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Gaia Epicus Damnation Lyrics Album

Damnation Lyrics Album by Gaia Epicus

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1. Damnation

No more illusions, break down the walls
Here comes the truth, crushing at your balls
Oh oh ooh, oh oh ooh we’re heading for a fall

So many signs, so many warnings
You tried to let us know, we didn’t want to see it
Oh oh ooh, oh oh ooh we’re heading for a fall

Damnation, the mankind will fall
Damnation, we have doomed us all
Damnation, there’s no return
Damnation, It has come to watch us burn

The world is getting warmer, the climate is changing
Pollution of the sky, is this how we shall die?
Oh oh ooh, oh oh ooh we’re heading for a fall

Time is running out, it will soon be too late
We better act right now, cause tomorrow it’s to late
Oh oh ooh, oh oh ooh we’re heading for a fall

“As the world starts to fall”
“Darkness will come”
“All forms of life will disappear”
“And our failure will be complete”

Damnation of the world
The final hour is here
Destruction, horror and pain
All hope is lost

All we need is one more hero
To ride out from the dark and save us all

2. Masters of the Sea

A long, long time ago
In a land of ice and snow
The legend of our people was born

Be ware of the mighty sword
Obey Thor the thunder god
To Valhalla we go when we die

Row! Row! Out to the sea
Row! Row! We’re off to see the world
Row! Row! Odin be our guide
Row! Row! You cannot break our pride

Oh oh oh… Ooooh oh oh
The fire in our hearts can burn right through your soul
Take my life but you can’t take my fire
Out here on the ocean you don’t stand a chance when you see
The masters of the sea

Set sail in the morning sun
When the wind and the tide is right
For days they could stay on the sea

The North Star they used to navigate
In Gods they would keep their fate
They where travelers of the world

3. Firestorm

The heat from the sun, we face a global warning
It’s only just begun, it’s time to choose or we will loose

There’ll be no place to call our home, the earth will fade away
There’s no place to run away when the firestorm is here

Bright light burns your eyes, no more roses, no paradise
There will be no escape from the firestorm

A tornado of fire is burning everything
The massive monster of flames, leaving only ashes behind

4. The Wizard’s Return


5. You Are a Liar!

No more blood will flow when I get the power
Everyone will have the right to say what they want
No more! No more illusions you will hear the truth this time
Just give me your vote and I will save your soul

Falling into the same trap again
Never learning so hear me when I say
You are a liar!

I see you on my TV, I hear the things you say
Bla bla bla bla, bla bla bla bla bla
You keep making promises that you will never keep
Corruption is the game but I don’t want to play

Liar, liar, pants on fire!

You are a liar and liars will fall
Your aiming higher but I’m gonna take you down

6. Cyborgs from Hell

So what we’ve feared has begun
It’s the end of the world this is the end
Now they will cry out in fear
The metal machines are taking control

Save us, save us
We don’t want to die
Fear them, see them
Falling from the skies

It’s a cyber world and it’s out of control
There is no more places to hide
We created them to serve and protect
But now we all will die, Ooh ho hoo
Cyborgs from hell

They are human machines
Metal and flesh combined into one
A brain from a human was tried
What a mistake, now we will die

There will be no one alive
One by one we all shall die

7. The Savior (Will Come)

Another day goes by, another desperate cry
A million souls will burn in a lake of fire
When all we had is lost, no more winter frost
A million souls will burn in a lake of fire

Is this the point of no return?
Is it too late for us to learn?
Is this the day that we will pay?
Will it all fade away?

The savior, will save us, our savior, will save us
The savior, he will come

Inside this empty shell, a soul is hidden well
A million dreams will burn in a lake of fire
Forgotten how to love, but remembers how to hate
A million hearts will burn in a lake of fire

Now I see there’s another way to get out from this hell we created
All we must do is to change our ways and we all must stand together

8. A Hero in All

You feel that all hope has gone
There’s nothing more to loose
You see that the world falls apart
And every day is the same

No more feeling sadness
No more hurting pain
No more tears like rain
No more people dying
No more endless fighting
No more emptiness

There’s a hero in all of us
One who will fight for all
No more darkness will blind us
Once again we’ll be free
A hero in all

When all the passion has gone away
And you are feeling alone
Remember there is always someone out there
That feels the same as you do

9. Salvation Is Here

Now we all stand together
To fight for the right to live
The air will be cleaner than ever
We can breathe without getting a disease

From the dark he will come
And save everyone
Healing the world with his power
All the shadows will go
And we all will know
That now salvation is here

Hate is something that we don’t need
We must learn to all get along
Years of fighting will finally end
And they will see that there was no point at all

Salvation is here
Coming out from the dark
The day has finally come
Will he will save everyone?


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