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Oracles Lyrics Album by Fleshgod Apocalypse

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1. In Honour of Reason

Enslaved with deceit by the vile spread
Idolatry to nothing
No redemption for men who cowards serve
Forsaken by those fathers that push them to be

Killed by god they pray
Stead of their superstition
Where’s the god they wait
Caged by faith their salvation

Where’s the holy word carved in their flesh
No common destiny or eternity to reach by a divine plan
Find the salvation denying your religion get rid of the false

I have destroyed every lie inside my mind
Free from deceit ’cause Reason is my god
Rot in the swamp of untruth that we call faith
Covered by mud, drowned in their vanity
Crippled by the holy words of lethal false beliefs, die

Confined in untruth by corrupted priests
Imprisoned in ignorance
With deception they stroke ingenuous minds
Nailed down by those liars, hang up golden cross

Rise, in honour of Reason
There is no lie that can’t be destroyed with the intellect
Rise, slaughter the preachers
Betrayers that deserve to die, to die, to….

I spit out the muck that haunt my mind
Ill-mighty declined with shame

Rise, deny the preachers word and
Rise, destroy the kingdom of the lie
Abandon your credos tear the bias gloomy fakes
Find the salvation denying your religion get rid of the false

2. Post-Enlightenment Executor

Hard and strenuous is the fate of whom
In the void of his soul
Searches something that he can’t ever reach, cult

Punishment for the masses
Horrible hellish grief
Infinite grinding anguish
Corruption of the writs
You must deny

Once in the storm you’ll be filled by the coils
Of a misheading rule of the unwise
Lost in the haze of illusory prayers
You are forced to inhale your despair, cult

Prejudice made pretence segregation of the law
Gorgons and preachers, pour themselves in deadly pits
Shiver of an ultimate all-damnation in the storm
Your impatience to reach an incoherence facing fear
Samned by assentence to something unmerciful
Full with pain of chocking obstinate and dreadful sins

I devastate cults
As the oracles lie
I starve with my scorn
Humiliating your failing god,
Where I march I evage

Exorcism of seed of madness is lost
In the depths of your pain
Morbid anthems of decaying purity, cult

Indoctrination’s striding
Moves like a nemesis
Intoxication crisis
Rejected neurosis
Destroy the wretched

3. As Tyrants Fall


Hidden the truth for the masses
By the leaders of an unconscious sickness
Fenced in a paling of ignorance
By the shepherds with their unending falseness
Day by day become thing of past

Dominators rule the flesh with precepts made of lie
Confining the fool race in an eternal night
Despots set the seed of fake in feeble human mind
Inoculating superstition burns
While the oppressors rise

Dethrone them all
Destroy the kingdom of those tyrants
Taking the place they once had
New world of false promise will born
Under the name of brand new man
Rise above them
Build a new kingdom
Find a complete new dominion
Setting up the columns
For a temple of false new gods

Tyrants replaced by the tyrants as new leaders
Are just unconscious victims
Failing effort to refound a reign
By shepherds condemned by their own power
One by one they have to collapse

Never ending spires that hold them
Like a vortex deadly dance
Cyclic conjuration that deceives all
Slaves to their own nature dread

Paradox of entropy of failing reign of clay

4. Sophistic Demise

Mercenary greedy desecrated men
bread upon the ancients
Demiurges of the wise law that have been forgotten
Covered by deceit, venomous, glittering, complex words

Curse you all dead preachers, traitors disguised
Hedonism absolute will betray your mind

Fear his denial as a stab
Rebel attack of force of probity
Rises again from the ash
Reborn in hate just to make them suffer

Low manipulators those who bring their education
The denial of the values of human antiquity
Chaining the evolution for their own glorification
Leaders of the rectitude are now working in the underground
To strike back with an army of titanical revenge
Fear the incoming terror as pray your unexistent

Proud, the Knowledge is conquering his throne
Philosopher new order’s born
After this never ending exile
Enlightened centuries shall come now
Write the new Law with their rotten blood
Turn sophisms into concrete words
Grieve them denying their dazing logos
Aeonic lie will be erased

Extermination of those who will not obey
Ratio dominator
Kills every men that still believe in sacred fakes
Beg for her mercy, victim of, your beloved, idiocy

Melted in agony, masquerade shame
Downfall pathetical is the sign of your end
Prayers will condemn them all to pray

5. Requiem in SI Minore

I stare at this fool race, nobody knows she’s dead
Passed by in silence
Lies exiled her from our minds in the yellowed pages of time
Her wooden prison

Burns, the Knowledge burns, reduced to ashes
While faith rips out their eyes
They pray an ethereal false god
Dies, the last flame dies, covered by gold dust
Damps down on the flame of wisdom
Lies, their glorious words

Victim of the sermons and preached fake
Come to see solution, gag the holy mystificators
Cut the sutures that sew your eyelids done
By dishonest preach-cheaters that want control you

Fall below the lie
The cross the sign of their impious empire, no resurrection
No plea will save your life
The Reason is the only god to pray, bow down before her

I deny them, deny the word they preach
Deny them, deny the god they pray
Betray them, till they won’t reach my ground
Corrode them

Requiem for the Reason sacrificed, felt before dementia
Fools those who believe that She won’t rise, immolated lives

Blood stained executors trapped in chains
Vermins of redemption pray now all proud and isolated
Scratch away the pestiferous skin
Expose your new body as a neoborn reason


6. At the Guillotine

Look into my eyes I’m the headsman
Leave your hopes beyond
No redemption for the deceiver
This is the altar, kneel before it

Above your head hangs down the mirror
Spectrum of guile, ruthless truth
Towards your neck runs the avid blade
Tastes impious flesh slides through you, cut

Purify the soul you believe in it
Satisfy the men’s lust to see you die
Give them all they want
Celebrate their wish to see you suffer as you made them suffer
Beg them to forgive even if you repent
Your committed blames, your insolent lies
Fall before the people you have oppressed in your life
Servants kept in a complete betrayed state of mind

Catharsis in hate, suffer for your mortal “sins” in this mundane limbo
Clemency has gone for oppressors, razor purifying, your redemption

King, rule on this new reign
King, dominate the crowd again
Majesty once more, order without shame
But they won’t obey, raising up their heads
They won’t serve you anymore

What the blade awaits is my command
Hear what the crowd scream
No compassion for the oppressor
This is the altar, fall before them

Cut the noble head
Cut, make the blue blood shed
As prize his head
Cut, for the men

7. Embodied Deception

Annihilation of flesh
but not annihilation of lies
World is the victim of men
That for money will sell their own life
An acid rain bleeds from clouds
While our breath opens scars in the sky
Tar is new sand of today
Tomorrow the sun will never rise

Die, you deserve to die
You deserve to die in pain
Feel your slow decay
Feel the time that slowly ends

Mind corruption
Infection of men lost for deception
Trapped in a cage of words, religion, no
A cancer that devotes
The Knowledge thing of the ancient world

Flames around
A mourning veil of truth is falling down
Black snow
Venomous snow’s corroding our
Skin, like dust
Upon the flesh is flying away from you
I see you naked in front of me alone
Die now

Feed the hate
With truths you never know and you’ll be
Killed by hate
That will be back again to kill

Need to suffer

8. Infection of the White Throne

Light of the reason and truth guide the knowledge in the heads of men
Free them of the weight of false beliefs
Hate, like a son grown up inside for them who stole our fragile minds
Shadows that control our free will
Enemies of humanity hold us with tricks and lies
So your empire will be destroyed
All beliefs into the void
Until the last one I will see you die

Need of killing preachers that lie, it’s my hate that come outside
Tolerance’s no place in my mind, kill and free yourself
Decimate them all

Down on your knees when you see me
Look inside my blade
One last time to see your face
Where’s the god you pray
When your flesh and bones fall down
Feel my blade inside you, it’s cold

Kills, god everybody kills everybody, decimate them all

Burn in the flames of your hell
Feel all the pain you deserve by my hand
God is the breath you won’t have
Suffocate your lies in the blood of your death

Suffer, suffer in silence
Suffer, suffer in your hell
Light of the reason and truth
Free us of the weight of false beliefs
Spread your power through our hate
Decimate them that control our will

Enemies of humanity, hold our minds with tricks and lies
In your flesh I will twist my knife, kill and free yourself
Kill, suffer

9. Retrieving My Carcass

Plague of humanity, slavish victim of
All his dreadful deeds
Leperous cadavers, bodies tied with lash
Scorching through cinder’s veins

I take back my flesh
My cage

Suffered shifting, crystallizing instinct
Taking back my corpse

Dust, I regain my dust
Ash, relieve my ash

How can I reach this new stamina walking in death
Trick of my nature ingrown, of my fate

Deliverance, all of my rage infects again vacuum flesh
Fallen from grace, infinite hate, dwelling again in my trap
Infernal curse, draining the blood, as I retrieve my carcass in pain
New lymph for my

Dust, I regain my dust
Ash, relieve my ash

My plague is my life

I celebrate this incestuous rite, opium destiny
Ash only ash that I bring to life, dust only dust I absorb
Newborn creature walks among the dead, falling castle of sand
Dread, lecherous this dichotomy, this godforsaken thanatos

Deliverance, all of my rage infects again vacuum flesh
Fallen from grace, infinite hate, dwelling again in my trap
Infernal curse, draining the blood, as I retrieve my carcass in pain
New lymph for my

My plague is my life

10. Oracles


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