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Ex Deo The Immortal Wars Lyrics Album

The Immortal Wars Lyrics Album by Ex Deo

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1. The Rise of Hannibal

Hear sounds of a distant time
Echoing voices of ancient tyrants
Hamilcar, son of Carthage,
Bestow the seed of the lion broods

From this day, one will rise; many will fall
To seek the throne – the throne of sand.

Thy perilous nations, tremble at the hands of your enemy
I’ve sealed your fate, in dreams far away

Oh let the sun shine upon you
Rise my son, avenge your father
For this glory is built in fire

“Father, on this day I promise to never be a friend of Rome, to treat them as a mortal enemy. This promise I make with my blood.
I am the son of Carthage, and let the blood of Rome flow in the oceans of war.”

Feel the might of Carthage
The power of a thousand spears descending
Beasts crushing the skulls of the enemy
Eternal storms ascend

In honor of my father, we shall rise again. Again!

There’s no place to die
There’s no end in sight
There’s only pain, only death, only one shall reign
Forgotten legends… lay among the wasted lands
King of all kings, merciless
Descend upon thee, warriors of the sands

Fear me, for I am Hannibal!

2. Hispania (The Siege of Saguntum)

The time has come, havoc will rise
Death from my cold hands
To strike the Eagle…
At its nest we lay the torch of fire

Women, children
Enslaved forever
Every man put to death
Conquer Hispania!

Spaniard, Ally of Rome
Plunder and destroy!
In the name of Carthage,
Blood shall reap the Earth

This is my oath; I uphold to you father,
I have started my duty in honor and in blood

“And no one else could ever see you coming… Commander”

I will bring this war to you
I will see the lions eat the heart of the living
I will see the world turned to dust

“Obsurum per Obscurius… Imperium per Imperio… Carthago Nova…”

Resistance dismantled
No chance to surrender
I lay siege to Saguntum
To install my supremacy
Arrogant Roman,
Seek my crucifixion
I seek your destruction

I place my hands in the depths of eternity…
I sacrifice my soul for the gods of apathy

“Rome offers you peace or war, General. Choose… It matters not to Rome. This is war!”

3. Crossing of the Alps

I can smell the bodies burning in the earth
Hispania has fallen, Rome at my grasp
My patience is vast, resolve absolute
Lex Talionis!

My order arrives, I’ll bring you your fate
No one will stop this dominance rise
Unleash my wrath, thunder from Carthage
Roma will perish!

One will save the world from demise
One will walk this earth triumphant
One will roam with the beasts of the world
One Will Decimate All

Decimate All!

Can you see my rage bleed through my veins?
Can you see the future engulfed in Carthage?

I’ll break through your gates
Thousands of men, forty beasts at hand, Celtics by my side
Blood in the Roman rivers
Resistance will fall, one by one, sword by sword
I will be king… King of the world…

Father, give me your strength
Impossible shall be possible…
We will find a way, or make one,
By the grace of my ancestors

I Am Hannibal

Give me your strength, pillar of gods
My hands are frozen but my soul is on fire
The cold is my shelter
My faith is alive but my body is dying
Lift me again from the sounds of wisdom,
to the sounds of destruction…
To the sounds of the angels that will make me reborn
I will rise from the depths of glory
to lead this army into the bowels of Rome…
To the Bowels of Rome

I’m here at your foot steps
Let the sirens sing the sounds of Conquest

Can you hear my marching soldiers?
Can you hear my voice fade into the night?
I am here… I am here…

4. Suavetaurilia (Intermezzo)

“Mars Pater, Eiusque Rei Ergo Macte Suovitaurilibus Inmolandis Esto”

5. Cato Major: Carthago Delenda Est!

“I call Cato to the senate floor.”
“There is only one way, Carthago Delanda Est!”

Threat feeds the lies to kill the bloodline
Ideals of Rome, the idea of prosperity…
Freedom guides me through the heart

I am a soldier of Rome
I am descendant of Mars
I am the son of Jove
The son of Jove

Hannibal, great general of the Carthaginian hordes
Barbarian, this is your final stand

How dare you invade our lands, and break the treaty
A thousand miles away, a forgotten reign…

We shall defend the honor of Rome with every breath we take
To the end of times, our glory will feed the brave

Rise General Scipio and lead us to victory!

“Mars is by our side. Raise your Gladius. As we are the Light, they are the Darkness. For this republic, for honor, We Are Romans!”

Advance, stand with me
Children of the gods, soldiers of the chosen ones
Fight with me and die with me
The eagle of Rome that shall stand for eternity..

As world collide, burning lies
Traitors shall be crucified
Enemies… pushed back forever

6. Ad Victoriam (The Battle of Zama)

Push, pull, Divide and conquer
Everyone is everything…
Zama Regia, Summer of Legends,
Summer of Blood
Wage war back to Carthage
This time we end it all
Hannibal… face your nemesis
I am the general you cannot kill

I am your blood turned to death
I am Roma INVICTA!

On this day, let forty thousand souls crush the hands of Carthage

Bring me the head of the lion
For victory, I lay my sword for you

“Formation, three lines single column, left flank cavalry, right flank Massinissa…
Move forward!”

Ad Victoriam!

Push, pull, Divide and conquer
Everyone is everything…
Zama Regia, Summer of Legends,
Summer of Blood
Wage war back to Carthage
This time we end it all
Hannibal… face your nemesis
I am the general you cannot kill

Bring me the head of the lion
For victory, I lay my sword for you

I hear the screams of the Earth shake before me
I see moans of men dying,
With spears entrenched in their bowels, severed heads,
And bodies wrapped in fire. Wrapped in fire!

There is no peace for war, there is no place for the living…
Plunge the Gladius of Rome into the heart of Africa!

7. The Spoils of War

In the shade lays the spoils of war
In this land lays the key to victory

Door to door, man to man, kill them all
Crucify; magnify the power to dominate
The seeds of the poisoned, rewrite the pages of history
I’ve walked from the vineyards of Heaven to the battlefields of Hell

Hannibal Barca,
Rome demands your ultimate surrender
Lay down your arms,
Or face complete annihilation

Legends will fall today
Thunder will reign in the skies
The gods rejoice in triumph
The spoils of war

Retreat, burn it down
Seek your sanctuary
Emblem of power, heart of courage
destroyed forever
In solitude you died, master tactician,
We salute you.
Your King Is Dead

Long live the Republic!

Bellum Parate, Quoniam Pacem Pati Non Potuistis

8. The Roman

From the sword of Romulus to the blood of Caesar,
I give myself to the will of the gods, guide me through faith
Dignity and virtue; strength and honor.
Bless me with the skills of war
I serve the truth, I serve the light
I am Roman

I’ve seen the cold worlds disappear
Into the dark, upon the burning crosses
The crescent moon bleeds the blood of tyrants
I bring order for the world to prosper with courage at hand
I will never yield
I am Roman

Con il sangue in mano, con onore del Aquila, siamo figli di Romolo, uno sogno, un brivido, sempre con te fino la fina dei tempi, ave Roma…. Ave Roma!

Oh as they whisper sounds of domination
Let the beasts of the world fall
Let the civil world rise
Philosophers of the world,
Write down the antics of the ancient world
Bring forth evolution

Her beauty is vast, her reach infinite
Her wrath unmerciful, and I will serve you until the end of time

I am Roman…
The Roman!

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