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Exumer Rising from the Sea Lyrics Album

Rising from the Sea Lyrics Album by Exumer

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1. Winds of Death

Burning bodies in the streets
Evil cloud, wind of death
A flash of light to take your life
Moment of pain, human combustion
Nuclear rain, you will die

Singeing skin, melting flesh
Boiling blood, collapsing arteries
Bursting eyes for the final sign
A pile of bones is turned to dust
And blown away in the winds of death

My life flashes before me
Memories of a world never to live again
World leaders speak of their peace
Empty promises can not be forgiven
Live in this hell you have made
Make more weapons to destroy again
This time do it right and kill us all
It is your fault – die!

Cannibalistic armies arise out of the rubble
Fight amongst themselves for the last scrap of flesh
Contaminated survives would rather die
Twisted and deformed, left to rot
Forced to live in this world
That we call the winds of death
Winds of death
Winds of death
Winds of death
Winds of death

2. Rising from the Sea

Together they ride to the sea
They hear his call and obey
It is time and the ritual has begun
To summon up their chosen one
Rising from… the sea

Knowing that the time grows short
Indulgence from his ceremonial court
Reading from the dead sea scrolls
Feel the power as it unfolds
Rising from… the sea

A benediction from the high priest
A timeless spell can now be released
The chant from a circle prayer
The sound of homage fills the air
Rising from… the sea

Arisen from his perpetual rest
Exhaling his first breath
Once more to control his clan
Awoken to claim his land
Rising from… the sea

The revelation has been told in the past
It is written that this world wouldn’t last
He would control with his race
There would be nowhere to run, no hiding place

His servants kneel by his side
Taking part in the genocide
Submission is the only way
Or with your life you can pay
Rising from… the sea

Return to the ruins of birth
A place once before on earth
Now deep below the depths
No mortal has seen this place
Rising from… the sea

3. Decimation

A diseased mind wanting to kill
The difference of life and death the same
Forced to die against your own will
Hi cracks a grin as you wither away
The knife sunk in your chest again
Will the homicide ever end

Disembowelment, the killings seem the same
Removal of the visceral mass to him it’s just a game

Ritualistic death, waiting to hear your last breath
I get pleasure from watching you die

Your remains are mine to do as I please
A collage of the dead fills my wall
Slicing and hacking I do it with ease
Fall to the ground and scream all you want
It does no good for your sleep t shall haunt
Flowing, a stream of red death

Something not right in the mind
Slice your throat from behind
Creep up to you in your sleep
Stick a blade down in deep
No need to have fear
Don’t shiver when I’m near

4. The First Supper

Incantation summoned from below
The sacrifice is given, the power will grow
Drink from the head the purest blood so red
Take my flesh and break it as your bread
We sit at this first supper
Planning the fall of your world
Our time is growing near
The human race has much to fear

A dark spear through the heart
To destroy and tear your world apart
The seven ministries from sight they flee
Now you have realized your soul belongs to me
So weak are your people
Believe so true in their king
Out he will be banished
With a swoosh of my wing

We’re going to take over your world – the first supper

Will you feel the power from my empire, the first supper
You must listen to my words
Eat the fruit from the tree of evil, the first supper
Have no fear, then your mine

Live with me, down in hell

Heed the decisions of the infernal regions
Branded for death, show the scar on your head
You have been judged and the sentence been set
To die a slow death was the best you could get
Steal your life and devour your soul
Exist in my land where I’m in control
Your guardian angel turns and goes away
For it knows you will die today

We laugh at your pleas as we sit here and feast
Stare into the mirror and gaze into the beast
Don’t ask for forgiveness, don’t try and repent
You’ve already done the damage, it’s your testament

Pass through the gate, your name is written there
Perish underground, there we will await
You can be a witness of this violent overthrow
Watch as they all die in this apocalyptic show

5. Unearthed

Enter into the cemetery
More specimens are in need
We steal during the night
And leave the hole defied

Unearthed … who’ll know that you’re gone
Come with me, your body will be put to good use
A medical malpractice, let’s experiment today
Wait for a death, to make another trip
We’re getting close, the projects are getting better
Cranial defusion, study of the brain

We try to bring back the dead
And revive them from the grave
Live again, not below the ground

We work with the dark, gone in the light
Put together parts, you’ll live again someday
Fill the veins with the fluid of life
Feel the heart as it pumps again
Jolt you with electricity, see the corpse jump
Start to move, our task is complete

No witchery, just plain chemistry
Our creation has escaped, rampaging through the night
Terrorize the town, the people want him dead
His fear of the flame was the only defense
He’ll live again once he’s been unearthed … today!

I have been called a mad scientist
They don’t know what I’ve brought from below
It’s life breath will soon begin
They shall all pay, we’ll have our revenge
If you’re alone in the wood he will be there
We’ll remove your body and bring it back with care

6. Shadows of the Past

Walking down this dark street again I see the shadow
I turn to see who’s there, 1 know it wants me dead
I start to walk faster, thinking it’s just in my head
I sentenced him for life, long long ago
He threatened to escape and seek his revenge
Today the headlines read a killer had gotten loose

Why does he haunt me, killer won’t let me be
Night after night I can’t get no steep
Everywhere 1 turn he’s stalking me
I see the blade in the light
He calls my name but nothing’s there
Turn face to face into an empty stare

Waiting for someone I know
I don’t want to be atone
I got to get away
He’s right behind me

He kills for fun, I can’t escape his grasp
Foot steps, breathing, turn and your his prey
A shadow, unseen, you wish to live
He follows so close, it’s all in his head
Your mind is playing tricks, or at least you hope so

He’s return to haunt, I’d heard he was dead
Is this a phobia that won’t let me be
Behind the curtain, in the closet, waiting to spring
Under the bed, in your house, he loves killing you

A cry in the night I know it’s the wind
There in the bush he was looking in
Every little sound makes my skin crawl
He’d love to watch me die
I know that he’s here I feel the time growing near

Running he’s trying to catch me, I’ve got to get away
He wants to have my death, seeking a place to hide
A knife sunk deep inside, I don’t want to die

I’m going to kill you right now and I’m going to

7. Are You Deaf?

I’m trying to speak, but you just won’t hear
Are you paying attention, is there something in your ear
Come on stupid, why can’t you comprehend
Did you just hear anything that I just said?
What the hell is wrong with your fuckin’ head?
No – asshole! I told you my name is Fred

Are you deaf?
I’m sick of repeating myself
Are you deaf?
Might as well as put your head on a shelf
Are you deaf?
I’ve only been talking for an hour
Are you deaf?
It’s like speaking to a fuckin’ flower
Are you deaf?
Goes in one ear and out the other
Are you deaf?
Why don’t you listen you stupid mother
Are you deaf?

Maybe you should think about cleaning your ears
How long has it been – a couple of million years?
Doesn’t seem like you have anything upstairs
I’ve had better conversations talking to some chairs
I’m getting pissed, you sure are acting lame
Hey shithead, this aint no fuckin’ game

8. I Dare You

Come on tuff guy, you talk so much shit
You run your mouth day and night, it’s just a bunch of shit
Why don’t you go and say it to their face
Instead of talking behind their back
All you do is tellin’ lies, that’s all you know how to do
Just keep fuckin’ with me, I dare you

You’ve got no clue, your head’s up your ass
You just want attention, I bet you were the nerd of your class
Back up your words or shut the hell up
This time you’re gonna learn because I’ve had enough
Turn and run as far as you can, you’re gonna have to
Or you can stay here, I dare you

You make me wanna puke, you’re such a stupid joke
You brag that you can do this and that

I can see through your disguise, your master of lies
Get away from me, I can’t see your face
Start to walk out, just get out of this place
You tried to bullshit me, but I knew
A fist in your mouth, rip off your face
Kick you in the head, you fuckin disgrace

You’re so stupid, don’t know how to dress
Your hair hasn’t been washed for about a month
Come over here and I’ll give you a kick in the butt
You want to act so cool, you’re out of luck
Why don’t you just leave, it’s the best thing you could do
Or stay another minute, I dare you

Come on tuff guy, you talk so much crap
You run your mouth day and night, it’s just a bunch of shit
Why don’t you go and say it to their face
Instead of talking behind their back
All you do is tellin’ lies, that’s all you know how to do
Just keep fuckin’ with me, I dare you

9. Ascension Day

Rising from a black bondage below into the pre-past
Legendary ancient mask now summoned by magicians
See massive retaliation out of the abyss
Who is the first to encounter darkened fate like this?
A once deserted battlefield – above Exumer’s face
A glance up to the thunderous skies
Ascension day – today

Britain under Norman terror, innocent the victims
Thrashing, raping, burning, killing, slaying, now revenge
Young Hasting defender lowers the mask to his face
Long forgotten force within begins the deadly race
An invocation to be witnessed by the fighting masses
The moons of Leng, a sea of blood
The ascension of the mask

The warrior and the mask
Showing no remorse
Killing without end
A way of no return
The warrior and the mask
Invincible strength
The Abramelin
Possessed by the flame

Ripping flesh, bursting eyes
His soul falls, prey to the steel
Burning skin, bleeding brains
Tearing limbs, stop his revenge
Unconquerable fear, trembling walls
Diseased, dark gates open
Death-breath, yells-bells
Blood-flood, raging the battlefield

The war – that you have fought so hard
The end will not come so soon
So warrior – you think that you have won
This time you better think twice
You’re wrong -you cannot escape your fate
Forged in the realms of war
Listen – there is no invincible strength
As there is no eternal life … die!

Crying screams of disillusionment into the night
A fighter victorious, now consumed by fright
The steel mask he’s wearing it won’t come off
From inside the steel spikes push slowly in his eyes
Paying the prize of hybris on the field of war
The sorcerer he laughs/Ascension day – today

10. Whips & Chains (demo)

Hey there, whaddya need
A little in and out for some quick relief
Relax, enjoy the pain
Feel the touch of teacher’s cane

Sticks and stones may break my bones
But whips and chains will excite you
Oh Boy

Hahahaha, you fool!
I can’t believe you can resist the touch of leather on your skin
Oh no, don’t cry
You gotta know this is only the start
Now the fun reality begins

I can see you dilated pupils, the fear you’re gonna be killed
Tied Down
Your exposed chest and the opening of your legs soon to be filled
Gleaming sweat, running down your back
Tracks of tears, victim sex attack

Touch and smell, fingerpicked
Your skin so finely tuned
Leaning hard against the lash
On your face upturned
Rub you up, tie you down
In Vaseline we trust
Did you see what I am
Can you feel my lust

Fun time now!

I’m tellin’ you… this is gonna hurt me more than you
Just stop what you are doin’, can’t you see
Look, I won’t … I won’t do it again

Can you see where I’m at?
Can you feel my sex attack?
Did you see what I am?
Can you really get away?


11. Lil ‘ol Me (demo)

Take a little time
Sit and talk a while
Seems so long ago
Since I saw you smile
Feels like … I’m losing you

Drowning in despair
Malice in my eyes
Caught up in a dream
Fear I can’t disguise
And it feels like … I’m losing you

Open up my mind to about the second page
And maybe there you’ll find the source of all the rage
That I seem of all the rage
That I seem to reserve just for you

Symphonies of hate, playing havoc in my head and I know where I am
Memory recall replaying all my sins, I sing along with your screams

I’m sick, insane, emotionally disturbed
Psychotic, malicious, my sanity’s deferred
I know that this is wrong and I’d stop if I only knew how
Have pity on my soul for the joy I get from hurting you … the innocent one

How’s it feel now?
Is it paining you?

I really can’t control it
This hate I feel inside
Lock me away for eternity, save me from myself
Help me escape this misery, it’s tearing me apart

Oh no, no, no …
I can’t let you go
I’ve waited so long, how can this be wrong

Staring out the window of my prison cell
I watch as you approach, envision you in hell
Scars on your face are healing very well
Brushing on your arms, gone without a trace

I ain’t changed, still the same
Get me out, break your back, tear you limb
Rip your skin, smash your skull, these thoughts they drive me wild
Be afraid, I promise you, that’s what, I’ve, got, in mind

You know I never meant no harm
I swear it won’t happen again
Parole is all that I need
Your word can get me out of here and … back in your life to do to you whatever I please

Don’t think that I’m all bad
We all make mistakes some time
Pure alcohol, it drives me mad
I feel much better now that I’m so close to getting hold of you again

Deep in your heart
Taking your life
You won’t hear me breathe
As I get into you
Do you see and conceive
Honestly, I’m really sorry!

12. Time Out (demo)

Time out, take a look around
Stand back, tell me what you see

Mankind’s disgrace, war and hate overall
Insanity rules our lives and our minds
There’s no escape from our fate


No need to worry it’s too late

Coast to coast, all across the world
Just pick up your daily, turn on the TV
Look at humanity’s self inflicted suffering
Do you see what I’ve been going through these days
Ah Jesus, did you really, really think we could get away with this
My God, if only we learnt lessons from time

North and South living hand to mouth
Man killing man to survive to die
East and West just abuse the best
The Wall’s gone, the divide’s the same

Consider the facts, global war
Politicians playing God with our souls
Money for weapons, billions starve
Thanks for your vote and I’ll see you in hell




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