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Ven Lyrics Album by Eluveitie

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1. D’vêritû Agâge D’bitu

Dro, o Dêvo, tovo anextlo,
Cue ir anextlo, nertos,
Cue ir nertos, Skyans,
Cue ir Skyans, Gothvos,
Cue is Gothvos, Gothvos ar vêriânjâ,
Cue is Gothvos ar vêriânjâ, y Garo
Cue ir Garo, grâto oljo Bewnans,
Cue in grâto oljo Bewnans, Garo Dêvo:
Dêvo cue ollo Dade.

2. Uis Elveti

Ûro si tovo keitone, o brgant tovo bârgo
Toge si se met snibi, stâj si borso anda
Cuonos bê tû sê – immi spakto…
Cuonos bê tû sê – vo tovo vidâ

Venô ap tovo albeis, venô ap de bejos
Venô ap oljo trâno, cu tov’ oljo aunio
Cuonos bê tû sê – immi spakto…
Cuonos bê tû sê – vo tovo vidâ

Vegro, abonâ, o aqâ, magos, melb o nanto
Reipatro o tovo bivûed panavo
Cuonos bê tû sê – immi spakto…
Cuonos bê tû sê – vo tovo vidâ

Karaô tû teko têrsos
Kanô ois uis an dêvo
So bâdo het er ti sê
Imon koimo elvetie

3. Ôrô


4. Lament

I wonder what we have become…
A land so full of riches bought with blood!
A land so free, yet chasing for wind….
As we look up to false giant emperors
We’ve lost our pride of old, the innocence is gone!

Clan of Elveti
Weep for your land
….and your children!

What if we’d still be proud and simple minded?
What if there would not be so much blood on our invisible hands?
What if there would not be billions to feed the lusts of war?
What if not all these subtle hidden injustices?

What if there would not be a state church
Built upon hypocrisy, instead of faith?
What if we’d still be a simple clan of nature
With all its frailties but with some knowledge of righteousness?

5. Druid

Mysteries of life, mysteries of death
Mysteries of mountain and forest, mysteries of nature
Mysteries of the sky, mysteries of the earth
Mysteries of dreams, mysteries of love

Mysteries of the soul, mysteries of mankind
Mysteries of thoughts, mysteries of words
Mysteries of pains, mysteries of healings
Mysteries of answers, mysteries of mysteries

No objectivity lies there to be preached, but yet no relativity
No doctrine shall be found on my lips for it’s truth I seek to give

Drus, Animongaro
Lover of God
I give the love, that I am given
With truth against the world

Through the mysteries of life, I wander on my path
And seek to give some wisdom, that I am given
This little flame of mine, I will always let it shine
For all who wander, to the glory of the mystery

6. Jêzaïg


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