Tales from the Kingdom of Fife Lyrics (2013)

Gloryhammer Tales from the Kingdom of Fife Lyrics Album

Tales from the Kingdom of Fife Lyrics Album by Gloryhammer

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1. Anstruther’s Dark Prophecy

The prophecy is written… Dundee will fall!

2. The Unicorn Invasion of Dundee

They came with the first light of dawn
setting their sights on Dundee
led by the sorcerer Zargothrax
slaying all people he sees
they ride to war on once noble beasts
corrupted by wizard spell
the unicorns used to be good
now they are forced to serve hell

Down from the mountains
and across the river Tay
an army of undead unicorns
are riding into the fray

Fireballs and lighting are raining from the sky
chaos and bloodshed while all the people die
in this epic battle begins the final war
tragedy will strike this day, prepare thee for
the unicorn invasion of Dundee

The townpeople had little hope
they were not ready for war
fireballs make everybody die
and buildings collapse to the floor
the beautiful princess was raped
and taken prison with cry
Angus McFife swears a mighty oath
“I will make Zargothrax die!”

The forces of darkness
are invading proud Dundee
there must find a hero
to save its destiny

3. Angus McFife

He is the prince of the land of Fife
Noble and true with a heart of steel
Now it is lost vengeance shall be his
Angus McFife is his name

Across the wasteland, I ride upon swift steed
Behind me lies the burning ruins of Dundee
No turning back now, my journey lies ahead
I won’t give up until the sorcerer is dead

A raging hero with a destiny of steel
With glory overcomes a mighty quest concealed

He is the prince of the land of Fife
Noble and true with a heart of steel
Now it is lost vengeance shall be his
Angus McFife is his name

In ancient castle, frozen for all time
Inside the dungeons my beloved waits to die
Ride fast for vengeance, but I must find a way
The force of unicorns makes Zargothrax fight great

Power of the sorcerer too great to be controlled
Glenrothes trees will heal the torment in my soul

He is the prince of the land of Fife
Noble and true with a heart of steel
Now it is lost vengeance shall be his
Angus McFife is his name

4. Quest for the Hammer of Glory

Ride! To the farway mountains
Fight! Many goblins and trolls
Quest! For the hammer of glory

The snow keeps on falling
as I ride to the north
I set out on a journey so far
have been on my way thenceforth
my armour and weapons
now covered with ice
many battle have they seen
but onwards I must strive

To defeat the foes of Dundee
I must have a weapon of ultimate steel

Ride! To the farway mountains
Fight! Many goblins and trolls
Quest! For the hammer of glory
to wield the power to slay all your foes

My mission is simple
my purpose is clear
in a cave on a mountain up high
there lies a mystical shrine
if a warrior quests there
with a heart pure of steel
the gods will grant unto him
a weapon that shall be revealed

The Hammer of Glory it’s called
passed down by heroes from centuries old

The shrine lies before me now
the hammer in sight
I raise it up to the heavens above
and I hail the king

5. Magic Dragon

Riding my steel into faraway lands
searching for dragon to claim back the throne
into the forests of deepest Strathclyde
where time no centuries has been foretold

A mighty warrior
questing to valleys unknown

A village of wizards revealed my the way
they saw it by searching a magical ball
enchanted chamber with mirror and fire
defeat it and dragon would be the reward
the be the chosen one
a hero must rise to the rest

Demon attacked me but then it was slain
the dragon appeared and a battle was fight
I spoke from the words of a powerful scroll
and magical dragon became now allied

Mighty and glorios
he flies through the emerald skies

Magic dragon
casting a spell on the mountains
covering wizards in glory
flying through majestic skies
searching for mighty powers
to defeat ultimate evil
ride on the wings of a dragon
flying through majestic skies
questing for the steel

6. Silent Tears of Frozen Princess

Sometimes I seem to drown in woe
but there is a hope
glooming inside my heart alone
when I think of you
remembering bygone days
and your silvery laugh
it will not resound again
caught in a shroud of ice

But I will not cease
seeking for you

Frozen princess in this land of fears
your mighty kingdom has fallen
i see the glitter of your silent tears
afar in the wuthering dark

Every night I feel you’re near
vivid memories
they dance within my reach
and still are so far from here
your angelic grace shall be ablaze
with lights again
my hammer my break the spell
before the last hope dies

My path carries on
seeking for you

My forces conspire
to bring back the warmth of your smile
my heart set on fire
it will burn down your prison of cold
it’s burning for you

7. Amulet of Justice

Now I am mounting dragon, girdled by a golden gleam
to dearch for the last artefact I saw in my dream
a thousand legends twine around the mystery
how to find the periapt that setsthe spellbound free

Power of the universe
will guide me the way
my hammer I hold up high
so I proclaim

Amulet of Justice
your destiny awaits
in a land now reigned in shadow
by a wizard full of hate
i will ride across the highland
i will sail across the seas
the one and only hope for Fife
your mystic legacy

At the bottom of Loch Rannoch there is lying deep below
a necklace made of pure silk, with a gem as white as snow
i dive into the dark to avert calamity
brought by evil wizard over beloved Dundee

Power of the universe
will guide me the way
through worlds man has never seen
lone and arcane

Powers of the universe
have shown me the way
now I have the amulet
the kingdom I’ll save

Quest complete!

8. Hail to Crail

Far to the east, where the land meets the sea
there lies a majestic town
crail is it’s name, shrouded in fame
jewel in Fife’s noble crown
here, every day, the warriors train
in the art of epic fights
riding on eagles, questing so true
a legion of powerful knights

Emblazoned ‘cross the sky
here the kingdom cry

mightiest warriors in the land
ready to fight with a sword in hand
fighting battles every day
this is why we say

In the battle of Cowdenbeath
their steel did win the day
knights of Crail with banners high
riding hard into the fray
once, in the siege of far-off Dunkeld
defeat of the town was nigh
but then came the knights, the warriors of Crail
and all of their foes did die

They’ve never lost a fight
so we proclaim tonight

9. Beneath Cowdenbeath

Tell me traveller, do you know what lurks beneath… Cowdenbeath?

10. The Epic Rage of Furious Thunder

Dundee! Mighty city on the
banks of the silv’ry Tay
your sacrifice will always be
remembered that fateful day
but now that the time has
come to regain our fallen pride
we march to war with an army
of eagles by our side
oh Dundee

Swiftly across the sapphire sky
the magic dragon flies
Angus McFife is atop his back
hear the battlecry!
down below, the knights of Crail
have rallied to the cause
the hammer of glory is their guide
a great majestic force

The final battle has begun
for freedom and Dundee

Oh brave chivistic rainbow
give me strength of angelic might!

Far from the north a hero comes
his armour made from wolf
he heard the call the defend his king
the barbarian warrior of Unst!
now at the side of lord McFife
across the land they ride
he know the way to the cidatel
where Zargothrax must hide

many evils guard the way
the castles has great might

In the epic rage of furious thunder
legends create their tales
when the twilight calls and the dark lord falls
our glory will prevail

The tower is high and mighty
we cannot climb the walls
we must find our way through the secret
tunnels of the dwarves

Through the ancient tunnels, the wariors make way
into a darkened cavern beneath the fortress great
led by a hermit, Relathor his name
the way to the castle his secret to betray

Mighty unicorn, that flies in the sky
touch the universe with your wings and hail the king

Now in the fields of Dunfermline
an epic war is fight
the knights of Crail make evil die
bring glory for the light
meanwhileinside the citadel
McFife has found the way
faceing to face with Zargothrax
and single combat waged

The evil wizard falls to doom
and drowns in liquid ice

In the epic rage of furious thunder
legends create their tales
when the twilight calls and the dark lord falls
our glory will prevail

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