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Eternal Tears of Sorrow Before the Bleeding Sun Lyrics Album

Before the Bleeding Sun Lyrics Album by Eternal Tears of Sorrow

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1. Sweet Lilith of My Dreams

I caressed her suffering soul
With my love and true desier
But she ripped off my pounding heart
And buried it six feet under

I tried to resist a rhyme
Of charming beauty and lust
But I could not close my mind from tunes
And I fell into the calls of a siren

Biterness, the black cancer
Slowly gnawing my soul
Disbelier, despair, hatred
This fiendish trinity’s taking me over

She was the only one who filled my heart
Sweet Lilith of my dreams
Forever lost
The fallen idol for the impure hearts

Into blazing fire and thunder
I went and followed her
The dire memories in my heart
They will never be dissolved

Condemned to repeat the past
Deja-vu’s of things to come
My life is only a vicious circle
It’s ending where it just begins

She spoke by two tongues
One for those she loved
Another for the ones she used
For those who dare not look her in the eye

She was the only one who filled my heart
Sweet Lilith of my dreams
Forever lost
The fallen idol for the impure hearts

The dark shadow by my side
The dark raven bride
She was the only one who filled my heart

Sweet Lilith of my dreams
Forever lost
The fallen idol for the impure hearts

2. Another Me

In the room of smothered thoughts
Lost in the maze of the mind
I’m searching for myself
Among the shades
Reflection of the dark wraith
The master of my dreams
Behind the smoky glass
He calls my name

Misty voice… Beyond my dreams:
“Join my realm, please come my friend, alone you are so weak”
Charming words… Misleading me:
“I’m your birth and I’m your end, I’ll never let you fall”
Lost in the nightly hell
More real than life itself
Travesty of all that
Once was real

I’m crossing the thin line between
Dreams and real life
I’m lost in the insane visions
That are haunting me
I feel the warmth of the false sun
The light of a misled child
It’s melting the ice that covers
Another me

3. Red Dawn Rising

Once again I see the dawn
It burns my eyes and stings like thorns
I must hide till there is
Nothing more to see

Let me see if theres still time
Questions are waiting by the line
I must find the way to get me
Anywhere but here
Is there time?

From the sands of all lost time
Arises a reborn bird of fire
She flies towards the blazing sky and
Greets the dawn

Too many answers still to find
Before we run out of all time
I wish that like the Phoenix
We could rise again

My life goes out like a dying star
The anxious pain behind the dark
If someone else could bear this load
That hurts like the crown of thousand thorns

The red dawn is rising
Sealing the end of our time
The red sun is shining
Burning all that’s still alive

4. Upon the Moors

The first flowers of the winter
Dark clouds upon the moors
The falling stars are gathering
Around the heart that once was yours
Winter’s here and I’m still waiting
Standing tall, so brave
The sky is black and so is my heart
Waiting at your icy grave
We couldn’t hear them creeping
From the deep, nightly shades
So came the ones with dreadful deeds
And their unhallowed blades
We tried to run away from them
I could see the fear in your eyes
They caught us, they shattered your heart
Just wonder why i am still alive

I’ve been waiting for so long to settle the score
My wounded heart bleeds, I can’t wait anymore
Let the bright full moon enlighten my glorious path
This time…
There’s no one who can ever stop my wrath

I’ve been walking on this path forever
Searching for those to blame
Even though my vindication
Won’t be sweet for me or anyone else
Still, every step takes me closer
Till my supreme revenge
Sinking into delirium
My hands were covered with dust
Your ardent soul seemed so calm
Still your heart was filled with lust
The sparkling glance was fading
The snow kissed you goodbye
All that remained was your memory
And the tears in my eyes

5. Sakura no Rei

Born from young maiden’s hair
Was watered by the children’s tears

The tree is rising about the ghosts
And its leaves will never fall

Once the sky was full of flames
The sinister rain was staing fields

But cherry blossoms were all whitened
By the souls of blameless ones

6. Sinister Rain

Prophecies in my dreams
Dark rain forming black streams
When I’m waking up
I can still feel it
The deadly rain all over me

Autumn harvest is here
Time of the greatest loss
Take your final glance now

Prophecies in my dreams
Dark rain forming black streams
I dream of the dree
And the spirits around it
Looking calm, still crying for it all

Autumn harvest is here
Time of the greatest loss
Take your final glance now

As it was once told
Flames appeared in the nightly skies
Above this olden town
We were the ones
To guard you all, to soothe you in pain… In pain
Prophecis in my dreams
Dark rain forming black streams
I’ve foreseen the day would come
The city’s dead, so few survive

We have always been here
‘Round the cherry tree
Trying to comfort you all… in pain

7. Lost Rune of Thunder

Mountains are quaking
On the soil of the Gods
Scene’s covered by the silvery light
And the falling tears from the cope

Long lasting silence
Has now reached its end
It is time to listen to the ancient tune
From the Valley of Might and fells

Peal of the chariots
Pulled by ancient beasts
Crimson glow in their eyes
Heading for the divine fields

In the halls of Odin,
Blasts away the voice:
“It is time to raise a goblet,
Because the son is back at home!”

Secrets of the lightning
Riders of the storm
Waking up the beast
From his deepest drowse

The mighty word from the heavens
Once again it’s been found
The lost rune of thunder
Carved in the stone of the Gods

From the cave of a giant
Into the eye of the storm
Then follows the silence…
And the hammer falls

8. Tar Still Flows

A growing tension between us
Never letting you rest
Running blindly to the point
Just to be the best

This event only tears you down
Can’t you feel the blade?
You’re filled with fear, stress and pain
While my strength is HATE!

Every round is beating you
Back deeper into your pit
Can’t you see the facts of the life,
Which ain’t that hard to admit?

As you raise your fist to fight
It’ll loose the stream to flow
It drowns you by the tar of hate
You’re the constant number TWO!

Remember, it is up to you
To continue this race
Just those words for giving up
I’m the ruler of this game

It’s not a shame to lose the day
If your enemy is stronger
But it is foolishness trying to beat
The tar black stream of Chaos

9. Angelheart, Ravenheart (Act I: Before the Bleeding Sun)

The last ray of the dying sun
Was born from the sacred flames
He was meant to be the One

The One to rule the light,
The forgotten son of wind,
The seventh king of the dawn

He was called by the name… Angelheart

The second tide had turned,
Completing the nightly sign
To start a change to come

Blood of a child was shed
To stain the soul so pure
To wake the heart of the Fallen

He started to live again… Ravenheart

Guardians of Light:
“Oh Saints we believe in, please come with your might
Can’t watch him dying
The heart of the night is choking the flame
Can’t watch him dying

Oh saints we believe in, he’s wasting away
Can’t watch him dying
He’s losing his wings and the crown of the dawn
Can’t watch him dying”

…The new time has begun…

“Unholy troops of the night,
Break the back of the light,
Your Master orders you

Kill the hordes of the sun,
Let the dark age be begun,
Your Master orders you

Let the blade of dark incise
As the moon of blood arises
Your Master orders you

Before the bleeding sun
We’ll toast to the Fallen one
As the black dawn greets up all”

Guardians of Light:
“We have to know slaves for the end of time
We have to know writings of the sacred signs”

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