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Heavens Gate In Control Lyrics Album

In Control Lyrics Album by Heavens Gate

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1. The Gate


2. In Control

You think you have the right suspicion
each move you make is in control
you won’t believe it’s like a vision

what do you feel? Is this the price you’ll pay?
Some say they heal, they guide your steps
in other ways

In Control
See that it’s real
In Control
It’s a dirty nightmare
In Control

The world is changing face and body
corrupted minds are gaining ground
if you won’t change, they’ll have the glory

Try to beware from now to eternity
wake up and watch those cold blue eyes and died
blond hair

You’re waiting for the last command
to destroy your promised land
the mighty will be satisfied
when you’ve killed your fellows right
don’t make no stranger of body and soul
feel all the danger, you’re under control
breakin’ the grip, makes no difference at all
fight for the rights of all colors you call

3. Turn It Down

We’re gonna rock you if your metal hunger burns
drive into your heads with a 100.000 turns
if you are made for metal, so raise your fist and yell

Can’t you hear, it sounds so clear
in my ears there’s a voice

Come here and stay, we’ll blow the night away
there’s magic in the air
you’re strong enough, you’ve got it, don’t be tough
and you scream

bang your head
straight ahead

You love that power and you know it’s no disgrace
metal is the best we’ve invented for the human race
you’re rising up to heaven and never come back to
the ground

We wanna hear your calling
when our sound fills the air
and when the night is falling
we are together, forever
we are together and we

4. Surrender

Face to face, an eye for an eye
guess I’m leaving this town forever
want to break free from all those old lies
we’re living too long together

Just can’t stand it or face more of the same
I’ve got the choice to stay or to leave
watching our dreams go down the drain
saying goodbye to what I believed

defences were down, you’re willing to go anywhere
but now the future is over, say you never cared

never coming back
never looking back

I’m not down, I’m breaking these chains
taking some time to watch the sunrise
life will never be the same again
now I know it’s been a matter of lies

It’s taking me high
I’m leaving this town, yes I’m free now,
I’m leaving, I’m watching the sky

5. Hot Fever

Drivin’ down the avenue
and you hear that downtown melody
standing in that city heat
and you know that’s your destiny

Feel the sound, watch the blood red lights
now your veins feel power, and you’re hypnotized

you’ve got that downtown love
it’s burning inside out

Sound is firing up your blood
and your body makes a powerdive
you believe in metal gods
if you feel that mental overdive

for your mind it’s a losing game
and your eyes are hot like a burning flame

6. Tyrants

When the fire is over
and you’re down on the ground
you are searching the daylight
but it just can’t be found
what’s the sense of this madness
you don’t know those rules
war is only a game for the ruling fools

come and fight it, you’ve got to feel
hard as a rock, cold as the steel
don’t kill this world, it’s the only place
to live in harmony for the human race

we need no sirens
again and again we have to fight for our love

We don’t need no protection
for the future at all
no atomic reaction
for our lives to fall
just believe in tomorrow
put your love in the air
please don’t drive us to sorrow
if you wanna be fair

7. Path of Glory

I tell a story of a man, his name is IRON SWORD
he wants to safe the ruined land,
he’s a courageous lord
he’s on his way, when he will lose his life he cannot say

he’s escorted by a crowd of men, ten warriors of steel
they’re breaking through the ice and wind, like a burning wheel
they wanna fight, ride on a flash of light

They sit all alone and they can watch the iron tower
they all strive for fame and they are riding on the

Now they attack the fortress and they’re looking ’round in fright
no king is sitting on the throne, a beast they have to fight
they wanna go, knowing that they’re standing all alone

The evil force is on attack, they hear the devil’s bell
there is no way to turn back, it’s coming out of hell
taking their minds, hell and fire makes them blind

They sit all alone and they can feel the flash and thunder
no way to escape, they have to cry

From the back there comes a light
the holy sword is entering the fight
iron fist breaks the evil’s soul
iron sword is leading on the

8. Shadows

As you were down again, you told me all those lies
and you know I’ve to pray
you’re life is still a game, I waited for the price
and I know I’ve to pay

You’ve been a runaway, feeling as cold as ice
asked me if you could stay, I felt like been hypnotized
heaven will know, know the reason why
you never showed that sorrow in your eyes

You told me those lies that you’d make a turn
but I could see in your eyes that you never would learn

IN THE SHADOW, shadow of your life
IN THE SHADOW, you could not deny
when you’re drunk you were lost, and you’re having no way
something is even to say
of your life

Now that you’ve gone away I look at the morning sun
all night long I move and stray thinking of things we’ve done
heaven will know, know the reason why
you had to go on broken wings up the sky

9. This Flight Tonight (Joni Mitchell cover)


Look out
The left. The captain said
The lights down there
That’s where you’ll land
Saw a falling star burnin’
High above the
Las Vegas sand

It wasn’t the one that you gave to me
That night down south between the trailer
Not the early one
That you wish upon
Not the northern one
That guides in the sailors

You’ve got that touch so gentle and sweet
But you’ve got that look so critical
Can’t talk to you babe
You know I get so weak
Sometimes I think that
Love is just mythical

Up there’s a heaven – down there’s a town
Blackness everywhere and
Little lights shine
Blackness, blackness dragging me down
Come on light a candle
In this heart of mine

Starbright, starbright
You’ve got the loving that I like
Turn this crazy bird around
Should not have got on
This flight tonight


I’m drinking sweet champange
Got the headphones up high
Can’t numb you – can’t drum you
Out of my mind

They’re singing
“Goodbye baby, baby bye bye
Uhhh, love is blind!”;

Up go the flaps – down go the wheels
Hope you got your heat turned on baby
Hope they finaly fixed your atomobile
Hope it’s better
When we meet again babe

Starbright, starbright…
You’ve got the loving that I like
Turn this crazy bird around
Should not have got on
This flight tonight
Should not have got on
This flight tonight


Starbright, starbright…
You’ve got the loving that I like
Turn this crazy bird around
Should not have got on
This flight tonight
Should not have got on
This flight tonight


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