A Wintersunset Lyrics (1996)

Empyrium A Wintersunset Lyrics Album

A Wintersunset Lyrics Album by Empyrium

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1. Moonromanticism


2. Under Dreamskies

Storm skies from the nights
shadows of the forest lie inside
and gleaming emeralds in decorative tones
brushed by the ice under circles

Her timeless beauty started to wither
a green voice in her heart
she touched the red leaves in sorrow
a farewell was found inside

Oh my dreamless night
again under the sea of moonshine of this night
Through darkened place in times of pale we have traversed
do not fear the wounds of their swords

Let me dream of crystal lakes
lit by the sun, the moon or the stars
of green meadows and creations of elves and proud pagan hearts
oh let me retreat ‘neath fields embraced by winds and by your kiss
oh you dwell in these ancient woods where the fantasy begins

Under dreamskies we will march towards the fortress of our love
the fair credence known to us will be as long as eternal kiss

3. The Franconian Woods in Winter’s Silence

Wrapped in morning silence of these emerald streams
lonesome voice I hear the ravens cry
grieving art the morning songs

The love of the forests’ tranquility
just ice cold winds whisper to me
as if a wild rose were trapped
my bleeding heart
a gentle breeze opens wings and grief falls apart

like a dream
the Franconian woods
Enchant me
embrace me
Franconian woods

Autumn infinity
in the vastness of countless trees
I walk through purity
lies in the sceneries

Cast for this winter hike
I see the north and its fountain of light
morning from ice
The scenery of the night

4. The Yearning

I ride through day and night
listen wind, they art my fellows
Eternally I am looking for the eye
inside my heart
the yearning grows

I rode through the forest in purchase
over mountains so high
that it seems they touch the sky
riding through meadows so lonely
wrestled up streams so clean

My lips art so cold
where is the tongue that melts the ice and snow?
My grief is infinite
where are art thou who heals my wounds?

I ride through day and night
crystal wind bring me my fellows
Eternally I am looking for the eye
the palace of the earth

5. Autumn Grey Views

Lifeless they fall apart… golden as our
precious art… My love sinks into a thick
grey veil of mist.

Trees…leafless trees…the epitaph of
the sun. What once was green presents now
grey and trist.

A gloomy grave…a foreseen death…
a symbol for our pain…drowned in a
flood of autumn rain.

Silhouettes of light astray somewhere
in the clouds. Ravens traverse, involving
withering shrouds……

……of autumn is my heart……

6. Ordain’d to Thee

Could not even [_?_]
that [_?_] my eyes and see
that there was blood through there long times ago
Oh my love now bring the day with [_?_]
even if it’s lavender and I am violet by thy shame
Never more like the silver hands of the moon
With it’s shield of screams
Sensation dark as thy splendid diamonds
She is like me, autumn her love
like a bird I might wish my freedom
Eyes like a sapphire full of desire
hair of gold and lips of fire
thou art like the waters, so soft is thy skin
thou art the raven wishing he could sing
like an ember, this I writhe and I loathe
a flash of lightning so shattering thy rest
thou art the wind that carriest me up

Oh she’s everything I cannot see
in my dreams she does not let me be
now [_?_] try to [_?_] takest me

Longings of belief art past
but the hollow echoes not died away
this is all over eternally
but it seems it hath been yesterday

Now abandon me [_?_] for a kiss
it’s making us feel sad [_?_]
the wetness I feel under tears of mine
that pour faster thanst they leave

7. A Gentle Grieving Farewell Kiss


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