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Gaia Epicus Seventh Rising Lyrics Album

Seventh Rising Lyrics Album by Gaia Epicus

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1. Like a Phoenix

As the morning sun is rising
You see the ashes of a man
Some of the ambers are still glowing
Like gold in the sand

As the darkness is coming
And you gaze upon the stars
You can see a fire burning
As the flames starts to rise

I am ready, I am stronger than before
Full of power I am charged into the core
Let’s go!
I was dead, but now I’m feeling more alive
Rising up to the heavens then I dive below
Let’s go!

No more, No more, No more
This time I’ll end this war
No more, No more, No more
I will crush until there ain’t no more

Like a phoenix I will arise
From the ashes of my previous life
Like a new born I fly
Rising up to the sky
With the fire in my eyes
Like a phoenix

Learn my name cause I’m coming back for you
There will be justice, your nightmare’s coming true
Watch out!
You can run but you cannot hide from me
I am the god you created me to be
Watch out!

As the sunset is falling
A new future has begun
You share a tear for the fallen
And your victory is done

2. Rising

No more insanity, no more dark illusions
No more drugs that keeps you locked up in yourself
The voice of truth is here, and that is hard to bear
You face the pain inside a deeper consciousness mind

A new beginning
A fresh new start

Rising! Into the brave new world
It’s time to make it right, it’s time to stand and fight
Rising! From the ashes of your life
The fire is back in your eyes, it’s time for you to rise

Distorted faces cry, They sing your lullaby
The walls are closing in and the darkness creeps inside
A thousand years of dreams, a thousand horror screams
A million miles away from reality, but I will break free

3. Nothing to Lose

Stand down, get out of my way
I am tired of your crap
Bullshit, and lies every day
Please shut your trap

Move aside, don’t stand in my way
I’m leaving here right now
Mark my words, I’m gonna be strong
I’m the one who’s laughing now

I got nothing, nothing to lose, nothing
I got nothing, nothing to lose, nothing

You pushed me down, and locked me away
And threw away the key
The only thing, that kept me sane
Was the dream of breaking free

My only friend, the shadow on the wall
He never treated me wrong
(he said) You will have your victory
The day I set your free

4. From Ashes to Fire

In this life it is difficult to choose
Make a wrong choice and you could lose
The common sense of right or wrong
It will define where you belong

I will be reborn
From ashes to fire
Like a phoenix I will rise
From ashes to fire

Every day is a struggle to survive
It’s your dream that keeps you alive
Keep on fighting and you will win
A better life will soon begin

5. The Dream

Walking out of misery
Walking out of the rain
Another day has gone by
And it’s filled with pain

A ray of sun is coming down
To dry the tears in her eyes
She finally see’s a glimpse of light
And hope there’s no more lies

The dream has come alive
For a long time she’s waited but now it has arrived
The dream has come alive
She has waited far too long but the day has finally come

Through the glass she watched the world
As it passed her by
The loneliness was hard to take
It used to make her cry

She had a dream she had a hope
And that kept her alive
The memories from a different time
Is how she survived

Walking down the same old road
Thinking of the past
It left a scar inside her soul
And it will always last

Every day that passes by
She is growing strong
For every step she’s taking now
She knows where she belong

6. Invisible Enemy

Something is lurking
From deep inside
You cannot see it
And you can’t hide

I got the power
To take you out
Resistance is useless
I hear you shout

The invisible enemy
We fight
We stand trial
The invisible enemy
How will this end?

Attacked in the morning
Dead by noon
You can’t see it coming
But you’ll be dead soon

It’s hard to breed now
It’s hard to see
Who could have done this?
Who’s the enemy?

7. Dr. Madman

Some people call me Dr. Madman
Others just call me insane
I’m working on a secret project
And it’s not a stupid plane

I will soon be able to travel
Through time and space
I can go back in history
Or I can fly to outer space

Not affected by the passage of time
I fly faster than the speed of light
Nothing changes me as time goes by
I’m timeless, timeless
Soon the world is gonna call my name
Dr. Madman, Dr. Madman
They will see that I am not insane
Dr. Madman is sane

As I’m entering my time machine
The doors are closing
I am being strapped into my seat
And also on my feet?!

What the hell is going on here?
There’s a needle in my arm
I push the button and I hear you say
“We mean you no harm”

I am not insane!

8. Number One

I feed my soul with you
And there’s nothing you can do
Dark deceptions pleases me

I control every line
Sending shivers down your spine
As my fingers claws your back

Always number one
You can never take my throne
(I am always number one)
(I will spit out your bones)

I despise the things you do
All the lies I give to you
A broken promise no more trust

When the light begins to fade
My words you must obey
I’m your master, please me now

9. Gods of Metal

Fast as a shark runs the crazy train
We’re breaking the law that’s for sure
Once you have found the ace of spades
Was poison really the cure?

Burn, Burn, Burn High
Raise up your horns and Scream
Dream evil was never a dream

Gods of metal
They’ll be coming for you in the night
Gods of metal
With thunder and lightning they strike
Gods of metal
You can hear their whips and their chains
Gods of metal
On their horses of steel they will ride

Seek and destroy and then run to the hills
A sanctuary is what we need
The trooper is brave and he’s ready to jump
But his inner self cannot breath

The Master of puppets will bark at the moon
His metal heart’s beating fast
Tear down the walls of Jericho
The Perfect strangers will meet there at last

10. We Are the Ones

The ride is over, the journey ends
We had a blast, with all of our friends
We’re here together, we’re standing tall
We are a unity and we can conquer all

We are the ones
Who can help you believe in yourself again
You will find the strength
Just open your eyes and believe

There is no weakness, to let it out
It will increase your strength, yeah that’s no doubt
Break the silence, break the seal
You gotta let them know, just how you feel

11. Eye of RA

I am RA the king of gods
The creator of everything
As a pharaoh I rule the earth
In the sky and the underworld

I am the sun, I am the moon
And my power is divine
People say I’m old and weak
The eye of RA they will meet

The king of gods, The eye of RA
I am a pharaoh, I am a god
I rule the land and sea, I rule the sky
I rule the underworld, I will never die

I throw my eye, into the sky
The transformation has begun
A lioness I will create
And she will drink your blood with hate

Down on earth she has arrived
The hunt for man has begun
You can run, but cannot hide
Cause I’m the all seeing eye


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