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Ensiferum From Afar Lyrics Album

From Afar Lyrics Album by Ensiferum

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1. By the Dividing Stream


2. From Afar

A raven came to me,
Spoke to me in my dream.
A long lost prophecy,
A forgotten legacy.

Echoes of yesterday,
Won’t let these dreams fade away.
All the beauty I adored,
At the edge of the world.

Across the universe,
time is to be reversed.
No shelter can be found,
to this fate, we are bound!

Behold the final hour,
the last times will be dour.
All life falls into gorge
of the end of the world!

“burning skies
on the vengeances night.
Devastating scythe,
of the ancient Light.”

I saw the might,
of the ancient Light!
And the beauty of the perishing world,
theres no tomorrow.
We have been warned.

“The sky’s bird struck fire,
made a flame flare up.
The north wind burnt the clearing.
The north-east quite consumed it:
it burnt all the trees to ash and reduced them to dust.”

3. Twilight Tavern

We heard that enemies were approaching from the south
We marched to face them and killed their scout
But we were ambushed and slaughtered in the night
We fought so bravely but none were left alive

Now I open my eyes and what do I see
A rainbow in the moonlight and valkyries calling me
They say: “Don’t be afraid” and ask me to follow.
“You’ve been expected, so forget your sorrow.”

There warrior’s souls forever rejoice
With our ancestors we raise our horns
There warrior’s swords forever shine on
Welcoming our brothers at the break of dawn!

Life is so short
Oh son of the North
You’ll find your peace
At the end of the journey

Hey! All greet us when we open the door
Familiar faces, brothers it’s been too long
Beer is flowing, the smell of burning meat
In the morning battle reigns like hell’s been unleashed

As the sun sets behind the mountain’s peak
The master of the house shouts: “Drink and feast!”
This feels like it is too good to be true
The call for final battle will be here soon

4. Heathen Throne

This hate inside me,
It is constantly growing.
Years of hollow lies,
Made pagan hatred rise.

They came with their troops,
Destroying land and roots.
Abominations under the sun,
They and their poisoned truth.

One by one my people fell,
Under their deceptive spell.
How many sons of the
Northe, had to fall?
before our eyes could see;
This isn’t how it should be!

“Under the Northern star
We shed our blood.
With the call of a battle horn.
We raise our swords.

Behind the fields of blood,
There’s a haven for us.
Deep in the woods of the North,
Rises the Heathen Throne” – Kalevala

Upholder of the skies,
For too long has your name been
Give us your strength and courage.
When we meet our nemesis.
On the shores that used to be,
The place we called home.

Our land and faith are raped,
Somehow they’re going to pay.

Grant us your revenge,
We are not afraid of death.
Let none of them ever more, EVER MORE,
Lay a hopeful gaze upon the sky!

5. Elusive Reaches

Protector of the sun arrives with light
From the edge of the world to the highest heights.
With a thunder blast he greets his twin,
and falls back to oblivion.

From the western plains where nature blooms.
Roams the swift brother in eternal blue.
Chasing the vanishing golden light.
Hasting towards an endless night.

Across the high northern skies
The eldest brother in all his might.
Guards the frozen barren land
with a token of wisdom in his hand.

Forlorn moon and dreadful mist
the youngest brother raises his fist.
all life slowly withers away
and the infinite circle begins again.

The trail of the winds remains unseen,
For mortals their realm stays concealed.
The ageless skies that stand before our eyes,
When we’ll be gone they’ll still be flying free.

Silvery light of the sea,
sparkles of far beneath.
Cold breeze against their brawn,
reminds them of cold steel and war!

6. Stone Cold Metal

Howl of a coyote wakes up a man,
a haggard shadow in this wasted land.
Vultures rise with the scorching sun.
A dry wind blows in a silent town.

Some Whiskey to clear his head
and some for the brothers who are dead.
another day, another chase,
vigilantes will meet their fate.

Saddle your steed
we are riding tonight
be ready to kill
dont flee from a fight.
Pillaging is in our blood,
we bow to no one and no one at all!

Stone cold metal in his hand,
Stirs wild rival of righteous man.
Life of an outlaw; The gallows await.
Until then they shall reign!

No border is too sacred
to cross and to spill the cup of hatred.
Days to come are still unveiled,
Take whats yours, no time to bewail!

Waning daylight, time to move on
under a looming crescent moon.
Another town, again to raze,
surely someone will pass deaths gate.

In the silence of the night
treacherous lady of the evening,
Deceived the whereabouts of marauders.

Ten bounty hunters are heading to the hideaway.
A dark red desert moon
shimmers it gloomy light.
Upon a baneful affair of honour.

for a fleeting moment, eye meets eye.
Silent respect before an inevitable solution.
Dead or alive, Its all the same…

7. Smoking Ruins

For many years ago
He left his home behind.
No farewells or a note,
Like a thief he fled into the night.

Heart full of foolish pride,
he caused a death of his clans man
All prophesies he denied,
and now in exile he grieves.

Hear the call of the fallen ones
Wisdom of those whose time has gone
Live your life bravely my first born son,
On battlefields fight, don’t run.

The wheel of time keeps turning
a boy becomes a man.
But still shame burns him.
At last he understands.

He heads back to his homeland.
He rides fast like a storm wind
But the flames in the horizon,
tell there is only death to be found.

By the smoking ruins of his past life.
He raises his hand to the skies,
“Oh god of thunder,
god of my fathers,
Strike me down for what I’ve done!”

8. Tumman virran taa

“Yllä harmaan korven korpit laulaa,
Hurme tämän kansan roudan sulattaa,
Katso kuinka hohkaa kansi taivaan,
Kutsuu se meitä tumman virran taa,
Heikot vaipuu kuohuun sysimustaan,
Sankarit kun astuu joen rantaan,
Halki iäisyyden laulu raikaa,
Kutsuu se veljiä tumman virran taa.”

Translation from the booklet:
“Above the darkened woods,
blackened ravens sing
As flows the people’s blood
to melt the frozen grounds
See how glows the sky,
how curve the heavens above us
It beckons, calling us,
to the land beyond the Dark Stream
Those weakened,
to the Darkest of Streams shall drown
And when heroes
those riverbanks will reach
The sounds of singing
acrfoss eternity shall echo
Calling our brothers, to journey, afar
beyond the Dark Stream

9. The Longest Journey (Heathen Throne Part II)

Could my ruin have come,
My day of trouble have arrived,
in these tuonele cabins
these abodes of the dead land? – Kalevala

Far beyon the dark stream pagan souls will
roam those cold lands wild and free.
wait for the sign; a blood red sky.
Then beyond the dark stream we will ride.

The path of mortals,
so narrow and brutal.
only bravest of them all
will find true valours

Decaying souls of men,
who trust in false omens,
will drown in the stream
with their untrue beliefs.

Hees been drifting
for so long,
searching for the land.
Where heroes roam.

In the horizon,
The last ray of light,
a breeze from the other side,
before he dies.

Dividing walls of stone,
Eternal heathen Throne,
Beneath the cold starlight.
Revealed for the purest sight.

Through constant affliction
towards alleviations,
When a searing star is near.
Carry on, you’re almost here

Far beyond the dark stream we’ll meet again.
across the wilderness and we will be home.
Gather your strength, dont be afraid.
Far beyond the dark stream, we’ll meet again.

The longest journey of them all,
has to be made all alone
a flame in the skyline reaching the stars
guiding the seeker through the night!

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