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Fleshgod Apocalypse Labyrinth Lyrics Album

Labyrinth Lyrics Album by Fleshgod Apocalypse

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1. Kingborn

Carving my soul through the flesh
While this void is still breeding the sin
I’m torn apart by the vile executor
As we’re torn apart as the executors kill
Concealed in seas of perdition
Where the mother eternity has drowned
In the shade of this black superstition
The King of bastard seed’s destined to burn

Like the bridges of Athens
Time of oppression and decay!
My vengeance will burn
Injustice and sorrow!
Are scorching the land of the slaves

Son of the dark
Lord of the solitude
On the throne of his will
Derangement of a soul
The seed of fears
Born as a king of despair

Bless thee who’ll find sacred weapons
That will lead him to victory
Dominating the leverage of reason
He rises killing the brigands of will

Sinis is waiting the vagabond
Lacerating the wisdom with the trees
Skiron’s feeding the giant turtle
While Procrustes is ripping his limbs

Glimpses of glory appearing in my dreams
As I rest under this holy sky
Condemned! The land of the fathers
As I stand before the eternal demise

Under the stone lay the arms
While my fate is revealing to me
Looking up at the throne of my father
I’ll follow the path that will lead to the sea
Cursed is the breed of my body
Thousands of drops that fall to the ground
Now I know for the sake of the deities
The king of coward seed’s sentenced to burn

2. Minotaur (The Wrath of Poseidon)

Caught in this fort of disgrace for a god’s oppression
These corridors behold the disease
As I am feeding my guts with the flesh of the race of abomination
I collect the souls I bury beneath
Forever tied by the arms of the desolation,
A stain for the sovereign of greed
And I was born like a prince, wickedly raised in devastation
I dishonoured the descent with my seed

Kill the king!

For all the treason he concealed in deceit

Gods kill for me and bless my pain
For the monstrosity that I had to feel
Gods kill the king!

Cast in shadow,
Forgotten and lost forever,
Eternal slave,
Prince of darkness
I rule on nothing

Hail, hail!

Asterion, Lord of Suffering

Torn by the lust for control he betrayed Poseidon
The reckoning arises from the sea,
For it’s the land of the pain,
Falling for the guilt of the despotic Minos,
Cursed shall be the name for the rest of the days.
Blood from the womb of the queen
Pouring like a rainfall,
A stain for the land of the king
The ghastly sperm of the beast fecundates like an infection
I, dishonor, the abominated seed

Kill the king!

For all the treason he concealed in deceit

Gods kill for me and bless my pain
For the monstrosity that I had to feel
Gods kill the king!

Cast in shadow,
Forgotten and lost forever,
Eternal slave,
Prince of darkness
I rule on nothing


Asterion, Lord of Suffering

3. Elegy

Cast by the dark embrace
The night is captivating me like a siren
Seductive voice of my frustration
Refusing wisdom, feeding my dread
Twisting all the warps of my insanity
As I am scorched in a slow decay
Demonic courtiers torment my spirit with misleading speech
To let the faith of the one sadly crawl before the deceiver
And make the pain rip the soul of the unbridled sleeper

Gods! Partake my grave endeavor
Gods liberate the force giving me a new vigor
Gods! Unleash the rage so unfairly enslaved
Lead me to this leech draining innocence
Concealed between the bleeding walls of my suffering
And bless the sword that’s gonna slay
The beast that I confined into myself
Surpassing all the edges forever

Bound to this labyrinth
Selene is tricking me
Misled by darkness ‘n’ tainting lies of my mortality
Can’t find the passage to my own rise
Enforcing all the gates of duality
I let my days falter in decline
Invaders of my shelter
Becoming stronger in my hearth and driving me to madness
They dominate like a storm with a raging power
And burn the core, lacerate, the forsaken hero

Grace of the gods for one that will live forever and find the secret of a scar!

Cold through my flesh is the blade of my abysmal vengeance
The dagger lacerates my neck while I’m feeling conscious
The muscle’s pushing through my veins
Red lymph that from my new mouth come outside
Like words I never told you

Gods take this prayer of my last tragic epilogue
Concealed between the bleeding walls was my suffering
And bless the sword that’s gonna slay
The beast that I confined into myself
To transmigrate and live forevermore

4. Towards the Sun

The draining path of existence
With all our burdens to bring
As fathers dream in frustration
The sons slowly’ve drowned in disease
Is this reflection of sorrow that brings us all down to the hole?
Is this fulfillment of hollow that sadly is emptying our souls?
So we spread our wings like falcons
But we are too tied to this earth
Locked in this fortress of treason we wait
The coming of the glorious day
Shall we be ready to face this?
Or will we turn on the other side?
When time will come for us to spread those wings
And start moving out limbs to fly!

Towards the sun!
I see the splendor of the light again
Show me father the secrets of flight!
Swear it now, you will let me soar

Thrown in the void and carried by fate
I’d rather fall than standing enslaved
Looking down at the vastness of sea
Mesmerized by water reflecting me
And our souls forever lost
Now will reach the stars and deliver us
From Poseidon, the God of the Sea
This unfolding release confears immortality

Rush of deliverance, from those who wanna seize
Outrageous irreverence, to those who wanna lead

I cut through the air, carried by dreams
I’d rather fall than closing my wings
Looking up at the greatness of sky
Left behind the labyrinth of compromise
And my soul forever gone, Now it flies too far
And will stand before
Mighty Helios, the God of the Sun
The unmerciful one, I’m burning forevermore!

Gone too far
Falling down from your dream
Your wings’ burning on the sun
All your deeds they’ll be sung like a warning for the world to see

5. Warpledge

Tearing acts to destroy
They’re breeding a slaughter of the mortal race
With the foolish right to immolate
It’s bleeding life on this soil
Inglorious existence is condemned to crawl
All the rage of the slayer unfolds as King Minos

Calls the flesh, tribute of souls!
On the stone lay the fourteen!

For my father’s oppression
Dictated by who deceives and depraves
Under the weight of salvation I bend, my fear’s

Calling from the island
The screaming silent voice
This curse endlessly damnates the fourteen sons of Greece

I, before the sea
Know there’s only one vision in me
The solution is clear
No more enclosed in disease
And finally free from all fears
Towards those lands
Where the glory solemnly descends
On my luminous spear
If I will fall, the black sails’ll appear!

Bound, on the enemies’ field
The screams of the innocents resonate
Where the candor’s food for the beast
Down in this fortress of sacrifice
Conceived by the one who detested the gods
I am destined to stumble and fall as King Minos

All the ones who will try
To step into this place they will not return
They’ll be crumbled by the darkest lord
They’ll fall

6. Pathfinder

I’m prevaricated, enslaved within my fears
Misplaced by sorrow and despair
Can’t betray my seal
I must engage the reflection of Pasifae’s guilt
The seed of Knossos dominates
This realm of desperate keens

Gates of terror
Shine before my shield
‘Cause I’m born to become a hero
To defeat or be torn? Whatever!

I deliberate, to hush my inner screams
She rips the darkness of my thoughts
Can’t deny this deal
I won’t get lost through this maze
Holding hard this thread
For I will slay the shame of Crete
My path will lie ahead

God Poseidon
I emerge from seas of tears
And march towards my fears
The son of vengeance calls

Fall is the source of my victory
As there’s no force without a fight
So let me stride on this path that will lead me to the end
Of a twisted life, that stands before my eyes

Now, next to the core
I see the longhorned shade
His smelling breath corrupts the air
He’s growling with disdain
A vacillate when I see this abnormal being
But with your help I will be safe
I can find the strength to kill

7. The Fall of Asterion

I’ll stand before my inner slime, mirror of disgrace
To look into the deepest void where the evil lies
For I was lost into these spires
A maze of self-destructive torment of the reason
And now I know there’s something more crawling through my veins
A voice resounds between these walls like a leading trace
The golden light of self-awareness revealing me the mug of the one I hate
This wrecker’s chasing me forever

Grace of gods is forgotten!
You left behind all the purest breeds
Guide me to my own vengeance!

And for so long my spirit faded
Through all the catastrophic matters of my existence
And all the steps I had to take for my escape
Were deeply marked by all the hate I spit against
My own creator, the great deceiver
Into these eyes, now blaze the red flames of my rise
And burn the pain, all the uncertainties are washed away
Facing the beast that I despise, into the fight!

I couldn’t see the way to fall and rise again
To change the destiny of a reign
Condemned to sink into a neverending war
Of sacrifice and horror
It has been dictated by the cowardice of men!
Now I see the matter of killing this intruder
That has been stealing all my strength to dim my pureness
I’m taking back my role, I put an end to it all
Using my bare hands to take his life away!

I stand before the guilty one as it falls from grace
I see his eyes fading away, where the evil lied
And I realize for the first time:
What I have faced’s the darkest side of my existence
And now I know there’s something more beating with my heart
A voice resounds inside my soul like a piercing sharp
The golden wire of mortal fate’s revealing me the liberating path
To leave behind this pain forever

8. Prologue


9. Epilogue

Bright son of destiny
Bringer of light in this darkness
Beautiful prince
Now take my hand again
Forever tied by the thread of our fate
Now, we’re together again

Cold and desolate is the nature of my soul
Forever indifferent to the screams of shadows
Lying deep in the void
So give it up
Now face the score
In the heart of the chosen one
There’s no deliverance

I have to face all this scorn
Staining my own land with useless tears
Look in the eyes of the one
Feeding himself with my deepest fears
I’ll touch your heart again
Waken the cold lonely dreamer
I, will illuminate your soul
Wounded by emptiness
Please take me far from this land of pain
Now, on the waves of the sea

I had to face all this scorn
Staining my own land with useless tears
Look, now I am too tired to fight
And run away from this filling light

Nightmares and shadows
Together we’ll drown in the sea
Believe me!
You’ll walk by my side

10. Under Black Sails

After the greatest negation
Time has come for my rise
Resolution obtained by the chosen one
Unbound bringer of light
Ruler of Athens
No respect for the wights
All the legions will hail and my force’ll prevail
On the enemies

Terrorize with pain, annihilate the weak now!
Instigate despair, purify with fire
Under my iron command
Forever the vile’ll decline
Victory! We shout under this pitch black sky
We’re darkened by Dyonisus’ lymph
We celebrate this glory day
Forever chanted shall be our own ventures
Hail! Hail! Sons of the gods we sail
Towards the shores of endeavors we are one!
Cruel is the fate of the conceited core of man
Under the black sails we stand

Blessed by maximum glory now it’s time for revenge
I despise all the weaks, born to be king
Adversary of fate
Writing this hateful story of forsaking and pain
Leading me to the void as ego dictates
Cut the thread with old days

To become the new emperor
There’s no space for the fears
She will wander alone drowning in tears
There in Naxos she’ll be towards the father’s land
Now unfold the sails wide
Where I take my owed throne, vested with crown
Time is coming to

11. Labyrinth


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