Journey to the End of the Night Lyrics (2000)

Green Carnation Journey to the End of the Night Lyrics Album

Journey to the End of the Night Lyrics Album by Green Carnation

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1. Falling into Darkness

[Not Avalaible]

2. In the Realm of the Midnight Sun

Black lights, shattered dreams, broken hope
shadows over my pale face
around the storm once again rage
and the wind blow hard and cold while the northern light
dances its sad dance

The Moon throws its freezing light, and warm my frozen soul
world have casted me and pushed me down into a darkness
where only cold and fear can reach me
i am alone, even my tears leave me and dissapear…

I sink deeper, stumbling through the vast labyrinth of sadness
the track i follow, lead me down to an ocean of sorrow and pain
the way back to the light is too long and i dont have
the strength enough….

On the beach by the ocean of sorrow
my soul finds rest and i fall into eternal sleep
here in the realm of darkness….

3. My Dark Reflections of Life and Death

Pain is self-inflicted, cause is not
I long for my time, long before its due
tired of resting in despair
Judge me for who i am
relief me for what i am
Remember me for what i was
Forgive me for what i became

Where shadows speak of memories
i stand alone in my dark and lonely world
surrounded by this cold embrace of temptation

White bewinged angel of light
tempts me to change my life
come, come to me, she whispers
longing eyes, she stares through my soul and mind
wants me to become one of the light
ah, serpent of lust and lie, where will my path go?

Should i be tempted by the light or should i remain in darkness
all alone, all alone…..

Why all this sorrow, why all this confusion?
I was one of thee, why am i left behind?

Hate – fills my mind
Sorrow – breeds my life

But of those i choose, no one is sent out from you
My way will be long, my road will be unknown
path to eternity, eternity lasts forever
light of day, day of darkness
i will never be trustfull again….
I am not for you, i am not for those
not for light, not for life
Farewell to sunlit world
on the dark side we will meet
we will meet again after life…

Time passes slowly
i fade away, life drained
what used to be, what could have been now
I feel no pleasure, only pain
i feed upon my fear of life
trapped in agony and despair
Anguish of the night

I will meet you again
on the other side…

4. Under Eternal Stars

Soft rain falls silent down from a black nightsky
darkness which i have given my lonely life to
lay around me like a heavy cloud…

Everything is beautiful, like death is beautiful
sometime i shall wander here in the realm of darkness
with my princess by my side
dressed in the colours of the night
like i am dressed in the colours of the night…

Sometime, i shall share this shivering happiness
with one my heart shall choose
Those who in the night dance….
Cold winds of the fall blow from east
shadows fall over the tower in the distance…

Darkness returns
grows bigger and more powerful over the nightsky
Under eternal stars
under the wings of the screaming raven
i enter the embrace of the fogwoods
Passionated by darkness
longing for the night
I rest alone, as a child of darkness
as a child of fall, as a child of lonliness
Silent i let my soul wander towards the cold light of the moon
letting the first nightstar guard me….

The eternal dawn lower over the northern landscape
there – under eternal stars…

5. Journey to the End of the Night (Part I)

The wind is playing in the treetops
the first nightstar glow weak and the lantern of sorrow
gives its sad light to the darkest depths…..

In my embrace i carry you towards your lonely resting place
dressed in the colours of the night
Your pale skin lights up the night
i kiss your hand goodbye
and lay you tenderfull down in your grave
and dress your naked body with dust

ah, my dear -what loss
ah, my love – what desire

Darkness of time surrounds my world
Closing me out from life
the long vail of sorrow lay around my pale neck and strangles me
fragments of my actions, my mistakes, passes my blood shot eyes

Dreams of your loss, my sorrow, cuts through my soul
as i enter 5 years of misery, i kiss you farewell
and enter the dark tomb with you…

to death you lost, against darkness you struggle was short
may the children of the night take your soul
i wish you luck on your long travel, to the end of the night…

Your loss will be remembered!
Your fall will be revenged!!

6. Echoes of Despair (Part II)


7. End of Journey? (Part III)

[Not Avalaible]

8. Shattered (Part IV)

I stare, with the eyes of an empty soul
in the mirror to the world beyond
but all i see is my dark reflections

I scream, but my voice is being reflected in my head
I cry, but my tears just dissapear

I mourn for myself and my empty soul
I swear to overcome my bitter loss

Mourn, for I am dead…

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