se – vo tovo vida

Carao toi tecos tersos
canumi uis an devo
so bado at ne ti se
imon coimo elvetie

3. Your Gaulish War

Fraught with so much greed, imperial needs.
Satisfy your hunger for might and blood!
With greedy claws the eagle flew
Leaving chaos and widows on his hunt.

We do not accept to bear the half-moon on our feet
Nor to bow, to the laurel wreath!

“Haec terra mea est” – the urge of your own want
spurring the horse towards the devastating aint.
It’s the pauper that accrouches – bared indigence
Your need should cost unnumbered lives!

might and riches you have sought,
willing to pay the price in human lives!

False and fallacious, killing and omnivorous
depleting the value of human life!
But we always knew: You came with fortune
and one day you’d come with steel!

We did not accept to bear the half-moon on our feet!
A tort that pays it wage death?

Well, how does it feel, the blood on your hands?
I hope you had a ball in effacing lives!
Well, how does it feel, the blood on your hands?
I hope the gold you’ve won bestows your delight!

…standing at the top of all the ruin you have left…
watch our wives remigrate with crooked backs…

4. Of Fire, Wind & Wisdom

…the endless knot …. the holy grove…
…the threshold … the place beyond…
…I enter, like a newborn child….

Embracing the eternal
Like a consuming fire
the knowledge grows
when it’s cleft
Though still patchworked
yet flooding
the creating touch
washing away the vile.

Embracing the ancient
while trees gently whisper
those intimate
longed-for words
The greet wheel
is still revolving
with untouchable sovereignty
so invulnerable.

Into the sacred grove I drown
The endless knot
draws me into
the fire of hearts, the place beyond
Then I’ll be born
then I’ll be renewed

…naked spirit … bare…

5. Aidû

Id-aidu diweido!
Loxsko – briwo anu sqrabo!
Geleo – Aidu deneibo!

6. The Song of Life

I’ve been fire, fed by the four winds
I’ve been water in the stream
And a drop of dew on the culm
I’ve been clay in the hands of a potter
I’ve been rosin of a tree
And a leaf, by the breeze carried away

I’ve been a child of seven spirits
I’ve been an eagle in the skies
And the swashing fish in the lough fulgent
I’ve been a tear in the wind
And a word within paean

I’ve been a flower on the green pasture
I’ve been the song of a bird
And the vast roar of a bear
I am a lump of this vivid soil
I’m the brother of the trees
a chthonian lot of this earth

Breathe this dream, and let your soul inhale it!
Bare and naked, let us dance on the meadows

Revel within this nature which we’re all a part of. Free this wolf forever!
Free this child! Indui uelui cantla canamos.

7. Tegernakô

A folk of cheeriness and strength
content with the life they lived
So-called barbarians yet with eyes cleered
for what they truly need and what damn not

free and plain

Barbarians, farmers and savages
counted as ignorant and uncivil
But told to bow before the emperors throne
they were at least not venal

True and plain freedom – of this natures clan
True and plain pride – of this celtic clan
True and plain dignity – Tegernako!

Not for riches, not for sway
not for economic benefits
met they the emperors requirements
for freedom can’t be bought

8. Siraxta

Immi daga uimpi geneta
Iana beddos et` iouintutos
Blatus ceti, cantla carami
menuan ambi caron soueti
Mimi, sedumi in disounile
Iana oinicilas in cridile
Ate-, iege, -rigasisi?
To- moi dera -bibrasisis?

Nu noxs todiqueuode
nu papos samos d’elleloge
tauila inter tegisa,
dirobata tenisa
mimi, sedumi in disounile
Iana oinicilas in cridile
menuan ambi caron soueti
samito-ne urit- me -piseti?

Nu etnoi penna roceltont,
uo atanobi ro- sa -celtont
cauannos ardu gariti.
critus ougros me gabiti
auelos in dolias sueteti
no moi suetlon de tu bereti
ate-, iege, -rigasisi?
to- moi dera -bibrasisis?

Papon in samile, papon in tauile
All is quiet, all is silent
Auelos sueteti uor magisi
The wind is wailing on the field
Dera ougra loucint in nemisi
Unnamed stars blister cold on the canopy

Dallos immi dacroun

9. The Dance of Victory

The most heinous con
refuge of evil
cloven tongues that speak of truth
With false, specious words
they sold what can’t be bought
Acherontic saints of holy sales.

Damn bloody lies
Burn me alive

Silence! Those mouths are stuffed by truth
Hark! At the ruins of the vile I will dance
… in victory!

They don’t heed the eternal
I can see the fruits
of a spirit putriscent

The ogre burning heretics
the cleansing stake
I’m not daunted by distress
for all lie in inanity.
but some stretched out their hands
and touched the awen.

10. The Endless Knot

As the shore is not sea nor land,
like the time between the times
where the dawning is not day nor night
you are between the worlds….

Endless circle, bearing my footprints
With fast-sure-hand you guide my steps

Ans so I trod on your endless paths
And travel on throughtout eternity
In these labyrinths of life
Not to know what the next step will bring

And so I trust in your endless paths
And travel on throughout eternity
In these labyrinths of life,
Not to know what the next step will bring

You keep the wrlds aligned
You bond b’tween soul and flesh
You draw to the heart of hearts
With wisdom beyond fate

Endless knot, bearing my footprints
With fast-sure-hand you guide my steps

11. AnDro


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