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Falconer Grime vs Grandeur Lyrics Album

Grime vs Grandeur Lyrics Album by Falconer

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1. Emotional Skies

I will not scream out in anger
won’t play this game forever.
Make up your mind or I will take control.
Why can’t we end this nightmare.
If that’s your way take your share,
leave this now or I will loose my mind.

I will not scream in the night.
Come join in and stand side by side.

Come take my hand, let us fly away
cross emotional skies.
(The dreams will come alive)
Follow me up through the clouds of grey
and into another day.

All people try to tell me:
“That’s not the way it should be,
it’s just the poison, feeding on your brain.”
But in the lonesome night
they don’t know the fight,
the battle that is raging inside my head.

You brought down the moon
so let your eyes light up the night.
Save me from darkness.

2. Purgatory Time

Cry cry, cry your eyes out.
You’ll get no pity out of me.
Try try, to lie your way out.
It will not fool me you’ll see.

You alone have picked the game,
There is no one else to blame.

Reality closes in
on your life filled of sin,
it’s purgatory time.
It’s your time to live the sum
of the acts you have done,
it’s purgatory time.

No no, chance for pardon.
Don’t try to plead unsound mind.
Go go, and try to bargain.
Your conscience’s left far behind.

3. I Refuse

I can not stand your lovin’
I got to go,
go and find myself some peace.
Go bitch on someone else
I’ll take no more,
no more frustration to the core.

I refuse to stand by you
and see my future life through tortured eyes.
I can not do what you want me to,
I will not try to hide myself inside.

No more interrogation.
Accusations will end,
I’ll put an end to my disgrace.
Take your opinion elsewhere
and leave me be,
leave me to let me lead me free.

No more lost sleep.
No more lost love,
I’m free.
No more blames and
no more chains ’cause
I’m free.

4. Humanity Overdose

Live your dream and live it well.
Soon comes the night
and you will dream in hell.
Build a tower to the sky.
Take on the powers
not meant for you and I.

Can you walk on the water? NO!
Make no attempt, just turn around and go.

We are heading for the end
you found the key to immortality.
Thorns always come with the rose.
Here is what you got:
humanity overdose.

For all of, eternity
she has played this game.
From half of, a century
can you do the same?

Realize the holy Grail,
my oh my what a perfect plan.
But wait, the chalice’s looking pale,
polish it up if you can.

Step into the holy land.
Watch every move
┬┤cause damnation is at hand.
The gift of life is so divine.
But without death
life will soon decline.

5. The Assailant

Lonely hunter spying through the night.
Beast of pleasure, a gambler in pain.
Time after time always on the hunt
It will lead you round your grave.
You’ll go down with a grunt.

You feel like a tiger, rush is in your veins.
You have to try to break these chains,
annihilation will grab onto your bone.
The assailant is you on your own.

Like a tiger closing in for a bite.
Do not see the danger that lies deep within.
Watching, waiting, ready for the play.
So beware, don’t you stray.

6. Power

Kick your roots, break the bonds.
When you get some, you need some more.
Our credence made you strong
while your honesty’s weaker than before.

Trample down their dreams
to feed your own.
The glory of your fortune,
celebrate it alone.

You’ve got power power,
to devour.
Use it with sense and the glory is yours.
Hear our call of justice for all.
You’ve got the power in your hands.

The road to your success,
it is paved with your shameless lies.
Turn you head, see us hanging
with your lonely avaricious eyes.

When you reach the top
you will find the rainbow’s gold.
Don’t lose your mind
with our trust that you hold.
Do not join up
in the jesters masquerade,
don’t spoil your wine
with that bitter bouquet.

7. No Tears for Strangers

Millions of fears are howling loud.
The tarn of tears is running out,
you reside to far away.
East and west and down below.
It’s easier to let it go,
not always bothered by the truth.

Darkened sky on middle day.
Destruction there, so they can’t stay.
“Sorry boys”, but you’re alone.
The troops of doom has left the ground.
Take the shit, fire another round.
Eat the dirt, the crap is yours.

Over foggy waters, I reach the shore.
I can’t sympathize, can’t sense anymore.

I’ll shed no tears for strangers.
Save my crying until another day.
Maybe sorrows are coming my way.

The mill is grinding trough the gloom.
Ghastly eyes gaze at the moon.
In palest glow the dreams descend.
So in the end I’m not so bad.
Don’t have the time, I don’t feel sad
that’s the way so let me be.

The distance between you and me:
the scale of my emotionality.
My heart ain’t weak enough
to bleed for all the tragedy.
If I was to feel for one and all
I would probably crumble and fall.
My heart ain’t rich enough
to suffer your reality.

8. The Return

Don’t let your mind pollute you,
you’re screwing your brain.
The end is no beginning, you must break the chain.

The voices wail
(don’t do this, don’t do that.)
You must not fail.
Maybe it’s near
(in the dark they remind.)
Dream dreams in fear,
please wake up.

Not on your own,
you still have time to see what you can discover.
We all long for your return.

Don’t let the drugs abuse you,
you must take control.
The circle keeps on spinning, endless like a roll.

9. Jack the Knife

I’m a long and lonesome wanderer.
I walk you through the night.
Lurking in the shadows, waiting for a bite.
You don’t know who I am,
but I’m nasty and obscene.
I’ll take you life cut your throat,
fulfilling all my dreams.

You’re never safe when you’re alone
and you won’t feel a thing
when I loot your body.
Digging in the grime.

I fool you first with candy,
I trick you to bone.
Make you feel safe and sound,
not grasp you’re on your own.
My work is swift you feel no pain,
you won’t understand.
My blade is sharp your thorax’s mine,
your heart is in my hand

Do you know me now?
He is Jack the Ripper
Do you know me now?
He is Jack the knife.

So young and sweet but not innocent,
consuming every man.
You can’t be missed, I’ll take my chance.
Yes, I’ll be damned.
No one knows my identity
but I’m a legend of my time
and I’m feared for what I’ve done
this little game of mine.

10. Child of the Wild

Gaze into nature’s eyes
is there spite, is there greed?
Face your fellow man,
realize he’s of evil breed.
We ought to be afraid of ourselves.

You must not live in fear
for the child of the wild.
Look around, do you see
the beast in you and me?

Take a step into the wild,
horrific creatures will hide.
You’re the terror well disguised,
you’re the fear that locks itself inside.
We ought to be afraid of ourselves.

Embrace the untamed
see the grandeur under the grime.
Feel a rising peace
by a wind from deep seas.

Surrounded by a big crowd:
you feel secure in the night.
Black waters and dark woods:
and you tremble by fright.
We ought to be afraid of ourselves.


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