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Ihsahn Das Seelenbrechen Lyrics Album

Das Seelenbrechen Lyrics Album by Ihsahn

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1. Hiber

Upon the edge of winter’s chasm
The seeds of evil flowers grow
And a sleeping giant curls below
In fever burning nightmare spasms

I rest upon this trembling ground
And in my bones they resonate
And thus, alike, we lie in wait
For both of us are northern bound

No longer can my heart deny
The seven solitudes across the sky
I know too well the beacon’s flame

Forever has it been the same
I call upon thee, aquilon
To take my soul and bring me home

2. Regen

More like a gesture
Acknowledging the coldness
Of its touch
I pull myself closer
Around the neck
As to contain myself
From disappearing
in the flux

And the heavens roll violently
Over golden waves
And rust-red hands
Dripping wet
In all their dying splendor

So, we meet again
While dirt turns
Into rivers of mud
Beneath our roots
We stumble and laugh
As we read the inscription
On the naked rock:

Sum quad eris

3. NaCl

Perhaps the fight is over
These bloodstains surely indicate a major loss
Who know what swollen idiot stumbled out of this arena with an oversized belt

Or maybe I’m the bigger fool who nurture every fight and every loss

Keeping them alive
In the hopeless disillusion
That in time
They will be won

4. Pulse

I don’t know what I fear
The most
What I am
or what I’m not

Too proud
Too ashamed
With myself

Cold, invincible
Siamese twin
By every dawn
New nights begin

The chemistry
Of the fallen soul
That being broken
Is what makes it whole

5. Tacit II

Raising another tower
Crumbling in the shadow
Of the forming idea
Too tired for pride

A thunderous voice
In cold, wordless tongues
Resonate deep
In the heart of the night

The bittersweet song
Of a poets lament;
That even his best
Are but feeble translations

6. Tacit I

Magnetic emptiness
Drew me into cathedrals of silence
Only to see them collapse and fall
Like promises on the frozen ground

And as the dust settled
My hands reached out to ash clouds
and ruins
Eagerly, like onto strings
To feel destruction and play the sound

Magnetic emptiness
Cathedrals of silence
Collapse and fall
On the frozen ground

Reaching out
Through ash clouds and ruins
Like onto strings
To feel

7. Rec

A long day

A can of worms
Way past the expiry date

The healing has come too far

Think and scream

8. M

Grief, hope

(how many?)

Coward, brave
Kill, save
King, slave

(how many?)

Give, take
Conquer, wait

(how many?)

Truth, lie
Laugh, cry

By how many cuts will you die?

9. Sub Äter

Crushed between the teeth
Of a drunken poet’s smile
He retches the blood
To slight amusement
And laughs with a limp
Along his guilt-ridden path

10. See

The eyes
Secretly disappear

Like escaped prisoners
Through a forest

Held under water
In the night

The eyes
Secretly disappear in the night

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