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Ensiferum One Man Army Lyrics Album

One Man Army Lyrics Album by Ensiferum

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1. March of War


2. Axe of Judgement

Patience is a virtue when you live for revenge
Hide your weapons, veil your hate, seek your foes unguarded and slay them!

Slay them!
Behead them!
Oh sweet revenge!
Behold, the axe of judgement falls!
This is war!
So make them suffer!

I share no thought for the dark depths where fate made me dwell
My hate has shaped me to perfection
A ruthless executioner

Remember this hate
Was the only thought in my head
When I woke up wounded on the ground
Stabbed in the back
A coward’s attack
Curse you!
This means war!

If I would believe in soul
I would slaughter yours
But fear and agony in your eyes
Will have to do

When the axe of judgement falls
The vindictive one stands tall

3. Heathen Horde

Too many times has moon travelled across the sky,
Since our fathers sailed out for glory and honour,
It’s time to fulfil the vow once given,
Forge your plows to swords, send the word,
Raise an army countless as stars in the sky.

All heathen hearts,
Answer the call,
God of thunder bless our swords,
Our heathen horde,
Will never fall,
We are hungry for blood, steel and war.

Filled with strength, valour, determination,
Determined to conquer the land,
There is no power,
In their weak invocation,
Puny invocations to their feeble god,
Desecrate and drown it in their blood.


Ósnjallr maðr
hyggsk munu ey lifa
ef hann við víg varask
en elli gefr
honum engi frið
þótt honum geirar gefi

Storm is getting near,
I can see land ahead,
Show no mercy for the weak,
Gold, land and women are ours to take so kill!


English translation of Old Norse poem:
“A coward believes he will ever live,
If he keep him safe from strife:
But old age leaves him not long in peace,
Though spears may spare his life.”

4. One Man Army

This lifeless soil
Barren of good thoughts
Scorched By grudge and grief
Doomed to linger on
Wandered aimlessly
Blinded By their lies
Now I raise my head And sword
When shadows steal the light

In my heart
I see it now

You call it cruelty
I call it strength
I am cursed to be
A one man Army
You call me inhumane
I call this life regained
I am blessed to be
A one man Army

I will take the Lives of Many enemies
Yet still this battle feels like a defeat to me
Death or victory, only emptiness I feel
The spring of hope runs dry
Because i’m already dead inside

5. Burden of the Fallen

Nightmares return again,
There’s no way to make amends,
His heart and the battlefield,
Are alike silent and empty.

6. Warrior Without a War

Only change is unavoidable,
A brave new chapter is getting closer [again],
Without a shroud of doubt he walked,
The road, so long, one dream, now gone.

What are you more afraid to find,
Something to live or something to die for?
In the end, how will you fall?
As a hero or a warrior without a war?

Why you withhold the pain but need those scars?
How will you leave to the unknown shores?
As a hero of a warrior without a war?

The one who is now forgotten,
Carries the weight of a mountain,
No one can see how solemn,
Is the burden of the fallen.

Memories, ruthless like old guilt,
Choices, accept or be haunted [sine die],
No past, no future means a thing,
The very moment is all there is.

What are you more afraid to find,
Something to live or something to die for?
In the end, how will you fall?
As a hero or a warrior without a war?

Is it courage to let go or drown with a sword?
How will you face your final dawn?
As a hero or a warrior without a war?

The one who is now forgotten,
Carries the weight of a mountain,
No one can see how solemn,
Is the burden of the fallen.

7. Cry for the Earth Bounds

The cry for the earth bounds
Who’ll face the final sundown

On the last shore of this dying world
A man, a symbol, a sword
A vague memory of something that was
But the moment takes its grasp

Horizon so calm
Harbinger of doom
Sets the sky ablaze
Torn apart by the whirl of time
Slowly, grimly all is devoured by night

Through the night we ride
Till the edge of time
Comforting death
Under the crumbling sky

Your fights
Are over now
Lay down and sleep
Gone are
All hate and love
For eternity

No eyes to see
When the last light that dwindles
Fades to nothingness
No soul to save
In the endless darkness
No hope, no forgiveness

8. Two of Spades

I go all the way
Night and day
Women, booze and money
It’s all just a game

Hit and run
That’s how I play
All or nothing
That’s the winners way

When I woke up this morning
Everything was clear
Besides my head
Who is the lady in my bed?

I’ll shoot the moon
Nice girls won’t tell
Thanks for nothing
I’ll be on my way to hell

Sweet lady luck on my side
I got ace in the sleeve
Dead man’s hand
I’m armed to my teeth

There is no trick in the book
That I wouldn’t know
Cross me and feel
The embrace of the rope

I’m a high roller
Gambling my life every single day
I’m not a poser
Because the card of my life is two of spades

Jos käy niin, että tänään kuolen,
esi-isien luo, ajan tuolle puolen
edessäin seisovat Valhallan portit
kädessäin hyvin pelatut elämän kortit

English translation of the Finnish part:
If I may die today,
To my ancestors, byond time
In front of me stands the gates of Valhalla
In my hand well played cards of life

9. My Ancestors’ Blood

Not just for victory,
Not just to crush your enemy,
Not just for heir to be,
But for this moment and to fight the injustice…

It was written long ago,
This is what I’ve been told,
An army came across the sea,
To conquer this low land.

The lured with their lives,
Shouted “peasant, kneel or die!”
Outnumbered, undaunted,
War cry rose to the skies.

On the homeland of the raven,
Where the eagles scream at daybreak,
And the clang and clash of armies,
Beautiful the strife for conquest.

Rains came over to the north,
Floods of lies to drown the old gods,
A storm rose within the hearts of the enslaved,
Ode for my ancestors’ blood.

The seer foresaw the curse from above,
Like a roar of approaching giant horde,
In the moors and in the marshes,
On the borders of the woodlands,
The marched like approaching giant horde.

When I yield my life forever,
Bravely will I fall in battle,
Fall upon the field of glory,
Beautiful to die in armour.


10. Descendants, Defiance, Domination

The darkest hour, the hopeless time
Is always before the rise of the dawn
Find your courage to stand against a stream
The fairest they speak when the falsest they think

When mouths of men speak the words of gods
The truth will never be enough for anyone
When you reach the peak of the highest mountain
Proudly plant the flag of the heathen defiance

From the ashes of the ancient blood and wisdom
The children of thunder will rise again

Wielded lashes, pyres flame, gloomy gallows
Tormented ones, brave and free
Screams echo in time

Not one unjust deed goes unpunished
No blood is shed in vain under the reborn thunder sign

I know we will
Claim the throne and kill
They asked for war so we will give them one

The one to end it all
Reckoning with blood
Stop the madness that’s gone on for centuries

In a storm of obloquy, my sons stand strong
Marshall the forces, gather up weapons for the last war to come

Who is so righteous, uncorrupted to condemn and dominate
With truth and not with illusions
Not driven by the greed to be enthroned and rule?
Havoc no more
The reign of men

11. Neito Pohjolan

Nähnyt oon sen, yllä aaltojen kaukaisten
Kuinka loistaa kuu ja tähdet taivaiden

Kai kulkuri matkoillaan voi joskus unhoittaa
Kuinka kotimaa oottaa kaukaa plaavaa…

Kaihon siivin saan
Lentää halki kaukomaan
Minne sydän halajaa
Aina palaamaan

Eessä myrskytuulien
Eessä elon taistojen
Aina sydämessäin oon
Neito pohjolan

Kun lähdin pois
Virranneet ei surun kyyneleet
Kun palaan takaisin
Huomaan jonkin muuttuneen

Ei polku tuo kulkurin
Totta ollutkaan
Vaan ainoastaan
Kaipausta ja unelmaa

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