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Vampiro Lyrics Album by Helstar

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1. Awaken unto Darkness

[solo: Larry]

I followed each and every command
My armies laid waste to the land
She ends the pain she could not withstand
My beloved bares your mark of the damned

The infernal war I wage
My spoiled soul is filled with rage
God so foul and heartless
Alone I awaken unto darkness

I renounce your name and book of lies
Born to avenge from my death I shall rise
The Carnage
Veiled in black now your whole world dies
I’m Terror
Even God is afraid to open his eyes

You’re to blame for all I’ve lost
I plunge my sword into your cross
Baptized in blood that rains on me
I am all things that should not be

For my love there’s no salvation
I’ll burn with her in Hell’s damnation
Your rancid blood becomes all mine
To drink until the end of time

[solo: Andrew]

2. Blood Lust

Vanity conspired
To stop the hands of time
From eager throats that gush out life
There flows a scarlet tide
Crimson baths anoint your skin
And smooth your wrinkled scowl
Captured in your tangled web
Vampiress on the prowl

Blood lust
Cleansed by dripping flesh
Blood lust

Quench your thirst for purity
Your cup filled to the brim
You grant yourself impunity
And remission from your sins
A stream of pale cadavers
Leaves you empty and devoid
Yet your nights are filled with laughter
In the chamber of the dead and destroyed

[solo: Andrew]
[solo: Larry]

From within your castle walls
The wails of savagery
The siren of dark death calls
To bring serenity

Judgment falls upon your soul
For the hunted and their pain
Your sentence now will take its toll
Hungered and insane
In solitude you’re locked away
You’ll drink yourself to death
You’ll feed upon your open veins
Engorge until your last breath

3. To Dust You Will Become

Never drink from the dead
It’s clear in the vision we saw
He fell upon his knees as he bled
You’re guilty of breaking our law

And so our judgment comes
You’ll die in fear and pain
You can’t undo what’s done
Your maker has been slain

In a fit of rage
You’re now fully aware
You’re cursed to never age
You’re numb with hate and despair

At dawn you will burn
You will never return
Exposed to the sun
To dust you will become

[solo: Larry]

You can’t be forgiven
For killing your kind
Forever the villain
All mercy declined

[solo: Andrew]

Immersed in deadly rays
You hide your face from the sky
Far from the darkness you crave
A statue of ashes you die

4. Off with His Head

Six feet deep, rest in peace
Another holy eulogy read at the reverend’s feet
Giveth thee and taketh thee
Could this be punishment
For man’s vile deeds

Blessed decree, chaste and clean
Valiantly into the crypt a human guillotine
Do your worst, quench your thirst
They’ll be no one to call a hearse
Your skull I will disperse

Assemble your weapons, aim for the heart
If you fail to puncture he’ll tear you apart
Not all is lost if he hasn’t yet fed
All hear the choirs sing
Off with his head

Off with his head!

Fire of the damned, your soul knows where it stands
Purity you claim, just like the rest alas your spirit’s stained

You’re too foolish, so here is a test
Where’s the spot which you’ll rip through his chest
Let’s see you go with a new plan instead
Going in screaming
Off with his head

Blades of steel you uncertainly wield
Lack of precision means blood will be spilled
However, your heart wasn’t clean like you said
The blood in your veins is blacker than red

[solo: Andrew/Larry/Andrew/Larry]

Awakening, smell of sin
No idea what kind of pain, the world of shit you’re in
Agony, a rhapsody
Screams and cries like lullabies, choral blasphemy

[solo: Andrew]

5. From the Pulpit to the Pit

[solo: Andrew]

Reanimated by my blood, free from his icy grave
In a trance unbreakable, I am his slave
The master resurrected, denying all sacred
He’s the king of his kind, the undead

From the pulpit to the pit
I relinquish my soul
From the pulpit to the pit
He has all control

Coerced to do his deeds in the name of Hell
Lured from my oath by this dark angel
I’ve forgotten how to pray, now I must obey
Ruler of the soulless, the undead

I looked into his eyes
He’s the father of lies
His gaze can hypnotize
My faith slowly dies

[solo: Larry]
[solo: Andrew]

Servant to the villain clad in black
Forced to do his bidding, I made my blood pact
Devoted to his scheme, never to be redeemed
Tyrant of the twilight, the undead

6. To Their Death Beds They Fell

Gather around, let me tell you a tale
Of masters, of slaves and the graves where each of them fell
My desolate shrine you’ve made holy it seems
A haven for murder and torture and monstrous beings

Women and children, they’re all the same
The cursed that’s bestowed upon me is to blame
Ripping and tearing at throats with disdain
Onto their deathbeds they fell

In my spell
A shepherd back from Hell
With a bloodshot stare
Held captive in my lair
None shall hear your prayers

Father confessor, kiss the ring on his hand
Oh how the holy revel in cursing the damned
When even the saintly have their perverted dreams
Which one’s the devil, the priest, or this monstrous being?

For I among many things
A monstrous being
An abhorrent bloodsucking fiend
I’ll leave you all barren and blind
An immortal to end all mankind

[solo: Andrew]
[solo: Larry]

A world full of kings, thieves and monstrous beings
Where robed men of God cast out spirits unclean
Lord of the unlight, I take flight through the sky
And you’ll pray to a creature whose bleeding you dry

7. Malediction


8. Repent in Fire

Punishment, vehement sweat
A searing pain you won’t forget
As vicious as my hounds of war
Come living hordes to settle score
A vacant stake to immolate the beast like you

What of the ash that remains
Are we not the same
The lifeblood that runs through our veins
Why can’t they see
The worst enemy is the one shouting up to the pyre

Repent in fire
As you ignite upon the mire
Repent in fire
And pray that your forsaken corpse expires

Blasphemous, such influence
Manipulate the innocent
Starving wait our hounds of war
Clawing out your coffin door
A sacrificial mound awaits the pest like you
Cry his name while fire tears your flesh in two

Now look at those we have slain
We bear this sword in vain
The curse lay in cinder’s remains
Soon they will see
Our worst enemy is the one shouting up to the pyre

[solo: Larry]
[solo: Andrew]
[solo: Larry]

Ominous with bane from hence
These mortals bathe in ignorance
More vicious than their hounds of war
Beneath the dirt where once was gore
Soaring from the dust the beast will thrust on you

What of the scars that remain
Yet to heal the pain
A wound that time has sustained
Vengeance is swift from our fangs

Bitter and starving we hunt through the night
The mortals shall fall to my enchanted bite
Your wings up towards heaven won’t lift off the ground
Tied to the stake and bound

Repent in fire
As you ignite upon the mire
Repent in fire
And pray to the devil for you shall not expire

9. Abolish the Sun

Bells ring darkness
Come feel hell’s caress
When the death knell tolls
Never shall you grow old

I am a scourge placed on this earth
I bring you death, I bring rebirth
I drain all life, my will be done
Immortal eclipse, I abolish the sun

Alone I’m made to wait
Though many have met their fate
None worthy of my throne
Flesh turned into bone

[solo: Larry]

Suspended in the gallows of time
To the twilight I am confined
Captive of the one who turned me
Your soul becomes my key

[solo: Andrew]

Crawl into your grave
Freedom for the slave
Obsidian wings scrape the sky
To kill you first must die

10. Black Cathedral

Would you sell your soul to me
To bask in the night’s malignity?
Such a small price to pay
To shun the light of day

Drink and you will see

Cascades of bloodstained darkness
This is the blood of vampiro
Summon the dead body king
To this Godless Black Cathedral

It’s power you’re in quest of conquering
Yet you declined my offering
The path that you so lightly tread
It’s clear that you have been misled

Tender is the dawn’s last kiss
Upon the lips of the undead

Prisoner to the shadow’s black abyss
Slave to your hunger for bloodshed

Awaken from your slumber
You’ll dream of death no more
No pulse, blue skin, no reflection
You’ll spit on the cross
No daylight to adore
Timeless, deadly infection

[solo: Andrew]
[solo: Larry]

Come drink to live through centuries
Endure your mortal enemies
Death shall never be found
Come rest in unblessed ground

11. Dreamless Sleep

As sure as sun sets in the west
My frigid caress at her heart’s request

Pleading, crying
To join the dying
Death is more than just a dreamless sleep

She’d endlessly grieve to be without thee
I proceed, to give unto her as was taken from me

Crying, pleading
Love lies bleeding
Death may be but just a dreamless sleep

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