Light of Day, Day of Darkness Lyrics (2001)

Green Carnation Light of Day, Day of Darkness Lyrics Album

Light of Day, Day of Darkness Lyrics Album by Green Carnation

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1. Light of Day, Day of Darkness

A vision, a call
In times before my fall
In life before I became
I dreamed I was insane

I saw the unseen
I heard the unheard
I rode the sky above the earth
I felt the breeze of the world
What was lost
I should have retrieved
What was real
Was long gone within of me

Crimson tide
A wave of lost time
Scenario of a velvet blue sky
I dreamed about day
But I lived in the night
I looked and I saw
That in my dream I was so free
Red turned blue
White became black
The daylight erased my shadow
Insanity reached me its hand
Whispering velvet voice
The sky above the stars
The wind below the moon
The light that create shadows
The dark beyond the eyes?

I sat before myself
I looked above below
I embraced my living self
Doves and birds, gras and trees
Where was all I used to see?
Why am I not what I used to be?
That’s the beauty of the mind

Night divide day, day erase night
Light of day, day of Darkness

They are inside my head
Climbing the walls
Falling of the sealing
Jumping on the floor
Voices and calls
On the edge of sanity
I stumble and fall
Through the gates of the endless halls

Come walk with me
through the valley of eternity
In passion I see the light
Am I the one only the mirror sees?

A distant calling
Lost in memories
Lost in the maze of the mind
The secret place that none have seen
Silent cries of despair
What sanity remains

Within this fragile mind
I am alone again
Me, myself and I
Echoes pounds my head
Shapeless forms everywhere

I think, therefore I am
You are a fantasy made by me
I dream this world
When I end, the world will end with me,
I am everything,You are me

“Sleep my child” to never be awakened again?

I fell asleep, to sweet lullaby
A sleep in which I had a dream
And in this dream
I conceived a perfect plan
That would change the face of man

For it was my dream
To create a perfect world
From this cold imperfect world
And all the answers were inside my mind

And I was unafraid
The dream was so enticing
But now I see it fade
And I am here alone, all alone
Once again
The soul of an angel
Lives forever
The love of the innocent
Lasts forever
A moments passion
I hear a desperate cry

I weep for the weak
I pray for the strong
Through Crimson eye
And Shattered lie,
I behold the sacrifice
Of the innocent life

There’s blood on the bended knee
The light paint a shadow on me
Will I forsake you
Or will I the forsaken be?

I left my body
Come meet me in my dreams
It’s been so long
Would you know me?

Time stands still, but I wonder
Who’s watching over you
Who’s watching over me

As a traveller
I seek hospitality
As a wanderer
I seek immortality
As a journey in insanity
I seek divine comparity

I sit here alone, so cold
Left in the dark, to feel
Pitty my soul
What is left to say?
What is left to see?
Where did I fail?
Where did I go wrong?

I am so lost
Still I am so free
But my heart just
Won’t stop to bleed

In Twilight atmosphere
Sirens seductive call
Is summoning me
To my New World
A brave new world
Where right is wrong
Where justice is gone

Funeral Symphony
Behind me, a dark shaping mass
I turn and face the face of deception
A face without the warmth
Of dignity and grace

I see the unseen,
I hear the unheard
I learned the secret
That none before me had learned

Watch me and my new desire
I am emptier than ever
But I feel complete
Take my hand and watch me as?

I conceal myself in shadows
Until night falls
I am who I am
I just want to be
And once again the night
Seems to outlast me

I hear a voice
Who could it be?
Is there anybody else here with me?
Why do you torture me?
Wont you leave me be?

Am I whom I should be?
For all that you are lies wholly within of me

Out of reach, out of sight
I feel strange and lost,
can you lead me right?
It’s too dark for me to see
Capture of soul,
won’t you please forgive me?

I heard the tales
I learned the secret way
That tears are replacements
For what has been taken away
From us and what we’ve lost
Still, all I see is burning fields
Still, all I hear is dying screams

I am the future
I am the past

I am what you wish for
The god you wish to be

I am the voice
Behind the silent scream

I am the dark
I am the light you never see

I am the blood
That makes your soul free

I am pure
I am unclean

It takes one to be a god
It takes one to feel lonely

It takes two to outlast me
It takes two to feel complete

It takes a moon to light the stars
It takes a light to see the dark

If what I wrote was real
Could I then a God be?
Would what I see
Then be part of reality?
Would I then reach divine entity?

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