Transcendence EP Lyrics (2011)

Gorod Transcendence EP Lyrics Album

Transcendence EP Lyrics Album by Gorod

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1. Earth Pus

Disgorge, Engorge
Stab Wounded from Cunt to Stomach
Neurotripsick’s Rats appear in GOROD
Head of Pig
We Mash
Bloodshed Head
Anger on Earth
Earth Pus

2. Blackout: Renewed Souls


3. Textures (Cynic cover)


4. Earth Pus: Salvation


5. Transcendence

Alone, I’m alone, on my desolate Earth
Frozen, with despair, Adam you lied to me
Soracle you lied to me
I built Edaenia and sealed my cursed grave
Sapped by shame, Obsequium Minaris betrayed me
And I weep for my soul’s scars
All what’s left for me is bared flesh, Tattooed with metal
Contaminated, the stream of souls was set on fire
I’m lost again
A thousand lives shot through me and flooded my spirit
Your cells are mutating in me, leave me alone
Reality is in flux, I could be somewhere else
I could live another life
Disembodied into nothingness
New sensations spring from the twists and turns of my mind
The darkness disappears, the door opens, my body bleeds
The face of my father appears to humiliate me
Black hole of power / Temple of hate
Give me Soracle, to get him back into hell
Come to me Minarian / I am here marionette
I control space and time / I don’t belong to anyone
Cradle of your past yoke I defy you /Who believes you are a ghost ?
I am all those to whom you lied / Adam is only a machine
So your toy will break you / You cannot go against my will
Break Soracle / Human asshole, your destiny had to be lethal
I never expected this. Your vision had given me peace
I staked my like on believing in your name
You said you would cure us of our poor human deviance
You were exploiting our souls, our cult, stirring up Adam under your eyes, why?
Dominate by the cult, not by the power is the path you have chosen
I am guilty of having believed, men are made to fight
Time means nothing or time is meaningless
I wander between two different universes
I am no more than a star in the sky
Cradle of a new world made of rubbish
Mixing dreams and reality
I am no more than a star in the sky
Mixing dreams and reality

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