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Hate Auric Gates of Veles Lyrics Album

Auric Gates of Veles Lyrics Album by Hate

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1. Seventh Manvantara

Covenant of tyrants
Seething with rage
Myriad of Brahmas have passed
Over death-chosen land of depression
In Seventh Manvantara
Before it comes back to the source

Reign the darkness In greater depth
Creating a spell Embracing the stillness in the storm
Zoroaster! Single, supreme, majestic
Riding the chariot to spread the seeds of Avestian truth
Empire of graveyards
Bloodlines of insatiable slaves
Behold! Asura fleshly form
Marching these lands of disgrace
Behold ! Asura fleshly mind
The path of the wanderer

Liberate! What lurks in the soul, in its corners
In its deepest labyrinth
Liberate! What lurks in the twilight and dawns
when gods are generous and merciful

Asuric mantras burn the ashes
Through the endless night
Devour remnants of a power that once was
Dehumanized wrecks wander around the temples
Invaders’ poison seeping into feeble minds and flesh
Rising power on the mountain-torch

Zoroaster! Eternal
Flame Spins the wheel of all life
Zoroaster! Infinite source
All flesh left to scavengers
Engulfed in radiant flood
Time-transcending shelter of the sacrosanct
Destroyer of filth
Putrefying greed Boundless celestial void
Resounding in brains

Zoroaster! The nigh is born
Revelation emerges in ancient struggle
Zoroaster! Wielding wisdom
Blessed be those who chained themselves to the stars

The might lives on
In Monumental Inner Shrine

2. Triskhelion

In covenant with tri-winged maelstrom!

I return to the soaring Ignis
Down unhasting spiral of the aeonic line
Toward the core that breaks through
dust clouds and haze
Wheee Triglav’s glory enlights!

Triglav’s Triskhelion
A guidance for howling wolves
Transition of the spawn into the veiled divine
The hand that is raised to strike out
In everlasting sanguine strife!
In tri-winged maelstrom!

Enlightment in sacrificial rite
Astral silence pervading
In the dark theatre of sanguinary strife
The centre of a star in Navia
Supreme shaman’s exultation
As he plunged in the tyrant his steel

In the stardust fractal
A spark begotten of the Sun
Sacred blood in motion
Controlling life force of an aura bound in stone

Triglav’s Triskhelion
A guidance for blind-sighted
In fresh myrtle my blade I entwine
Like Svarog when he made a libation
of tyrrany’s blood

Solo: Domin

Unfolding the soul until life is transformed
Controlling the vibration of the highest
Triglav’s Triskhelion
The one blessed in nothingness
Sovereign of Navia
A garment of the spirit
Interstellar elixir of life
Victory of the soul over circumstance
A luminous vestment in aura of this land
Divine power!

3. The Volga’s Veins

What founts of light are breaking forth
Streaming up this winter sky?
The night’s hiding her silver crown
What fires in thy cold bosom dwell?
A glorious wonder to the Raven’s eye

There’s always silence above the Volga
As corpses decorate her waves
The silent stars over frozen graves
Watch as darkness merges to her silhouette

On a frigid night cold blood flows
In Volga’s Veins
In tribulation
As silver meadows bear witness
to the cannons’ cry
Through the frost lie corpses exposed

The Volga’s vein
Pulsating arrow of the land
Blood-spangled face of Mother to the graveyards
With birds of pray circling above the shallow tombs
Charred birches drown in dust
Frozen graves in thousand forms and thousand ways
Stars severed down, the stretching
blaze scorched the fields
Hungry faces fed with bombs
All dignity is raped
Armies drown in icy waves their pride wrecked
And burned behind
Heard the priest with madness in his voice
Choke out his decree
In the fields of pandemonium

On blood soaked ground
There’s no land beyond the Volga
And sadness above her restless head
As fighting rages in her chest
And Kremlin gives order to destroy
At any cost

Blood red foam
Foreys Volga’s veins
In conflagration
As silver meadows bear witness to the cannons’cry
Through the frost sleep corpses exposed
the Volga’s vein
Pulsating arrow of the land
Blood-spangled face of Mother to the graveyards
With birds of pray circling above the shallow tombs

In tribulation
Silver birches die
Drowning in dust…

4. Sovereign Sanctity

Rise up to witness red twilight
There’s no peace in Raven’s land
As darkness lingers
Once you leave
You feel dark northern breeze…

Let’s spit on this shell
And go down to the depth
As horizons crumble
In a blaze of burning forests
Mountain Ślęża vibration
In the roaring winter dusks
See the fire of existence
Through the facade of pretense
Still locked in a grudge
Drowned in Velesian storm
Behind the curtain of sorrow
Recurring hatred
A soul of revenge
Sulphur lead us!

Are we not a caravan of struggles and failures
A history of terrors and creaturness?
Where death is all mine

Are we not lifeless satellites drifting in void
finding peace with emptiness?
Till our dreams decay

Are we not wearing blindfolds as the hangman
is tightening the nooses and kicking the chairs?

I follow the will
Down untrodden pathways
In relentless night
Where life is inferior
Infernal dust
Drawn in every breath…

Beyond the reach of light
Through starless night
To God’s perfect darkness
It’s perfect and pure
So perfect and pure
Sulphur lead us!

It comes as a lion
That feasts upon the soul
It’s deathshead with halo
Who closes his eyes to the truth
Is only a firewood
Torn by the wind
It’s only one flash of existence


Another day there’s no suffering
As we drink from the night’s essence
Holy Evil Cristal Shrine
We’ve become Sovereign Sanctity
Beyond measure
A chainless soul
It’s perfect and pure
Beyond measure

In reverent silence, in vacuum of touch
Come, bask in great nothing which was once our world!

5. Path to Arkhen

Resonate with the ideal
A truer reality
Uniqueness of a dark soul
And witness glorious blaze
Blaze of Arkhen
The restless flame
In the world where lie’s dethroned

Burn with the world
With its indwelling essence
Step inside look the shaman in the eye
Unlock the doors for altered state of divinity
Guide me through the night to glorious blaze of Arkhen
Where rebellion of vigil lights shakes Navia
Cultivate the powerfield!
Where the Cosmic Tree rembles
Where it shines!

Burn the living
In the world where life’s dethroned
Transform the living
Let their bodies feed the stakes in Arkhen!
At the altars of darkest despair
A numinous event…

God, that old furnace keeps talking in tongues
With his mouth is full of serpents
With his nuclear breath of human ash
The boiling planet…

Maintain thy burning essence through life and beyond
Staring at the darkest night at soultry eyes of doom
In the end
In deadly silence

Doomed are invaders and doomed is their world
I burn their house of life
I’ll sail the river of their blood in the end
Consumed at the altars of death
Feckless breed
I empty their thrones!

Solo: Witold Ustapiuk

Christian madmen and nordic invaders
Let them be hurled off the rock cliffs of Rugia
Hear the silver horns as the flame ignites
Cultivate the powerfield
I am the light tonight and the word
The word is death!

Hate the living
In a world where life’s dethroned
Transform the living
In the world where lie’s dethroned
Burn the living
Let their bodies feed the fiery stakes!

6. Auric Gates of Veles

Let’s spawn the anger
Make them feel the scythe
Revenants with beast hearts
Walking down through the darkest of voids
Call it life!
It blooms briefly enrapt with death’s blight
Invoking Raven’s proudest dream of magic stronghold
Here lies the Sun!

Svarog’s fire, Veles’s golden throne
Across night’s immensity
Sculpting a temple that revolves across time
Burning eye filled with tombstones…

Take a breath of the blazing fire
It lives through thousand golden dawns
Sunk in the oceans of burning gold
As Saturn ascends!

Hell’s Stirps Regia!
Glorious giant with serpentine heart

You took my soul from me
No man’s child born of evil blood
In wolf’s skin
In silence enshrined through time
In chase the wind
To the purest of winters
There I’ll find my fate
Where no gods ever dare to tread
Where death is all mine

In svarog’s fire all empires fall
In deathmarch till the end of time
From darkest embrace towards brightest skies
When dawns arise to hollowed ground…

Visions in blindness
In blindness
Until truth is reclaimed
Once more

Stronghold of fire, Veles’s golden throne
It gleams in sultry eyes of the Sun
Arkhen will rise through the Auric Gates
With Serpent’s chant in the ghostland

Vernyhora’s cold stare invokes the Raven
Vernyhora’s cold voice summons the Raven

7. Salve Ignis

At signal of the chime primordial
Spark rebellion and plunge in its flames
The day all temples of trash crumble
Ravage the lairs of vipers and tear down
The walls of their strongholds
Le the cauldron of suffering boil!

Make the hearts of darkness swell
Guide our fury through this struggle
Let death cry out in their throats
Enlightened guardian of blood
Slay my foes at sinister dawn
Breed slaves sworn to the atrocious war!

Cauterized with burning iron
No saviour exists here no more
Lost chance of divine

Centuries watch them rise
Through the blood-soaked eyes
Centuries watch them die
Through the eyes of Doom

The Sun is black, thy flesh cast down
Entombed among the walls of mighty Arkhen
The winter passes by and storm has come
As thunder of bright Perun strikes the earth

Centuries judge the earth
Through the blood-soaked eyes
Centuries watch them die
Through the eyes of Doom

The might of Veles’s darkness in serpents’s eye
Transcending space and time to mighty Arkhen
The winter passes by and storm has come
The kings have thrown their crowns
Into the void

Solo: Domin

The empire extends
Majestic Ignis
Reaches as far as the soul thrives
In fire and turmoil

Behold! blood-soaked eye!
Behold! blood-soaked eye of doom!

8. Generation Sulphur

Generation Sulphur
Guided through the halls of war
Jupiter’s redshift
Devouring the icons of light

Incantation terrorthrone
Outpouring radiance from ascended flame
Of mighty Grom
In the darkest of our days
All bridges burn in Devil’s womb
It steals all sacrum away

Come forth from the abyss
Entropic crack where no light ever triumphs
Death ignites!
Fertilize the soil with sacred bones and flesh

Spiral down!
Beholding radiance of exploding sempiternal red giant
Alliance with death
Reborn by all the might of sacrificial rite
Death ignites!
Abyss calls
Blood ignites
Indoctrinated minds as battlefields
Death ignites
Accelerates toward an endotermic flash!

In wartide generations piled
On the altars of scorn
As truth whispers a deathly spell

Solo: Domin

Through the tongues of thunders
As horizon burst
Breathing dust
From imploding uranium sun

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