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1. Marche Royale


2. In Aeternum

Figure No. 1 (Part 1: King)

Bow your head before your king, as I’m the bringer of light
The chosen one amongst all men, the lord and master of light
“But who decided it all?”
Shut up you servant,, respect divine right
For I belong to the elite of mankind
Enlightened guardian of justice and right
My word is law or it’s eye for an eye

Bow down before the sovereign of the kingdom
I will lead you through the hardest times
Devote we are to the crown, in sole command forever glorious

Hail: Long live the great king!

Born with the fire inside
The flame of wisdom burns in my noble heart
Turns into guiding light that blows the mist on the path
“We’ll follow you ‘till the end!”
Balance of power, the art of the wise
Ancestral pride to preserve for my bloodline
Resounds my name through spirals of time
Until kingdom come I

God bless my soul, guide my fury through this cold war
Hunting Judas down
Now free my hands from the spires of the serpent
Death to the traitors of the crown

No one to trust and no one to save
As this court is a den of snakes
Walk alone through this treacherous world
Mutilating the venomous tongue
Your misleading words, hide desire to prevail
In this devious show, fail

No one is virtuous, no one is grown
No one deserves to be heir to the throne
‘Till their veins will be filled with their gall
I will stand for the sake of the sacred crown
Forever at war
You deceiving worms will be smashed by my rage
In the name of god, slayed

In aeternam, draining struggle to serve my reign
With full force restore the integrity
Purify consciences through blood
Extirpate those cancers, dictate my law
‘Till the day of my fall
Beware you’ll pay for your faults

3. Healing Through War

I am the healer of all diseases
I push my drug in this world
Strategic torment and fake relief
The tricky strings that I pull
With infantry blood and mothers’ tears
I wash the hands of this court

I believe in nothing, believe in no release
As darkness rises without fire, war is the remedy

I breed the hunger and spread the thirst
I burn the wheat that I sow
Embodied essence of contradiction
I bend the steel that I forge
I am the answer to every need
I am the minister of war

“Nihil de corum sententia dicturus sum
Qui turpissinam servitutem deditionis nomine appellant
Animi est ista mollitia non virtus
Paulisper inopiam ferre non posse
Qui se ultro morti offerant tacilius reperiuntur
Quam qui dolorem patienter ferant”

Burn this world to the ground
Tear down whatever you encounter, exterminate all
And make no prisoners or slaves, kill’em, destroy their heritage
For every soldier falling down behead ten of them
As the only order is to maraud ‘till we dominate
Inflamed with the anthem you will rise, slay without mercy the enemy

I am the bleeding, I am the scar
I cauterize through my sword
Perpetual fire that darkens stars
As I’m the rise, I am the fall

4. The Fool

Die…of laughter in delight before a living dead
Victim into this masquerade, forgot who I am
This story is driving me mad
My life is hanging by a thread that is about to break
Suicidal tendencies burn inside the mind of this miserable man
Is it life? Is it death?
I don’t give a shit
Is it life? Is it death?
When you fool yourself

Bleed behind this painful mask I wear
I’m falling from a misleading grace
The life I dreamed is killing me

Stuck on the tightrope
Staring down to the void beneath
In imposed equilibrium
I stand swinging in my indecision
Uncompassionate result of a fearing existence
I don’t care if my time has come
All I want is my liberation

Drunk, I make it through the night with spirits hand in hand
My soul must be anesthetized, I can’t bear this pain
To my frustration engaged
Just like to get laid with the worst enemy I’ve inside
but I cannot change myself
No way to squeeze blood from the stone that I am
Is it life? Is it death?
Is it life? Is it death?
When you fool yourself

Bleed behind this painful mask I wear
I’m falling from a misleading grace
The life I dreamed is killing me
Bleed behind this painful mask I wear
I’m falling from a misleading grace
The life I dreamed is tearing me down

5. Cold as Perfection

In this passing world
There’s no time to regret
Life’s too fast to fold
So why lie to yourself
‘cause there’s nothing more
“Can’t you see my light?”
That what mirrors behold
“Don’t speak, let me shine bright”
You, my flower blown by the whispers of age
Beauty in the storm that relentlessly fades

Cold through the winter of life
Pulled down below into an ocean of lies
My withering rose

What a dreadful curse
Cast by nature on life
Nothing lasts forever
Can’t turn back the hands of time
Like a grain of sand
Pray for me my Lord
In its hourglass awaits
“For the burden I hold”
For the very end when all torments decay
And the vanity will leave your heart in peace

“My lady listen to your beloved King
I can see your eyes are now scared
And veiled by the mist of despair
Do not be conquered by your own fears
Don’t let the illusion of perfection seduce you
Or you will be lost forever”

Desperate while my youth fades away
Sorrow is dragging my soul down
There’s no word you can say to save me
My love

6. Mitra

Let the almighty come inside your pure heart
And wash away your fears
The holy spirit will fulfil you
In the shadows where ours sins are concealed
There is no pain and no bleed
No suffering at all in this godly night
You will be blessed by my seed as we pray together
“I and you as one
Kneel down before the holy god” true believer
Kneel down before the holy god
Let me take your soul
Kneel down before the holy god true believer
As for a progeny to come we’ll sacrifice it in the name of

Mitra, icon of our god
Mitra, a god of scum

I want to take you, I want to feel you
I need to have you until you need too

I want to take you, I want to feel you
I will possess you until I’ll kill you

Let the shepherd call the name of his land
And lead it back to the fold
I’ll be the sheepdog protecting you in the sunlight
And the wolf in the dark
Like virgin Mary conceived in miraculous deceit
On that holy night
You shall accept in your blooming flesh
My spiritual power
Key to paradise
Kneel down before the holy god true believer
Let me take your soul
True believer
As for a progeny to come we’ll sacrifice it in the name of

Mitra, icon of our god
Mitra, a god of scum
Mitra, icon of our lord
Mitra, the lord of cum

7. Paramour (Die Leidenschaft bringt Leiden)

Die Leidenschaft bringt leiden!
Wer beschwichtigt
Beklommenes Herz
Das allzu viel verloren?
Wo sind die Stunden
Überschnell verflüchtigt?
Vergebens war das
Schönste dir erkoren!

Trüb ist der Geist
Verworren das beginnen;
Die hehre Welt
Wie schwindet sie den Sinnen!

Da schwebt hervor Musik
Mit Engelschwingen
Verflicht zu Millionen
Tön‘ um töne
Des Menschen wesen
Durch und durch zu dringen
Zu überfüllen ihn
Mit ew’ger schöne:
Das Auge netzt sich
Fühlt in höher’n sehnen
Den Götter Wert der
Töne wie der tränen

Und so das Herz erleichtert
Merkt behende,
Daß es noch lebt und schlägt
Und möchte schlagen
Zum reinsten Dank
Der Überreichen spende
Sich selbst erwiedernd
Willig dar zutragen
Da fühlte sich o daß es ewig bliebe!
Das Doppelglück der Töne wie der Liebe…

8. And the Vulture Beholds

Cast out, ignored
Disdained and scorned
Humiliated by those I’ll rise above
Like a vulture
I want for the lion to die
Natural right set by purity of blood
Ever longing the role I’m entitled to
I will never renounce to that crown
For no reason at all

Time has come for me to reign
My throne I claim now
Oh father
Let your heart hear
Your firstborn words
I feel it’s time for me
To rule this world

Tired, fed up,
Sick of it all
I’m surrounded by crooks and prostitutes
In this court
Leeches suck royal blood without a brake
Weaving in shadow to pursue their goals
Imperceptible revolt against the lord
Neverending conspiracy
Shame on this pharisaic court

I, amongst the lies
Screaming but silent
Thrown away while I conspire
For I will live no more in the shadows
And I’ll never surrender myself to this fate
In my disgrace bred by deceivers
I lift my head
With the heart in flames
Without fear I will satisfy my desire
Castigating the traitors as I overcome

Irate, furious,
Out of control
I will kill all these tamperers one by one
Destroying obstacles
Standing between me and my rise
Annihilating the aims of betrayers
I’ll extort what is mine with my own hands
Desecrating my ancestry line
To prevail on this land

9. Gravity

Before you squander this treasure
Just let me hold it in my hands
I feel the weight of metal
I feel it’s gravity again

At the side of this splendour
I just become insane

I, alone on the sly with my drug
Fill my veins with this gold dust
Astray, i feel alive again

Internal state of anger
A neverending disease
Can’t feel ashamed of myself
Cannot be blamed for my greed
I’d do whatever it takes to satisfy my need

I, alone on the sly with my drug
Fill my veins with this gold dust
Astray, i feel alive again

Above the sky
Through diamonds and stars
In this place i belong
I relieve my heart
High on gold

Pervaded in pleasure
I let my greedy soul fly
In delirium i attain my obscene desires

I, alone on the sly with my drug
Fill my veins with this gold dust
Astray, i feel alive again

10. A Million Deaths

Back in the trench beneath this grey sky
Together waiting for the end
We stick our chests out decorated with medals
Before the lead will replace all the pride in these hearts
And there will be no celebration, forgotten names etched in the mud
Me I believe honour lasts forever, therefore I sacrifice
My life is yours

This stench of flesh in putrefaction
Inebriates the living dead
Breathing the soul of the slain in battle
We wait in line with our comrades our ration of hell
Under the flag of our nation we fight the enemy until the last stand
We earn on the field the respect of fathers, united we immolate
Our lives are yours

Bleeding under the scars
Going for a recognition, going for a purple heart
We are becoming insane here, forgotten in fox holes
We fight the primal fear more than the real foe
No we can’t discern them clearly from our companions
We’re going insane here. Why don’t you hear us?
Why don’t you rescue us all?

Hidden in my shelter under heavy enemy attack,
My thoughts ink the letters
That will never reach my hearth
Memories are stabbing my soul like a bayonet
I forgot the reason why we are confined in this hell

“Honour goes far beyond death and suffering
And only through the sacrifice of the brave will peace be restored.
Don’t despair my sons, keep your heads high
For your names will be remembered forever in time”

To defend you my sire I have blown away my soul
Devastating my own life
With no rewards
Choking my existence with lies
Led by the devil to paradise: Down

11. Syphilis

“My beloved king
I compose this letter to you
In the sleepless nightmare hours of the night
Wandering through cold empty corridors
I can hear these walls
Screaming your magnificent name and
I can find no peace”

I have to protect my breed
No matter who I love, no matter how I feel
It’s in my pure drops, it’s in my royal seed

My great love don’t let me fall apart
Desire is killing me
Don’t you let me drown in tears

Don’t cry
You know it’s a hopeless wish
No future for us, but only bitter tears
Preserve your frail heart
From an unending bleed

“Oh lord
How long shall I bear the burden
Of my tormenting silence
And live my life in the shadows
This is a frightful conflict, this is not life
Please, come and take me
Please, my love, please”

I will never come again
I forbid this love forever
As time has come to forget
And leave it to the past
So make the right choice to save us
Before it’s too late
Can’t soil my blood for nothing
And waste my heritage
Can’t blacken my name
And lose my purity

12. King


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