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1. Memoir

The sea is calm tonight
The high tide reaches the ego
The old moon rises above
The horizon
A lighting beam burns her skin

A deafening sound
Dragging around
Like bugs
I desired the art
Of the lines drawn around the earth

No one to care or to dream about
Awake in desire of being the one
The one who was never alone
As a drenched drownеd being
Of someone who′s gonе

I hang numb as a bending flower
Inverted man
Just hold me tight
While spilling the lost conscience

She always seemed so bright
Carrying the teardrops of faith
Of human misery

Just hold me tight
While spilling the lost conscience
She always seemed so bright
Carrying the teardrops of faith
Of human misery

Sticks were held like wands, Stones thrown as in war
We built dens that we call our home
Yet the will was too weak to hold them tight
Shame on the truth, I light my reflection
An image roars
Through thy empty walls
Desolation descends to answer the call

Succumbing the earth’s shore
Boldness, compunction and death
I can only hear its melancholy, long, withdrawing roar
The rasping sound of pebbles
The waves drawing back
But they will never stand behind

The sea is calm tonight
The high tide reaches the ego
A lighting beam burns her skin


2. Salve

A sulfurous choir
Enthroned in the realms of light

A self-deceiving entity of undenying praise
Freedom gets him anxious
Suffocating Isolation
To the staring eyes behind the glass
A defaced figure lies upon them

To the already replaced one
Here’s the peace of mind you’ll never find

Ripped into a neon light
As if the mirror reflects his skull
Staring back at him with its sardonic smile

Carnation lead by the flute of temperament
Total blackness among the pessimists
Blueish waters of past memories
Running through his refulgent arms

The mortals behind the wall
Hastening every step
Watching his bones crack
To see how long he lasts

He is of contemplation
The ultimate specimen of time

Growing desolation had come
Stripping the flesh, salting the wound
Nothing in life shall be granted
In the sharpest nails, I’ve been consumed

I am hunger, the desperate
A living lie, a contradiction
The fool’s gold

The indulging taste of rust
The conquering of nature’s triumph
A caustic distraction in misery
A tragic moan of logic
All he ever dreamt, all he ever lost
Acid rain crying in wide open flesh
Forgiveness is a never-ending flood

He lays down and wonder why he is here
Tranquility tinged with terror
Perfectionist act in vanity
Between sorrow and paradox
The light ceases to shine
Side B

3. Deluge

Pouring rain down upon us
Crying rivers of nothingess
Drowning in a sea of regrets and torture
Observing the shadows of the spotlight

So golden and bright
Hearing the chants of the silent fields
Admiration from afar
Acknowledge thy presence
A man can be just a form
Reality in inception
Rainstorm of affection
As desire is expelled
Within the ranks of agony
And through the graves of fallen messiahs
A pessimist′s credo
Shall redeem his flesh
Desolation is our call

Standing under the streetlights
In the cornеr of both past and future
Counting nails from a box
Impatience tеaring his face apart
The clocking anxiety which ceased to stop
Impinging sounds cut through the roaring skies
The trumpets of the numbing void
Will break through the walls of nothingness

Gazing under the hour’s spell
At the soundless storms of decay
On hands and knees
Feeling the concrete spines
The breathing mirrors
Reminding what people looked like
But the look is immersive
As there can be just one
It′s not a clone but the man observed
Calm returns, the pounding beating chest
Let him wash away the other’s pain

4. Arson

Sanguine for thy elimination
The solution in snuffing out all the human race
A little shadow running across the concrete
Losing itself in the vast sunset

Between the clouds the dusk illuminates a face
Deficient fear gasping the worthless
Malignantly useless
The last messiah′s never-ending chant
As the crimson curtain closes
And the lights have now dimmed

Memories will be carved in coffins
A sash of despair sacking one’s soul

Behold the pacifier
A selfless benefactor of those who never were
The last standing man to burn the book of his kind
Accepting its shining defeat
The warmth embracing his heart

A mirage dangling at the edge of glory
To leave or to hold, for I am a mirage
Lighting a candle to ignite my human condition
A healer of aches consuming the wrinkled face
Lost in his abyssic and contorted mind
Consumed far beyond the improvement

The pieces have now been assembled
Self-destruction in despair to crave his grief

The arsonist of his time

Hissing wordless voices of those who were dead
Beyond the clearing of flames
Sealing our icy tomb

In madness, in chaos
Bone-deep mayhem
In devastation of flesh
Gardens of untold stories
Rebirthing among the smoke
Screams and fear

Turning silent among the dead
Tyrannical militant
The arsonist of his time

Flooded with the luminous sunshine
Enticing the weary traveler
To fail at life

5. Ebb

A sparkling light becoming the sun of foretime
As never seen before
Dazzling out in full force
Heralds proclaiming silence
Crawling to extinction
Impinging agony without memory

Kadupul flower
Queen of the night
We are just one
A closed portal
A gate to unknown desires
Trapping me more than life

Ebon shadows
Lucid lines under the brush of the ignorant
It′s more than a dream
And more than a man
It’s the made-up canvas behind the glass

The childish chant
The comforting smell, thy heaven on еarth
The shelter for thе needy, a tunnel for the weak
Thrill and faint, holding the pass to the fall

Staggering beneath the labyrinth
Holding his hands in fervorous anxiety
Disillusioned, we conjure our hope
To dance at the rhythm of the puppeteer
While a high-pitched shout seduces my illusion
Consolation beneath the whipping massacre

6. Mirage

Pieces will never tell the whole story
Crushing the unbreakable glass
Heat escaping through the unknowable reflection
An unseen pattern in fragments inside the golden room

To be born in a world of cosmic misrule
Raised outside of the natural order
The bleakest tragedy of human errors
The unbodied puppet show
Glassy shades pulled against the sun
Hiding the light from the fool′s sight
Whispers cutting the surfacе unremarked
Slickly sliding along faulty and clumsy lines

What arе you looking for?
Leaving broken bones behind
Upon the treacherous murder
Witchery accursing the past
Nothing but gloom in the horizon
Filled with contractions of fate
Stuck in this restless walk
Life’s but a walking shadow

Ticking my steps for nothing
Searching between worlds
To embrace the voices encircling my head
Feeling engulfed by the scars of emptiness

Overcoming the fearful anxiety
Delivering a despairing monologue
A desolated crossroad between awakening and death
Murdering nightmares upon thy survival
Surrounded by the unknown
And overwhelmed with shame
An infinite land filled with sorrow
The lap of a luxury season
That used to be called our soul
Side B

7. Mantle

Birth opens the gate of death
Between the sentence lies the path of life
Traveled by all sentient beings
All are born
All will die
The unnameable state determined by illness
Stockpile of gathered karmas
We must pass through this enviable state
Feeling that something is oddly off

In extremis believers
Surreal poetic flaw

Terrifying, fascinating, magnificent mystery
Everything achieved ten thousand years ago
Dictated on a snuff tape with a conflicting end
Impenetrable, forbidden vest of lies

The sounds and smells that made me forget
A cheap solution to block our regrets
Sailing alone the frozen rivers
Surrounded by legions of souls
But yet all alone

Trapped within thiis solitude world
Haunted by memories of foretime
Running miles with nowhere to go
A meaningless life, a Broadway show

Screaming for help, Does anyone hear?
Echoes in our heads, What does serenity mean?
Hope is an illusion, an optimist′s prediction

8. Laude

Inside a chaotic and beautiful lie, A wounded work of pain
Divine but torn, wreaking havoc on our hearts

In a divine confusion
Blinded by everything
Crooked feelings pick at our troubled mind

So the passage to sleep gets harder to accept
We close our eyes and wonder
The harmonies of the road
Walking in the dark tripping and falling
We get up and step into the light

Along the muted stones and driest leaves
Life being crafted under cold winters
Hidden roads inside the wastelands
Storms diverting the path unto new horizons

If the shores were not ravaged
By human greed and ignorance
Resilience would draw a wall of adventures
Ingrained in our cells

The places of Mother Earth are connected on their terms
Nothing detached in the collective souls
Strained ropes around our neck as we cross the burning bridge
Icon of strength without rage
Universal sense of awareness
Waiting to be heard

Bent down on our back, old oaths thrown in the wind
We′re cursed through sludge and torment
Never turning our back to the haunting flares
Onwards to our endless rest

Falling asleep, our feet marching the sphere
Vibrations of a bell, let the madness rise
Not a whisper, not a thought
Not a kiss, no luck to be lost

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