Iron Lyrics (2004)

Ensiferum Iron Lyrics Album

Iron Lyrics Album by Ensiferum

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1. Ferrum Aeternum


2. Iron

The silence breakes the ground
a shadow is riding the horizon
An arcane man arrives to town
remoresless and condemned
Tasted the snake´s poison
broken every bone
Felt a thousand gunshot wounds
but there´s nothing that whiskey can´t cure

Ride Through the crossfire
Ride Through the flames, like a predator in the night
The eagles fly into eternal sunset
The heroes die, dying for their pride

Awoken to heavy galloping
I heard the blasting whiplash
Eyes are filled with lust to kill
Beware, he´s crying out your name
Now the time has come
when the Iron tears the heart
And the trumpets will ring loudly
as the stars are painted with blood

Blazing fire under the moon
burning taste of lead
We´ll ride forever
cause´ the Iron is stronger than death

3. Sword Chant

Grim man´s tale:
I: A flaming blade of the dark shadows struck the lands
with furious lightning it fell into the hands of man
And the ancient fire came down
down from the sky into the ground
The clouds moved aside as the sword was cast from the sky
Burnt by a mark of fire, who shall make this find
And the grey clouds were watching down, down from the sky into the ground
…As the shapes of light were drowned

II: Creatures started crowling from the ashes and smoke
and the night was cursed and drifting within the winds so cold
And the knights from the sea were marching down
to the deep caverns down, down where the old spells are found
The war was growing in the old lands and towns
from the mountains war drums pounded with a defeaning sound
They´ll seek the Sowrd forevermore, until in battle they´ll fall
…Now, hear the battle´s call

Who dares to play with death
Who smells the dragon´s breath
No grief for the fallen ones
The search for the sword has begun

Carved in stone:
Great as the mountains and seas
Grim as the earth and old trees
Made from the glimmer of golden lakes
Chained with fire that never fades
Rocks and stones they carve and mould
when the rivers run fierce and cold
May this chant haunt your past
for this Sword is yours at last

Raise the arms the battle is near
Through the mud and waters clear
The blood is coloring the lands again
A sign of victory the wind will send

4. Mourning Heart (Interlude)


5. Tale of Revenge

He bears a tale so gloom and tragic never to be known
Into darkness now fallen, into hatred now grown
Like stillborn child drifting in the silent seas
of blood, crushing all his dreams
No castle walls can hold the fury in his eyes
Devotion for death, now controls his life
No gold or silver can bring him consolation
Only one thing is left inside him, the desire of revenge

One light so cold and pale, sleeping quietly all alone
One life so cold and gray, wandering away from home

Parted with a horrid cry, snow falls on his grief
United by the sword of wicked screams
What deeds he has done to hear those deadful sounds
In the ruins of memories he wanders, forever bound
Forever bound to death!

Wait for me in th mountains, haunt for me in the winds
Wait for me in the land where nothing lives
Until the day I have found revenge, I will feed my sword
Until my heart is cold, every breath of mine is yours

6. Lost in Despair

I was lost, on my own
and I couldn´t bear the thought of my life
I was gone, caught in the torturing memories
And they burned like fire
water can never heal such pain

Can´t you believe
Nothing is real
Can´t you see
I cannot feel

Take me away
Bury me in the sand
cause after all these years I am still the same
a sad and bitter man

Crush my hope, grow my hate
There´s no home for me
Nothing to give, nothing to say
so tell me it´s a dream

7. Slayer of Light

I have come to unfold your mind
in my veins runs the poison wild
in the streams of mountains I flow
I have opened the doors for unleashed and endless hate
it will burn like the raging green flames
inside a man dwell secrets so cold

Through the dreadful storms, across the frozen oceans
I have come from the dark lands with sorrow in my hands
The firewind rages in the sky
and my luminious sword hungers for more
I will leave no one alive
For I am the Slayer of Light

I… I will break your will
I… I will crush your faith
I… I will slay your dreams
I will reclaim the stars and I will tear your precious world apart
I will tear it apart

I will pull everything with me under the surface
and all the screams will fade into my dreams
Fall now! Dying light!
I will burn away the ground beneath your feet
and all will be vanished in the darkness
Dying light! Fall now!
and let the night arrive

8. Into Battle

We left our homes behind, now we´re following the wolves´trail
Through the deepest forests, beneath the stars we ride
I can see the moon glowing red like the blood of warriors
There´s a prophecy, that tonight many men will die
The fire will burn forever in our passionate hearts
Our destinies are calling us now
We are ready to take their lives

Into battle we ride with Gods by our side
We are strong and not afraid to die
We have an urge to kill and our lust for blood has to be fulfilled
WE´LL FIGHT TILL THE END! And send our enemies straight to Hell!

Prominent leaders, cast your swords in the wind as a sign of war
Men, prepare for death, ´cause we might never return

Blood will spill and heads will fall
as the swords sparkle, lights the night
The ground rumbles as we attack
in the throes of rage, we will fight
The lightning´s flash, the thunder´s roar
will petrify the weak
We´ll show no mercy, we´ll kill them all!
We are sworn in the name of steel


Hän katsoi maan reunalta tähteä putoavaa
Nyt kanuiit kasvot neitosen peittää karu maa
Jokaisen täytyy katsoa silmiin totuuden
sillä aika ompi voittoisa, mut´ tämä maa on ikuinen

There’s a place in the North, far far away
Home of the wandering man
Dreaming fells with skies so pale
Calm is the glorious land
Flames will send the sign to the sky
that we have come to feast tonight
The lakes are echoing with our song
Shadows are dancing on the forest wall
Shadows are dancing on the forest wall

Enchantment of the fire and moon
Lost in the whispering night
The raven´s magic enthralls the woods
Crawling in the sweet starlight
We have gathered in this distant land
full of wisdom, secrets and tales
The morning will never rise again
Roaming wolves are howling for the dead


He watched a falling star, at the edge of the world
Now the maiden´s beautiful face is covered in barren earth
Everyone has to look into the eyes of the thruth,
for time is victorious, but this land will always stay true

10. Tears

Shadows of evening on a traveller´s way
Destiny tells where the strange path will lead you
Alone I´ve been walking this path every day
under the stars and the white silver moon
I hear a song and I´m closing my eyes
while its sound is caressing my poor and sad mind
Will you tonight give your promise to me
For one day the silence will sleep in your dreams

I´ve been waiting for so long time
to see the light of the golden bright sun
I feel no sorrow in the heart of mine
for the tears of life are now gone

Winds are whispering in the sacred forest
dancing and singing with the red autumn leaves
These memories I could never forget
with rising sun I shall be here with thee

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