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Iced Earth Burnt Offerings Lyrics Album

Burnt Offerings Lyrics Album by Iced Earth

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1. Burnt Offerings

In one last breath
You’ll feel this damned old soul
You’ll see the things I see

For all these years
Of pain and sacrifice
You’ll know the pain I know

Of all these things
I offer unto you
Infernal wisdom waits

Now unleashed
Like the flames of hate
My sacrifice is made

Every note
And every word you hear
Comes from deep within

An angry soul
That twists and turns inside
Pondering this life

Crimson eyes
Staring through your lies
Awakes the inner rage

Take my knife
Make my sacrifice
You’re my burnt offering

Spill your blood
Offer me good omen
Make the sacrifice, the hours close at hand
Burn your soul
Offer me good omen
Take your very life, this I command

Dark shadows fall on this sacred ground
Where true evil lies, summon them to rise
Take the traitors, thieves and liars
Feed them to the fire
But first, spread their blood around
The message will be found
Walk carefully my friends stab my back again
A warning from the sky
“Fuck with us and die…”

These are not idle threats my friends
We’re slaughtering the lambs
True vengeance is on the rise
The traitors shall be damned
Cast their bodies to the flames

Spill your blood
Offer me good omen
Make the sacrifice, the hours close at hand
Burn your soul
Offer me good omen
Take your very life, this I command

2. Last December

The howling winds blow
On this moonlit night
Eyes locked in fear
With a dark embrace
The bitter cold winds
Freeze the tears that fall
Hands held in grace
As we take the final step

Obsessed with our love
Here is our fate
To need the final call
On this special winter day
A message to our elders
They surely won’t forget
Our love must last forever
In death we shall not part

It seems like only yesterday
Our lives together planned
They say it’s just a passing phase
We’re damned by our youth
Why does no one understand
What we have is real

This is not your average love it’s forever

Last December
Mother you have forced us here
Last December
Father now we’ll disappear
Last December
One last step we fade away

So we take the final step
Heed the final call
Together we are strong
Divided we must fall
Teenage suicide
Our only way out
Together we might live
Divided we must fall

Last December
Mother you have forced us here
Last December
Father now we’ll disappear
Last December
One last step we fade away

3. Diary

Mine is pure darkness
It is as blackness is
Damn the light which comes from
You as a moth to flame I burn

In the twilight of morning I rest my weary eyes
For the benefits of the nights bounty were many
My soul has been redeemed (with those of others)

I missed my love tonight
Hiding behind the figure I cannot bare to face
That of a dead profit
And his beast of burden
Thorns ripping through his brow

Skin soft and white, eyes fire and ice
Just as I recall
Not longer than nine score
Certainly food for the gods
And fit for a prince
Her throat I’ll have it now

I will have her, she is mine
Rise of the sun, my test of time
And when shadows fall on unholy ground
It¹s time to sleep again

As consciousness slips into blackness
I rise to nights warm embrace
And though my blood runs cold
I know my love will be alone
And my mortal heart shall beat again
Like it did ten thousand years ago

Forbidden love can only taste this sweet
Not like the others so incomplete
The symbolic arrow that pierces my heart
Takes the shape of a wooden stare
Now I am the one crucified
For her immortal heart I’d give my own
And die for mankind’s sins
But that is not the nature of this beast
I am denied

I will have her, she is mine
Rise of the sun, my test of time
When shadows fall on unholy ground
I will make her mine

4. Brainwashed

And so we begin with another sin
The earth’s enslaved with hypocrites
They lay their heads to rest at night
Say a little prayer and all is right

Christ it’s nothing personal
You’ve got to see
They twist and turn your words
For their own needs
They’re brainwashed puppets
The almighty crutch
Cowards of reality
And their dying love

Living life in total lies
Judging others
Believe that I say or burn in hell
Bow down your head
You won’t feel so bad
Do as I say or burn in hell

Close your eyes, look deep inside
Master of the ignorant
Master of the lies
Judgment day is close at hand
Generate that blasphemy
Master of the damned


Now behind your reflection
Lies the one who knows the truth
Your conscience will condemn you
On judgment day you’ll lose

It seems very odd to me
How you sin and feel so free
And all you have to do is say
Forgive me … I believe

Lies, foolish lies
Behind your brainwashed eyes
Lies, foolish lies
Behind your brainwashed eyes

Judge me not my shallow friend
Lest ye be judged yourself
You abuse the words you preach
You mold them for yourself
Brainwashed hypocrisy
Justifies the life you lead
Forgive me father I have sinned
Lay my head to rest again

Living life in total lies
Judging others
Believe what I say or burn in hell
Trust in me, say yes I believe
Do it now or burn in hell

5. Burning Oasis

Raging fire surrounds me
The embers seems to glow
Woman, man & serpent
Temptation fills her soul

Initiate the beginning
Of the end of paradise
Feel the flames engulf us
And breath a final sigh

Take the fruit
Let wisdom fill your soul
See the things I see
Know the things I know
The jungle is burning
With ambition so strong
To unleash my retribution
To heed the final call

I shall be wise

Burning Eden
Burning Eden
Burning Eden
Burning Eden

There’s no way out now
No turning back
To gain infernal wisdom
No turning back
Priests of the fire release thee
For thine inbred vengeance
The burning oasis has beckoned us all

Priests of the fire release thee
For thine inbred vengeance
The burning oasis has beckoned us all

6. Creator Failure

A lonely maiden stands
Bound to the obelisk
As she tugs and pulls
And tries to twist
Shackles slice her virgin wrists
Blood now covers her tiny hands

How does thou receive this fate?
She asks of her own mind
Purity, innocence, encourage death
Life… gone is mine

I also ask of you my lord
Thy god in heaven
For I understand the error of mans ways
But of creation and the seven days
When was created the murky haze
From which the beast has risen

Fail me not my master
For this is your creation
Your son the bastard

Blackness, dripping stench
Unrelenting vice
Vile embellishment
Transcending pure evil

Standing now before her eyes
Wings expanding…she’s going to die
Belching blue green fire
Flesh feeds the desire
The serpent gods apocalyptic smile

Come to me my demon brother
Of us both and our fathers
A failure of creation … abomination

7. The Pierced Spirit

Gaze upon me now
A desperate soul for all time
Bound forever to this barren land… desolate
My spirit has been pierced
So crucify if you must
But just recall it’s in your creed
Not to judge
Crucify me, I am the pierced spirit
Crucify me, for I know that you must
You must

8. Dante’s Inferno

Through the fiery caverns we sail,
Virgil at my side, my guide and master.
Questing through the nine plains of Hell
and infernal wisdom shall fill my soul.

Slowly now the days departing
and the darkened air releases me.
Frightening visions of my journey
entrance me to limbo, I’m not free.

Abandon all hope who enter here,
enter the gates, Charon awaits!

Abandon all hope who enter here
for this is where all things are left behind.
Every doubt and every cowardice must die,
souls of rage and anger whipping in despair.

The souls that wail on this plain pray for
death and denial is the reason for their suffering.
Forever being stung by wasps and demons breath,
the blood and tears that fall serve the maggots needs.


Thrusting to the second plain
and Minos judges as his tail twines,
lustful thoughts and greed whip
these wretched souls.

A hurricane of hate mocks their helpless pleas!

Drifting now down deeper into eternal flames,
awake at the third circle, the cold and filthy rain.
Punished for their gluttony, languid for all time,
the earth it stinks of corpses, damned for all time.

The vicious beast Cerebus, three heads and
blooded eyes, tears his talons through the air,
all the sinners cry, and all the sinners cry.


Be still thy cursed wolf, the master scorns its name,
dive to the next plain, the sullen and the vain.
Suffer for greed, the prodigal they bleed,
for all eternity Plutus holds the key.


The wrathful and the vain suffer the fifth plain,
cross the river Styx and heed your crucifix.
The mudded corpses cry, howling to the sky,
reach the other side, open wide the gate.

Enter the sixth circle of barren land and flames,
passing through the gate of Dis, the furies scream her name.
Belching forth in agony invoking her to rise,
and the spirit’s rage consuming us the evil in their cries.

Queen of vipers, queen of serpents
cast their souls to stone.
Spread to wealth of Gorgon’s power,
Medusa’s inner soul.

We’re drawing ever closer to the seventh Hell,
they violate their neighbors, their God and themselves.
We’re sailing slowly through the boiling river of blood,
immersed in the depths below souls scream in agony.

The twisted beast he laughs, he draws his arrow back,
his sights on anyone exposing of their flesh.
He impales their hearts with ease and shrugs their
piercing screams, pity is they’ll never die.

They’ll suffer here eternally!

Imagine a place where every horror comes to life,
where every torture is real and time stands still,
eight fiery steps and we’re closer to the end.

In a cold and timeless grave buried head first in shit,
praying all the while for a quick and painless death,
scratching furiously at scabbed and oozing wounds.

Lucifer, angel of light, cast below God of Ice!
Ruling Hell unholy trinity, the traitors freeze for all eternity.
Lucifer, betrayer of God, tormentor ruthless and cold!
Judas’ screaming here in agony, the traitors freeze for all eternity.

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