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Eternal Tears of Sorrow Vilda Mánnu Lyrics Album

Vilda Mánnu Lyrics Album by Eternal Tears of Sorrow

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1. Northern Doom

I remember, it was December
The darkest winter, my body shivered
The coldest snow, cold northwind blew
The greatest storm hit like the thorns
The place’d been chosen and God howled there
The wind was his voice, the snow was his soil
Without a heart in those frozen years
His searching ended and my heart was gone

Northern doom, life in the frost…The coldest bloom, the time has stopped
Lethal wind, the freezing orgy…Cold death, there’s no glory
Northern bloom, the heart I’ve lost…The coldest doom, my life has stopped
Killing wind, the lethal orgy…Blood must be shed, mine is this story

Without heart I’m cold as snow,
Itry to reach for it once more
I follow the sunlight and hear the howl
The last light will end up in God’s mouth
I thought I could make it to the end
But finally my faith started to bend
Surviving, it was all I thought
I wanted to live still one hundred years more

I remember, it was December
The darkest winter, my body shivered
The coldest snow, cold northwind blew
The greatest storm hit like the thorns
The place’d been chosen and God howled there
The wind was his voice, the snow was his soil
Without a heart in those frozen years
His searching ended and my heart was gone


He made me bleed when I was asleep
I bled for the frost, I bled for my fears
He stole my heart and carried it away…
And when cried, only the echoes remained
Clear wisdom I finally had
I felt so empty, I felt so sad
He took my heart so far away
I started my life as a northern slave


2. Burning Flames’ Embrace

Walking towards the night…
The flames once burnt inside
Back then I was alive
When the fire walked by my side
The screaming fire burnt the leaves of mine
And left the ashes of divine
All the leaves contained my name
The shadows took them and carried away

Firewalk, I want to feel it again …
Dance on the flames, does it feel the same?
Tears of blood, they burn my face …
I want to feel the burning flames’ embrace

The cold night freezing up my sins
The memories of ice burn my skin
But I see the flames of gold dancing
And the last one of the leaves is still burning
Now all the ashes contain my name
I’m one with the dark, I’ve lost the flame
My unleashed thoughts flying
To the distant land (of dreams)…
And disappear in the sand


Emptiness has filled my heart..
I see a blaze but it’s much too far
I try to reach for it, it’s calling my name…
I know it’s my fire with its warm embrace
Like a frozen flower covered with ice
My soul is cold and ready to die
This holy secret turned to a sacred lie
I followed it and lost my guide

3. Goashem

I close my eyes to see within myself
As the first snow falls on me
I close my ears to hear my inner voice
And the cold wind freezes me

This is my land, our holy land
I don’t want to leave this place
But there are unholy men all around us
And they want to take it away
Their hearts are filled with mean passion…
Red blood on their hands
Tonight is the last night
We’re a part of this land

I open my eyes and my ears
I see nothing but darkness
I hear the wind behind the distant hills
Far beyond this vale


I am Alge from the land of Wuowjoš
The only son of Goashem
I’m the leader of these people now
From the vale of white reindeer

Chorus 1

4. Scars of Wisdom

Sometimes it’s just the time to res
And leave all your pain behind
Time heals the wounds of loneliness
And leaves the scars of wisdom into your mind

Romance, it didn’t last
Emotions were frozen by the past
My heart bears the scars
Wall of pain covers my heart

Yearning to fly once again
On the broken wings of hope I will rise
Flying with a singing nightingale
And join the final dawn of my life


See her eye to eye, find the end of time
Falling down so lonely, down to her arms

5. Raven (in Your Eyes)

Every day is like a new hell
Wvery night my eyes swell
Turn my pain into pleasure
Kill my desire for you
My dreams feel so real
They are more than just dreams
I see the Raven in your eyes
Come into my gried

I see the Raven in your eyes
And my passion rise
After the fevered night
I see through your disguise
Waiting for the sun to rise
My soul will see the light
Forget the thorns the cutting blades
Remember the beauty that fades

Eyes… Eyes…
Your eyes… Raven eyes…

Haunt me like a breeze
Discover my true dreams
Search for my fantasies
Don’t forget my fevered dreams
You’re my religion that I feel
You’re the angel that I see
Dreams of passion come and go…
I’m touched by your sweet soul


Look inside of me to my soul
See how cold I am
Where does it all begin
And where does it end?
You’re still my quiet angel
The angel with Raven eyes
My dear, quiet guide,
With black raven eyes


6. Nightwind’s Lullaby

Like a mother takes care of her children
The nightwind cries for her
Hear those silent whispers…
Like an infant’s very first words
Light a candle for those who once were
And the dreams that never came true
Hear the silent crying of souls
Who lost their way home

See a child and how he dies
Under the shade of a birch
The silent nightwind’s lullaby
Rocks the cradle of this world

Like a falling star of darkness
Gives the final sign of its life
This forsaken child of the full moon
Searching for a peaceful place to die
He sees a tree, the mighty one
Like the one of his early years
Now he feels the safe under the tree
And calls his mother wind


See the circle of light and the child
And his heart full of nightly peace
Hear the divine tune, the prettiest one
The nightwind’s nightly verse
Light a candle for those who once were
(And their) hopeful dreams that never came true
Hear the silent weeping of souls
Who lost their way home


7. Vilda Mánnu

Alone on the top of the fells
I chant for the wild moon
I wrote my chant for the moon’s glory
For the lighter of my mood
I wish I could be one of his sons
And one with the earth
So I could walk on the lunar path
And chant forever

I’m the son of the moon
I’m one with the creator…
I praise the moon
Wild moon is my nature
My life is so short
But yours is sustained
And when I’ll leave
My chant will remain
Always with you my friend

On a crystal clear night
I stare at the moon
Once raped by the sun
The guardian of the woods
The spirit of the night
It gave me the wild life
Under the shape of the moon
I’ve found the final truth


8. Coronach

Alone with the questions
An outcast for many years
He has seen those marble archways
And the avenue of crimson tears
Now shadows are staring at him
But he turns his face away
They remind him of his true self
Gone with the first winter day

Yesterday’s like a dream
And tomorrow’s like a mirage
When’s the time to get eternal rest?
When’s the endless roaming over?

His frequent groans were only
Silent whispers in the whirlwind
He ended up in this timeless race
Just for his father’s sins
On his father’s grave he swore:
“I’ll accomplish your endless task”
But his wings were burnt by the sunlight
And his mirth hiding behind the mask


Then he heard the stentorian noise
Beyond the mountains
The ancient coronach of flora and fauna
He remembered an old gnostic tale
Of the coruscating crystal of tranquillity

He had travelled through time
Seen the runes of the light and the dark
He found the answer to his questions
“How to free his chained heart”
The eternal one can finally rest
He is one of the mortals now
The beauty of the crystal glowing
And his eyes shining with it, somehow


9. Nodde Rahgam


10. Seita

A great stone of the Ancient ones…
It has passed from a father to a son
All the years it has been the same…
The greatest saint of the northern ways

So many storms have passed by
So many lives still have to die
Before Seita is satisfied
And gives us the peaceful life

Mighty shades of the sunless days
Are our cradles as well as graves
Seita never betrays his sons
Northern folk’s holiest God


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