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Eternal Tears of Sorrow Saivon lapsi Lyrics Album

Saivon lapsi Lyrics Album by Eternal Tears of Sorrow

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1. Saivo


2. Dark Alliance

I am your leader,
I am the winter storm,
Hear the tune within,
My beasts are crying

One with the chill,
Inside my sacred heart,
I’ll show you where all the petals fall,
After the storm

Black soul of a raven,
Within my thirsty hordes,
Dark blood of the wolf,
Will seal the pact

With my alliance,
I’ll freeze their mortal souls,
Hatred turns to tar,
It was foretold

Blood and tar of my throne,
Drown all the land,
Fulfill those ancient omens

Last swans frozen tonight,
Those who resist will not see the light,
Come, join me and we shall witness together,
The darkest sunrise of the new dawn

3. Legion of Beast

I know your demons,
Black messengers of impure faith,
Who are pecking out eyes of the blind

Oh, join my lambs,
Your sins now confess like a weak,
And let me heal the child lost from the path

One lash for thoughts,
The second one for the deeds you have done,
Can you feel the bliss of the divine grace?

And when the last cut,
Lashing across your sinful spine,
You are one of us, the chosen sect

The weakest walk as a madman talks,
The table is set for the feast,
As the fluteman plays a tune for rats,
They join the legion of the beast

Desires so obscene,
Forgiveness one of a kind,
They claim it’s not the end,
But in real they are on the way to the rotten paradise

“All heil the reborn, the false saint to die for”
Taste the sweetest poison,
And face the end

4. Kuura


5. Dance of December

The four winds still keep moaning,
The song once heard at the birth,
It is the chant for the northern sun,
And for the seven stars of the Plough

Forged in the flames of the heavens,
On the vault of winter skies,
The ancient call for the snow,
And the rune for the blazing ice

Pouring tears of the weeping maiden,
Staining the dress of the virgin white,
Leaves the deepest kind of yearning,
In the chains of the northern lights

Like a moth in the darkness,
Through the flare of the charm,
And the first winter storm

Where the frozen leaves are falling,
And the light gives up to shades,
Sweet touch of the mother nature,

Seals up all in rest
In the arms of the darkest season,
Sleeps away the flame of the day,
Joins the dance of December,
The dance of descending winter veil

6. The Day

Breathing fire, the glance of ice,
Deep below a grave of the divine,
The queen of oceans, the sleeping heiress,
Hear my prayers, hear my wish in the winds

Force of anger, raging tides,
Can’t stand this burden, the weight of times,
Unleash your power, release my pain,
Take me down under the whirls of your seas

Going down under your waves,
I cannot wait another day to feed the flames,
Leave all my anguish behind

I drown all my dreams in the darkest tides,
I dance with my demons still one more night,
They haunt me until the day arrives

Fly away, i fly on my wings and die again,
My true will to live has come to the end,
And now my day to die has come

7. Sound of Silence

Seal your way with the crystal of skies,
Child of the winter, child of the night,
Away from the world so barren and spite,
Cry with the gale on the side of the Northern star

Seal your way with dew drops of the night,
Child of the spring, child of the light,
Fly to the world, sense peace from inside,
Laugh with the wind and sorrow won’t reach your heart

Sound of the silence, sound of my dreams
Sound of the silence, sound of my dreams

Cry out your dreams and live for the days to come,
Sand is flowing in the glass of time,
Don’t bleed for the past and drown in the flow,
The rime will melt away… onetime

Sound of the silence, sound of my dreams
Sound of the silence, sound of my dreams

8. Beneath the Frozen Leaves

Grief is the rust of the mind,
So empty inside,
Awaiting the polar darkness,
It is my time to drown in fear

But I saw it that night,
Glances of hope,
Visions of the blazing stars,
Still I drowned in my sorrow

I walked through the fire,
Got through the ice,
Entered the world of sadness,
I must face my destiny

So I searched for the gate,
Hidden beneath,
The ancient frozen leaves,
And saw the glimmering light

Release her soul,
Lost in the wind,
Forever gone

I walked on the ice,
And searched for the gate,
Found the hidden endless path

I followed the tears,
Saw her by the sea,
Hold her in my arms

Open your eyes, leave it behind,
Breathe again, your dreams may die

Released her soul,
Lost in the wind,
My toil is done

9. Swan Saivo

Inside the cradle without the sun,
On frozen tides he tries to carry on,
By a mistake it was all gone

Still seeking the twin for the tainted swan,
Who glows in all the shades of grey,
But he is facing the lightless dawn again

Small hours’ mist,
Upon the frozen land,
Weariness in the wayfarer’s eyes,
No time to catch his breath

He walks alone recalling,
The omen of the swan from his dreams,
Wading through the gloomy backwoods,
By the surging darkened stream

New sun once rose behind the fell,
Brought her sisters down to the earth,
They called the Maiden Saivo,
To guide the swan to the furthest shore

He knows the signs of the sullen skies,
And rhymes to open her sleeping eyes,
Just can’t let go of his dream and start to live alone

10. Blood Stained Sea

Under the seven mountains of the furthest North,
In the womb of ice, the deepest core

Rest in peace my dear old friend,
Till the day they will repent,
By the profane power of the sleeping one,
Let the final harvest come

The seed of tar was sown in ice,
Sprout and grew through the deepest white,
Kiss of grace from the fallen king,
Bend a rose for the unforgiven

Now it’s time to awaken the fallen one,
‘The beast inside, the sleeping son,
We are only waiting for the day when the blood must stain the sea

Now it’s time for the frozen one,
To face the cries from hell…,
And those haunting dreams…Too real to me

11. Angelheart, Ravenheart (Act III: Saivon lapsi)

Järvi musta hiljaisuuden,
Ranta edesmenneiden,
Lipuu hiljaa lautta Saivon,
Neidon suruhuntuisen

Astuu rantaan tytär tuonen,
Lapsi kylmän pohjoisen,
Joka kerran maahan uinui,
Poveen ikiroutaisen

Kaiku kuiskaa hiljaa tähtiin,
Kallioihin katoaa,
Kuu kajollansa ääneen vastaa,
Vieden toiveen mukanaan

Niin tytär kylmäin vetten,
Neidoksi varttuen,
Sai voimat pimeyden,

Nousee rinnan korppiparven,
Tuoden voiman kadonneen,
Kantaa valon hyisen virran,
Alta aallon tummuneen

Kaiku kuiskaa hiljaa tähtiin,
Kallioihin katoaa,
Kuu kajollansa ääneen vastaa,
Vieden toiveen mukanaan

Child is waiting for the dawn,
Arise, the raven hordes keep carrying the darkest light,
These echoes will be gone and the time is a relief,
That brings us all away from the darkest night

Kasvot peiliin ikuisuuden,
Pintaan veden heijastuu,
Hiljaa luokseen lapsen kutsuu,
Tuuli öinen rauhoittuu

Kaiku kuiskaa hiljaa tähtiin,
Kallioihin katoaa,
Kylmä syvyys mustan Saivon,
Jälleen lapsen kotiin saa

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