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Heavens Gate Livin' in Hysteria Lyrics Album

Livin’ in Hysteria Lyrics Album by Heavens Gate

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1. Livin’ in Hysteria

No place to hide away from evil
and they don’t know why
escaping from a kind of devil
and start to cry
always watching, always on the run
and the fear is going on and on

Out in the cold an open fire
for a frozen heart
tiny bodies getting tired
of this senseless war
trying to survive in hopeless dreams
don’t know what “tomorrow” seems

don’t you know that for the future
time is drifting out of order
do you hear the call
always looking for a helping hand
love is what they need
they don’t understand they’re always

they are children of the night
always looking for a neverending light

Prepared to grow up in the jungle
for a million nights
in their hearts a burning hunger
and nothing comes in sight
looking for a magic spell
to get out from this burning hell

Living in a land they call HYSTERIA
every helping hand could be mysteria
world is turning round and round for everyone
always think about the damage you have done
always praying for your love
always praying for a serious love


2. We Got the Time

You wasted every day in those years before
only broken dreams you ‘re looking for
there will never be life guaranteed
if you don’t believe you ‘re down on your knees

I could never understand
the way you live your life and take it all
but now you better realize you have to fall

But you will find a way
you had time enough to worry
watch out for the future
it has something to say :

we got the time
there’s nothing left to talk about
we got the time
we’re standing here forever more
we got the time
believin’ we can work it out
listen there’s no doubt about

Watch the time it’s running down the drain
if you only live in sorrow and pain ????
now your time has come to break away

remember all those early days
you always struggled for a piece of truth
it’s your responsibility for your misspent youth


3. The Neverending Fire

In the begining of the medieval centuries
ten warriors of steel had been on
the path of glory to safe the ruined land
from an evil beast…

On their way back home, after a dreadful
fight, they ‘re chanting for the victims
they ‘re lost in the war…

But the fire still burns…

Forever they’re fighting
on their way for the “HOLY SWORD”
together they’re crying
for the victims they’ve lost in the war

For justice they had to die
and in their heart it burns
this feeling they got from a
never ending fire

There’s thunder and lightning
on their way back home from that war
such glory so inviting
feeling sorrow in all of their hearts

Together it makes them cry
and in their heart it burns
this feeling they got from a
never ending fire

There’s thunder and lightning
in trust and hope they are riding
and in their hearts it burns
this feeling they got from a song

We ‘re fighting here in this glory ride
for HOLY SWORD again
a proudly soul in a crying heart
we never have to shame

As the years pass by you can live and try
to forget about the past
for justice we call
we stand one for all
the HOLY SWORD is riding again

4. Empty Way to Nowhere

The time is moving senses
the lights are dimming down
we set this town on fire
it’s time to leave it now

The night is black, the wheels keep turnin’
we’re driving down deserted roads
you must believing in this hard times’ life
and we’re standing here
and it sounds so clear

We’re on this empty way to nowhere
we live our life, we love that rock
we ‘re standing in the certain glory
watchin’ the night wastin’ and fadin’ away

1.000 miles an hour

like with the speed of light
another place of power
is coming into sight

You say our life is bad and evil
but we just live it to the full
we’re feelin’ reckless as we hear you roar
and we’re standin’ here
and it sounds so clear


85 days on the road
nothing’s been left and we’re feelin’ so cold
there is new power to charge
most every night we are taking it all,
taking it all


5. Fredless


6. Can’t Stop Rockin’

We’re standing here amazed and stare
at a place we couldn’t reach
we’re standing all together now
and it’s time we need a preach

In the last rays of the settin sun
we kindle up the flame
you’re waiting for that night to run
as we waited for that fame

Infected with that virus
we can feel the fever grow
this heat splits up your body
and it’s time to start the show

We’re rising up like thunderstorm
with power, heat and pain
the heatstrokes of this metal gear
are boiling up your veins

as we slip into the night
and we’re standing side by side
got a kick from iron hell
and we’re waiting for that yell

We’re entering the stages
at the bottom we feel safe
this rock’s residing in your heart
from the cradle to the grave

Within this open fire
the hammer’s coming down
and starting up that fireworks
of feeling, light and sound


All the years we bore the load
now we’re ready to explode
now we got the time to lead
rock ‘n’ roll is what we need
rock ‘n’ roll is what we need

Watch out!
listen to your heart and to your soul
Watch out!
listen there is time for rock ‘n’ roll
Come on and get it any time you need
we’ll be there for you satisfaction guaranteed


7. Flashes

The night awakes, there’s nitro in the air
we’re human dynamite, exploding everywhere
for a twilight generation gettin’ wild and loud
like burning fire, believin’ there’s no doubt

We rock, we roll, we’re taking control
the time is right now, we want it all

Gives all the size, can you feel it
it’s breaking the ice, breaking the ice
comes out to heal burning fever
it’s breaking the seal

From here to eternity the stronger will survive
a human dynamo, kickin’ and alive
turning up the power ’till the sky is breaking up
believe in metal gods, they will never stop


Bodies are revvin’ like wheels in the night
the mind gets delirious from power and light
a face fearing up all your senses to feel
if you don’t believe in the flashes of steel

From here to eternity the stronger will survive
a human dynamo, kickin’ and alive


8. Best Days of My Life

Save us from all these fairytales
we’re livin’ in a land of fantasies
give us all those dreams and hopes
together we could find a way to be free

Put your heart into the fire
an eternal flame is waiting for you
put your heart into the fire
the only one that lives in my view
believing in the best days of my life

The days are passin’ by and I’m driftin’
through empty rooms
the rain keeps fallin’ down, livin’ in sorrow
I waited for so long to get an answer
you know it’s true
and when the night comes down I wait for tomorrow

I know why you had gone away
escaping from my heart
the chains of love
were tearing us apart


A single word could change all the feelings
we’re keeping in our hearts
we need another chance, never surrender
I fly with broken wings always searching
for a love not there
you’re always on my mind
now and forever


Could we ever stay away from here
could you understand I wish you were here
you always need a helpin’ hand
someone walking through your life with you,
a real good friend

9. We Want It All

You call us dirty, wild and evil
behind a dead end wall there’s nothing left to see
we just need a chance to stop and break away
if you’re blind and deaf you’ll never realize what life could be

Back’s against the wall
standing one for all
fighting tooth and nail
there’s no way we can fail
breaking all the rules
made for all the fools
can you hear a voice is calling you:

we take control
we do our best
reaching for the rest
we rise, you fall
there’s no way out
and there’s no doubt about

We’re always living in the shadow
ready for a deal, don’t think about tomorrow
in a rebel’s heart there is no place for love
crawling in the night we’re waiting for a sign to start it up

Just one thing remains
poison in our veins
need a helping hand
I hope you understand
breaking all the rules
made for all the fools
can you hear a voice is calling you:


10. Gate of Heaven

Don’t believe in the lies you told
you will never die with a heart of gold
stop pretending to be so brave
there’ll be no diamonds within your grave

Here we are and stand to attention
here we are together again
here we are it’s time to be mentioned
roaring like thunder
appears like a wonder
without any move
gonna get closer to you

we’re all waiting for the HEAVENS GATE
you know your time will come but don’t be late
the key of love is always waiting for a smile
until the day I ‘ll die

Stop pretending to be a star
with a pretty face you won’t get too far
watch the hills growing in your eyes
for a wasteful life you’ll pay the price


Dark light reactions is full life reflections
HEAVENS GATE wonder with lightning and thunder
it’s got the power to trap and devour
searching for more we slip through that door

We’re standing all together in paradise
when night comes down ready to paralyse
feel the heat
thunder and lightning is taking us up to the sky


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