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Hibria Defying the Rules Lyrics Album

Defying the Rules Lyrics Album by Hibria

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1. Intro


2. Steel Lord on Wheels

[Lyrics: Panichi]

[Verse 1 (Steel Lord)]
I wanna know the meaning of this race
A road to nowhere, a hog and rage
Glory to few but the death is for all
To win, the rule is – kill!

[Bridge 1 (Narrator)]
Oh, no! He’s breaking the rules
Wheels on fire
To be the winner
Young master
The slaughter is the reason to play

[Chorus (Narrator)]
He is the Steel Lord on Wheels
Up coming stranger
With guts to make it
He is the Steel Lord on Wheels
Defying the power
Lord on Wheels
Steel Lord on Wheels

[Verse 2 (Steel Lord)]
I won’t kill just for their pleasure
Of seeing a brother killing other
Without blood is my way to win
Although my life is now in danger

[Bridge 2 (Narrator)]
Breaks off! His fuel is not enough
Wheels on fire
They’re trapping the stranger
Young Master
Your vision is not clear at all

[Chorus (Narrator)]

Not far from him among the crowd
He can see the finish line
Cheering for him, but something is wrong
Now it’s too late to avoid the trap
Hog falls apart and burns at all
Loosing control – he will face death
Now the Ripper helps him go

[Chorus (Narrator)]

3. Change Your Life Line

[Lyrics: Panichi]

[Verse 1 (Ripper)]
You were defeated one more time
By the faceless in charge
Ruler of lives
You’ve never lived your real fate
Cause you were undesired
Over and over the times

[Bridge 1 (Ripper)]
Burning and dying in vain
Steel Lord look deep at my light
Come on – watch your lives all together
Come! See yourself thru (time)

[Chorus (Ripper)]
The past life vision is now your prize
Catch it and use it to change your life line

[Verse 2 (Ripper)]
You tried hard to show the world
The Inquisition was wrong
You burned as a witch
You wanna leave the revolution
To have freedom of speech
You were shot by the Berlin wall

[Bridge (Ripper)]

[Chorus (Ripper)]

[Steel Lord]
I don’t wanna have this feeling any more
Not accomplish what I fought for
Now it’s my turn to change it all
Anger is my fuel to destroy
Mercy and justice to whom will die
Freedom of mind to the land I will fight for

[Steel Lord]
I won’t believe in their justice
I won’t be trapped once again
Death to the ones who slave minds
Strength and honor to all who will fight
Pride and glory to all survivors

[Chorus (Ripper)]

4. Millennium Quest

[Lyrics: Panichi]

[Verse 1 (Mr. Faceless)]
Underworld, rebel men are
Rising a break out
But my puppets can’t know
What is about

[Bridge 1 (Mr. Faceless)]
Curse their lives
Rebel men must not show up
Until the gateway is crossed
And the Beasters enslaved

[Chorus (Narrator)]
Millennium quest
The gateway of fire
Who reaches (it) first will rule the times
Millennium quest
The gateway of fire
Perpetual power to rule the times

[Verse 2 (Mr. Faceless)]
Illusion’s land is overtime I’ve
Dried and wasted all
Before ruin it down I must
Cross the way out

[Bridge 2 (Mr. Faceless)]
Slaves can’t know
But once the gateway is crossed
Their bodies will fall down dead
So new slaves I must have

[Chorus (Narrator)]

Millennium quest is calling
For the attack

[Mr. Faceless]
Hear my spell, your spirit is held
You are reckless trespassers

All who tried to cross
Faceless has enslaved
Mesmerized they were
Puppets they became
All who tried to cross
Faceless has enslaved
Mesmerized they… were
Caught by the spell the spirits were
There is no other way
To reach the Gateway of fire

They… they’ve got to cross the Faceless lands
The only path to reach it
But to not be caught by the spell
The Ripper shall carry’em on
Millennium quest is calling for the attack

[Chorus (Narrator)]

5. A Kingdom to Share

[Lyrics: Panichi]

[Verse 1 (Narrator)]
Fear in the guardian eyes
The roar approaches again
Rebel men show up to cross other ville now
On the back a speed machine
Join them on the fight
Stell Lord returns from his revealing trance

[Bridge (Narrator)]
Their leather is now all blood
But they tame the new path
Were not caught by the spell
Hailing Stell Lord the new brave

[Chorus (Rebels)]
Come to raise the new land
A kingdom to share
Among brave men
Who fight against the darkness

[Stell Lord]
Kingdom to sharenow we build all together
(The) dream of the men is coming true
Not only land but a new evolution
(A) new state of mind to mankind

You’ve got the power to change your fate cause no men
Should mind slave another
You must fight, the Faceless inside you and then
The ones who oppressed you
Now is our time to leave behind
All the world’s pain, (to) forever live
That’s our prize, after reborn
Under my will

[Chorus (Steel Lord)]

6. Living Under Ice

[Lyrics: Panichi]

[Verse 1 (Black Hawk)]
You made me stand
The pain of fire burning all my veins
Frozen remembrances
We dream to meltdown to live it all again

[Bridge 1 (Shiny Blade)]
Living under ice
Is our battle lost?
Left behind we were but our men are marching on

[Chorus (Black Hawk)]
Please make me believe in
There is a spark to light me at all
I’d burn myself to melt it down
Not to be living under ice

[Verse 2 (Black Hawk)]
My latest breath of fire
Struggles on to make you blind it all again
I’m tortured by time
My fuel is freezing and so my will to fight

[Bridge 2 (Shiny Blade)]
Make my wonder why
I shall not believe
In everlasting coldness if we’re
Living under ice

[Chorus (Black Hawk)]

To melt the ice around you light your soul
And burn the limits inside you
Your heat will start the flames
Of the encaged men
Melting down the cage

[Chorus (Black Hawk)]

7. Defying the Rules

[Lyrics: Panichi]

[Verse 1 (Sharp Knife)]
Hurry up,
The time to attack it is near by
Under the moon glow our swords will slash the lies
That were always told

Faceless slaves,
Your shields aren’t enough for the furious swords
Look the reality and think by yourself,
Is the world free?

[Bridge (Narrator)]
Inside the dust and smoke
The roar of the engines is approaching
Threatening the Faceless lands again

[Chorus (Rebels)]
Headway to truth,
From now they’ll call us
Masters of Fate
Fight till the end,
Defying the rules of the power

[Verse 2 (Narrator)]
The dusk has come,
The thump of their hearts starts to crash the path
Ready to join all the Beasters on the hills
And take the new lands.

South to north,
The rebels are joining to bravely fight
Against the Faceless who’s trapping their lives
And stealing their souls

[Bridge (Narrator)]

[Chorus (Narrator)]

[Stell Lord]
Fire, destruction is all the way
Bloody leather, our fate
Time, it’s been many years of hate
For how long a lie prevails?

All who lived this fight
Were carrying on their sins
Everyone will be forgiven
But everyone must live it (all)

Must live it all…

Defying the rules of the power

8. The Faceless in Charge

[Lyrics: Panichi, Sordi]

[Verse 1 (Mr. Faceless)]
Listen, I am the Faceless in Charge
I am in charge of your life
I’m the Empire
All, all of your dreams I will feed
I’ll frighten all to believe
You are a king

[Bridge 1 (Mr. Faceless)]
I’m the news all watch
The prejudice all trade
The preaches all believe

[Chorus (Mr. Faceless)]
So, hear my spell and you’ll have
All that you need and deserve
All I want back is your soul
Safe in my chamber will be
Come to be my slave
Or into hell I’ll throw you

[Mr. Faceless]
Look into my eyes,
The eyes of skill and truth
Listen to what I say little beginner
You cannot find your life,
My jungle will pick you up
Too much for you,
You’re my prey

[Stell Lord]
The underworld has blown
Your lands we will trespass
You cannot hide us for so long
The men without their freedom
Mr. Faceless you can bet on that
These men are now already dead

And he says…
The burning cold silence
Is wasting away the souls
Dead dreams awake
Inside the men in chains
Mr. Faceless says “guilty”,
For the crime of try
He’s waiting for your decision
To give up and say goodbye

[Verse 2 (Mr. Faceless)]
Wars, I’m the war bringer of all
My media tells why die for:
Mind slaving all
How… how can you start a breakout?
If I will make all believe
God is by my side

[Bridge 2 (Mr. Faceless)]
I tell to whom you’ll pray
My laws you will obey
Do not go further

[Chorus (Mr. Faceless)]

9. High Speed Breakout

[Lyrics: Panichi]

[Verse 1 (Narrator)]
Speeding up on wasted lands
They ride across sand shades
The gateway they will reach or aim at
Bravely die for

Hearing thunders from the hills
Suddenly they freeze
A bright blinding lightning storm
Turns night into day

[Bridge (Narrator)]
Come the Journey Lightning
The tale turns to truth
They’re now stronger

[Chorus (Rebels)]
We are the lightningstorm
Riders of fate
High speed breakout is taking place
We are the lightning storm
Riders of fate
High speed breakout to the gateway

The journey Lighting has finlly found
The real warriors the Beasters shall join

Speeding up to join the Beasters on hill
They are under deadly attack
Faceless spell no longer threats the trespassers
They can now trap them on their rear

[Mr. Faceless]
Yeah, I feel them near
High speed approach
Surrounding us here
Dig on our rear
Trenches of ice to hold their attack

Up from the hills they see
Behind the trenches fire
On horsepower rage the Hoggers attack
Exhausted Beasters yell
Hailing the Hoggers force
Inspiring themselves to resist

The lightning Storm
Roughly approaches
High speed breakout is taking place

[Chorus (Rebels)]
We are the lightning storm
Riders of fate
High speed breakout now took its place
We are the lightning storm
Riders of fate
The high speed breakout
Took the gateway

10. Stare at Yourself

[Lyrics: Panichi, Sordi, Kasper]

[Verse 1 (Ripper)]
Broken down and oppressed by the secrets
A prisoner of yourself
Secrets hidden in an enigmatic temple
A pain that you never release

[Bridge 1 (Ripper)]
In a moment a fusion of emotions
Can make you stronger than fear
Letting you say what’s on your mind

[Chorus (Ripper)]
Stare at yourself
The power can be found
Make a wish
Straight to the skyline
Make your dreams come true
The best bet is yourself

[Young Master]
Living in sorrow
I never know if
What I’m saying, is what I believe in
Ain’t I fighting
For ideas
I don’t believe in?

Living in sorrow
I never know if
What I’m saying is a truth I can believe in
Ain’t I fighting
For ideas
I don’t believe in?

I have the need to know what is wrong
Have I been judging what they have been thought?
Come together, let’s change it all

[Chorus (Ripper)]

[Young Master]
Feeling stronger to throw away
The secrets hidden in my world of pain
Feeling stronger to throw away
The world of ideas they put me in

[Epilogue (Young Master)]
Can’t we live in together?
As we think it’s right?
I don’t want to hurt your freedom
– I will live free –
So don’t try to hurt mine
– On and on –
I don’t want to change your world
So don’t try to change mine
Why I have to follow your path
– I will live free –
If having my own way
Is nice to me
– I will live free –
Stare at yourself, stare at yourself
Stare at yourself, and find yourself

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