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Helstar Nosferatu Lyrics Album

Nosferatu Lyrics Album by Helstar

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1. Rhapsody in Black


2. Baptized in Blood

Dusk, I rule the night
And rest by the light of the day
Blood, I thirst the blood of the corpses
That befall me
I, I have a lustful need to kill
Deep in my heart
You, you are the victim I’ve chosen
To prey upon

And every night
You’ll feel my bite
You won’t be scarred
So be prepared
To feel the pain
Your life I drain
And then we’ll be
Baptized in blood
I am the prince of darkness
Bow before me
Fall, succumb to my trance
And be mine for eternity
Time, centuries have come and gone
But still I remain
Black, yes, I am the dark
That puts the light to shame

And every night
You’ll feel my bite
You won’t be scarred
So be prepared
To feel the pain
Your life I drain
And then you’ll be
Baptized in blood

Trapped in my web of terror
I gloat as you squirm
Drooling with anticipating
Catastrophic implications
The ripping of your flesh
The blood I’ve longed to taste
To quench my thirst, no time to waste
The life you spill I’ll drink with haste

Larry / Andre solo

Wait, patiently stalking my time
To strike again
Fate, plea as you may
But none can save you now
Dawn, the only enemy
That time has placed on me
Back, back to the crypt
That houses my undead soul
And every night
You’ll feel my bite
You won’t be scarred
So be prepared
To feel the pain
Your life I drain
And then we’ll be
Baptized in blood

3. To Sleep, Per Chance to Scream

I’m the one you fear
The voice that chus out your name
I’m out for new blood
Tonight your soul I’ll claim
You’re the victim I endure
Parched I watch you sleep
Awakened to my stare

In trance you’re falling deep
To sleep per chance to scream
I’m the prince of phantoms
Who’s not inhabited hell
My telepathic powers
Weave you in my spell
Excuse my icy touch

I’m of corporeal structure
Join me in twilight existence
Eternal youth with one puncture
“To sleep per chance to scream”
Soon I’ll have my kingdom

I’ll be lord of the dead
In the land beyond death
Where even angels fear to tread
Can’t you believe your eyes still
That I am for real

Do I send you a chill while I’m having my thrill
As I watch your blood spill that gives me my fill
For me another night for me another kill

The acrid smell of blood
I taste with my breath
Your last cling to my cloak
Next sunset you’ll rise
Into immorality
Vampiric afterlife
Imprisoned for my needs
“To sleep per chance to scream”

4. Harker’s Tale (Mass of Death)

Harker is my name, to you people I must say
What I’ve seen, think of me as mad if you may
The Carpethion Gothic ruin is alive and well.
From my clutch I’ve made my flee
He lives, the prince of hell.
His evil scheme has spread the plague that
Drains you of your life.
Transforms you into living death as he did my wife
Listen my friends to my tale (the mass of death)
One by one he’ll own your soul
Make you the undead
Thriving in the darkness
Believe these words I’ve said
Legend has it through his heart
You must drive a stake
Exorcise him in his sleep
You must before he wakes
Destroy him before sunset
Or more loved ones he will seize
I dare not join you
For his fear still lives in me
Listen my friends to my tale (the mass of death)
Thunder roared from the pounding hoofs
The horses lead the black coach
That brings the demon to the church
Quick the sun now slowly sets

Larry solo

In silence they gathered
Around the great box
The creaking sound as the lid was removed
The sign of the cross, rosaries in hand
Placing the host upon his forehead
Then I heard a hellish howl
As it burned into his flesh

Andre solo

Rising in a vengeance
The priest was first to go
Slashing and biting engulfing at his throat
The holy water useless as well the crucifix
They all prayed for salvation
But his words were blasphemous
A sea of broken bodies marks the spot
Where he has been
The bloodless cadavers
Here sucked dry of their sins

5. Perseverance and Desperation


6. The Curse Has Passed Away

I am covered in much shame
As I watch my neighbours die
I am but to blame
Now I pay the price
Dear Lora hear me call
May you forgive all my sins
How I need your redemption
To bring this curse to its end
Here I stand before his evil lair
Anticipating the night to fade
It shall be done I cannot turn back now
My people his victims in, hell, they’ll not stay
As I crawl through these halls of darkness
My life keeps flashing before my eyes
With God in my heart and stake in my hand
Will I seal his fate ahead the mystery


Someone hear my cries the sickness must die
I can only pray the curse will pass away
Now I face my feudal tyrant
I watch his eyes see the rising sun
The look of triumph turns to hate
As I plunge the stake my revenge is done

AC/LB solo

Someone hear my cries the sickness has died
I could only pray the curse would pass away
His body crumbled into dust
Then passed before my sight
Remaining only his cloak and ring by its side
A look of peace not seen before
Upon his face I saw last

Now I’ve freed their souls
The undead shall come to rest
Night has lost its fears

7. Benediction

Rising through the sacred grounds
From the landscape vast and wide to see;
In the distance far
Where light shines in your eyes;
You’re blinded, beyond thoughts
In your mind, those dreams
That haunt you down to bleed
The might of the men; whose thoughts look
Them straight through their blinded eyes
Whom they lay the tasks for
To teach us of our sins
There is a keeper who looks
Into his crystal ball
To watch and command
All the people who come and pray
To his image of a man
As they look to him they bow their heads
And kneel in the court yards
To await his sermon
As a figure of monk rises to the stand
Discloses his hood
To pray a command
Mass has now began
(All hail) me!
Who’s in your minds
And will command
All (our lives)
For those who seek
(We seek) my guidance
Are to give themselves to me
(Blessed be) me!
Who is the lord thy god to be
For this the time, now (in fear)
You all should be, willed by praises
Of faith and love to whom (to you)
Alast the time is near, for I must
Speak these words so you can
Hear the benediction
I am the lord!
For all must say amen-to a man
Here in the fields
Someone is calling my
Name: words for
The righteous:
(speak my son)
And words for
Those who are blind

Deceitful deceiver
You liar of man
Here this our God!
Make this man pray

8. Harsh Reality

Color distorts logic
Invokes hatred
Dividing man
Religion a tool of war
Thou shall not kill
Except for me
Behind their jovial faces
Making secret deals
In secret places
Money changes hands
Life is never spared
The weak are oppressed
The leader turn away
The kids are being sold
The game is called control
The homeless are a problem
Crime is the answer
Pretending its not there
Won’t make it disappear
Injustice runs rampant
In the home of the free
If you don’t believe what they do
Then you’re wrong
Violence, so they can pray in silence
Murder to prove a point
We are not created equal
The struggle for space
Military defense
Life is dying
Because of ignorance
We live in a mass of decadence
Impoverished ruins
Caused by prejudice
Escape through drugs
Is inevitable
The scourge is ineffaceable
Extended hands
Only want to take
Has no place
What a disgrace this life we live

9. Swirling Madness

I have seen the morbid faces
I have felt the awesome pain
I nave traveled to these places
It was just a game
If you seek the ultimate pleasure
I know the place you wish to find
A panacea of sadistic treasures
Waiting to unwind
Swirling madness lose you win
Swirling madness time to play
If you beckon they will come
Sadist of a different world
Once you call you cannot run
Behold how hell unfurls
They breathe life into his nightmare
And they are waiting for your scream
They will take you to their lair
A place you’ll never leave
Swirling madness lose you win
Swirling madness time to play

Andre solo

Eternal pleasure
Eternal pain

Larry solo

You will bask in the shrouded darkness
Enjoying every ounce of pain
Agonizing every bit of pleasure
You’ve but yourself to blame
Drowning in the swirling madness
Your addiction has brought you here
You have laid your body out
The consequences are too clear

10. Von am Lebem Desto Strum


11. Aieliaria and Everonn

Ah – oh; she rides like the wind
Praise her world
Long live Seyreon!
On yes, she goes on –
– Aieliaria and Everonn –
I can see the starlight
Fading from me
Hear; there –
She calls
Whither in darkness befalls

There Novia rings
In fear for my
Soul, that she sing
In my dreams
Calling my name, Everonn –
On –
Aieliaria Ann
Princess of the
Winds she commands;
Natures goddess heir
knows only one single care
Over the clouds
She’s aware
Who plagues her world
In despair –
Echoes from her winds
That he’s calling
Everonn is falling
Novia is singing
Her siren voice bring –
Yet, still she hears
His voice calling


On yes she goes on
To Seyreon
And where will
She find that
You’ve gone
Novia who’s captured
His dreams
Still she
Searches ever on
For Everonn
Still searching on
Novia will sing her
Last song, to Everonn



Hear, when
You call to Novia
It’s deadly to know her
Still they call her Novia
You’ll sin just to know her
For she is the one
The Desolate One!
She’ll tell you lies
A witch in disguise
Seducing your eyes
In trance you’re hypnotize

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