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Hibria The Skull Collectors Lyrics Album

The Skull Collectors Lyrics Album by Hibria

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1. Tiger Punch

The sirens warn the runway attack
The fire burns all the tanks
To stay on ground is a shortcut to death
The only escape is the sky

You have waited for this chance
With no fear to assault

Tiger Punch
In a light speed attack
Cuts like a blade the horizons he flies
Tiger Punch
In a light speed attack
With Steel Heart and soul like an eagle he flies
Tiger Punch

It’s time to prove you’re what you believe
Or on the ground you will be
Forever comin’ back until one last time
The sky is where you must die

You have waited to protect
With no fear to assault

Domination across the sky
Terrifying fear at night
From the sky down below looks so full of joy
Hell on earth, beast unleashed
Fighting fearless evil eyes air-borne

Stronger than fear all has fallen in his eyes
Alone in the sky he’s the last to survive

Tiger Punch
The King of the Sky
Tiger Punch
The last to survive

2. Reborn from the Ashes

Won’t you realize all those
Streets are now nameless?
And the golden years have gone by
All the step behind left a scar in your face
Can you still remember what you looked like?

Hey my friend, there is no regret
It’s not like we have thought
Shall we keep moving straight ahead?
Even when we know it’s going down

Ritual – unforgiving soul
Bloody Sacrifice – could you
Sacrifice your love
Ritual – cuz the sacrifice forgives
Reborn from the ashes

Can you hear the chime of bells?
Waking the restless mind for change
Can you see the bright of stars?
One new way…

Living on the edge of a bright new start
I see only death and self destruction
Time reveals the nature of our souls
All I have lived has mad
Me be all that I’ve always been

Flesh and soul, sons of God, disciples of devils
Flesh and soul cuz we are
What we are and what we have lived

There’s no sacrifice to deny my own nature
I’m just like a dog chewing a bone
When the meat is gone I keep fooling my senses
Tasting my own blood spilled ‘round the bone


3. Screaming Ghost

Face to face, eye to eye
No one has lived or survived
We are the hunters of a new world

Their heads will prize me and keep the circle alive
Our names cleaned up and our pots full of gold

Screaming ghost will be found betrayed
Fighting hard to clean up their names
Screaming ghost will start a damned cursed revenge
To knock all down
Screaming ghost will be found betrayed
Fighting hard to clean up their names
Screaming ghost will start
A damned cursed revenge

There they’ve failed side by side
Letting their prize walk alive
They’ve burned a thousand years of pride

Never the circle had a member identified
Never the circle had a prey talking live


We’ll never have the chance

To get back to our life
We’ll make the truth come up
Or terminate them all, oh yeah!
We are the hunted ones, and all the best
Will be trying to take our lives
They’ve told the Master’s flag we’ve

Failed burning the flag’s name

Truth is the first one to die in a war and
Who tells the version to the books is the wining side
When the silent man’s talking
All the proof is demanded

But when rage’s talking
Everybody listens up


4. Sea of Revenge

Shiny night at 1 o’clock
Black mud over my feet
A rotten smell is all around
A swamp taste on my tongue’s tip
Many times I’ve watched you
Playing beyond the edge
But I’m the one who fell down hurt

Here I am to watch you once again
But my feelings tell me
This time we’ll come to an end

Screaming loud, a desperate cry
Can you feel my pain inside you?
Drowning in my sea of revenge

Walking on the devil’s ground
I’m staring at you drown
Shall his hand extend to min?
Or pride will take his life?
Anger fear, pride and rage,
Tornado in our hearts
Will our mercy save our lives?


Overwhelmed and locked in cages
Looking at the bright of stars
We see how small we are
Freedom has led our lives
But look close how it has ended
To bunker our lives
You and I
Were caught fading out ourselves
Make us room
Is there no place for both of us?
Here and now?
Only one deserves…
Only one deserves all space?

Can’t you believe it, there is no room!
We cannot isolate your thoughts
We cannot isolate your thoughts

Natural born hate makes me survive
Burning all my heart and soul
All you have done to my life
Will make me demand so much time to forgive you
For so many lives we will hate,
So expedite try goodbye…to this one


5. The Anger Inside

Lick it up or try another escape
You thought you’d tease me one more day
With no sins to save a prayer
Watch it now, how the joker plays
I will enjoy it once again
While you beg an Ace of Spades

When.. you have called my name
I should have not heard… you crying…
When you’ve called my name
You’ve counted on my tears
To quit your pain

You’ve got up and drowned my
Up-side fucking down
Believe in your own eyes
The anger inside me
You’ve got up and drowned me
Up-side fucking down
Believe in your own eyes
The anger inside of my heart

C’mon you’ve never
Thought you’d face
A day when you would need
My mercy once again
Give up, you’ve made a joke on me
Called me a coward weak
I just wanted some peace

Always you will have to live with
Faces on the shadows
Of a runaway
Of a runaway

Your dice were cast again
Meantime, you wait for people’s cheer
Waiting on your fall to ahve the chance
To step on your extended spit hand
Falling once, is just a matter of time

Take a shot, pretending once last time
You are talented, shiny star
Trying to hide you’re an old lie
all you did, spoiling belly men
You have no talent on your hands
So you share your gold with ’em


6. Devoted to Your Fear

A siren warns
They all must reach the closest way out
Those who don’t trust their faith in time
Are being led by the fear inside
A note is sent
She’s in the last chamber at the right
There is no better chance to play
The unexpected guest at the wrong time

All the fear inside your flimsy way of life
Is a precious drop of fuel to
Build up all your nightmares
There’s no way to escape
Your fear is my strength
To hunt you in hell

And I’ll be shutting down the lights
Watching your search for a way out
Before you kneel and say a prayer
Devoted to your fear

All I saw
Pieces of broken glass on the floor
Please wake me up cuz all I feel
Is the beat of my heart
In a frozen corpse

All I’ve heard
a window crashing all over me
I am a stranger to all here
In a smoking corner set on fire


Devoted to your fear saying a
Prayer building up your nightmares

While you’re dying,
I can see your scars from tortures
there is no evil we can
Carry with clean hands
I have shocked you
All night long with a wired thunder
In a bed of glass your
Skin turns to blood
No one here will tell me it’ll be fine,

Hang on, carry on,
It’s just fear and anger
There will be no better words
To say than goodbye Lord
Please, forgive me I have sinned, save me

You can’t see me crying
Cuz I can’t feel your love
One last time, I will give
Them my loudest laugh


Devoted to your fear saying a
Prayer building up your nightmares

7. The Skull Collectors

Back in time in an ancient rite
A Fallen angel of fire
Has planted on his dark
Seeds of hate
To spread his empire

Freedom now, freedom now
You can be just
Like your gods
Just listen to my call
And join me now
In this new ride

All who fell down in this hole
Wanted to be a god and rule
Many have listened
To this poisoning call
And all became the so called
The Skull Collectors
The Skull Collectors

A labyrinth on their minds
The Skull Collectors will catch ’em
Feeding their inner greed
To make ’em believe they’re next

Forever, I’ll make you feel the same
Anger, fear, hate and
Merciful love in my eyes
Forever, that’s how I will prevail
Twisting people’s mind,
To keep ’em alive,
Through their hearts

The human greed is calling
Rotten sent of darkness
I’ll let ’em hunt each other
they won’t see
They get nowhere else

Can you feel
The weight of time?
Can you hear my voice?
I will track you just like a rat
Can you escape
My tiger eyes?


8. Burning All the Flags

Marching on bloody green fields
No one stood alive when our flag
Was defied by oblivious lords
We have carried all the secrets
Kings have trusted us
Until they reach their final destination

Time has gone by
A thousand years we survived
All who tried to defend
Their fields could not stand, cuz we are

Burning all the flags
Red blood is our cross
And our path
Burning all the flags
Honor in our blood
Or our death’s last breath

The flag will fade to red if secrets are not shown
find the white flag’s master and tell about the gold
We just won’t live our lives if secrets are not told
Find the white flag’s master and tell about the gold
Gold of desire
They said their souls, they sold our flag
Gold, gold of desire
To have their own, our secret’s told

We ride faster than the wind to reveal to our master
Let him judge and start a merciless hunt, yeah
All who spotted our flag were then judged by the master
all who sold the flag have not lived anymore
Something in my heart, something in my soul
Tell me I won’t reach the master’s home
Something in the dark is chilling out my spine
Fuck! They’ve trapped me on this dead end road


9. Wings of Wax

You’ve knocked me down
I’m kissing the floor
You’ve made feel as you’ve dreamed
Youre the seed of the hate
A seed I have grown
Meantime we’re washing our hands

We have wandered all over teh world
To fight ouselves somewhere else
We couldn’t wonder, we’ll fight who we are
Looking close at the eyes of a child

Fly away from the blood red skies of hate
With bonded wings of wax
Far away from the blood red skies of hate
Flying high, airborne we fall

I wanna feel your passion for your pennant
To feel it one last time in my cold heart
Make me feel your way
So much I want to feel this way…

On your own shoulders
You will feel the weight of hate
On your own shoulders
You will feel how heavy
Is to carry it in a long legged race

Termination into your eyes
Restless power on your own hands
You’ve always fed your days and (the) desire
To hang our heads and resurrect your past

You can’t even think beyond
But your own rebellious world to shoot it right
There is no forgiven try
You can’t even thinkin beyond
But your own rebellious world
Making me sick of all
Blasting raging power collecting souls
Blasting raging power


Fly away from… blood red skies

I have been fighting for our masters
But never they’ve shown up
At the end, I’m always on my own
I have been searching for my targets
In endless dead end roads
Speeding up to reach them

Fighting all for real, is my deepest passion
Fight all for real, lonely stranger
All I did has kept our rite – live bravely and die
With your boots on!!!

Don’t pull me down: Fly away from cold darkened rooms
Don’t pull me down: Keep away from hard strong wishes
I wish I knew my soul shall not wander
I wish I knew I couldn’t fly so high


The labyrinth is on fire… There’s no way out
Wings of wax are melting… You can’t fly away
Fallen angels regretting living this pain

There’s no way out… The labyrinth is on fire…
You can’t fly away… Wings of wax are melting…
Airborne we fall
Fallen angels regretting living this pain

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