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Into Eternity Dead or Dreaming Lyrics Album

Dead or Dreaming Lyrics Album by Into Eternity

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1. Absolution of the Soul

Endless sorrow
No tomorrow for me
End this misery
Endless sorrow
No tomorrow
Alleviate the suffering

Abominate absolution of the soul
Accommodate the noose tied
Around my throat

Desecrated, conpensated
Dissolution drawing nearer
Verdict in, judgement down
Sentenced, Revolution

Reward my soul

2. Distant Pale Future

You look into the mirror
The mirror
A distant pale future you fear
The mirror

Life has failed you for the last time
Existence declining
Chasing something that cannot be
Fade into eternity

Daydreams of death
Your destiny’s unclear
False hopes and promises
are misleading

You look into the mirror
The mirror
A distant pale future you fear
The mirror

3. Shallow

Disillusional thoughts
infect your view
Assets fuel your shallowed
Lost in a world of rejection
Expose the hell you cannot hide
An outcast of society
An orphan of life’s reality
Retribution time will come
Sarcastic ridicule confining

I fail to perceive or
You failed to maintain,
gone astray

Liquid promises drain
with your lies
Blaming others before
Forgotten disposable fool
caught in a fictional
Skeptic, unbeliever
Taking everything for granted

4. Unholy (Fields of the Dead)

Unholy Holocaust
A mass suicide
among us
Convey my crucifix
Pleading for release

Walk through the
fields of the Dead
This garden swallowing me
Walk through the
fields of the Damned
Falling down, imprisoning me

Staring eyes are piercing
Hear the children laughing
Twisting wounds
that never heal
Infesting with a choking fear

Nothing here is as it seems
Silent screams haunting me
Dialysis contorting viens
Destroying all that
was meant to be

5. Elysium Dream

One more breath
is one too many
Wither away soon to die
Nothing left of this badly
burned shell
Relinquish my breathing

Feeling so cold
The silence is deafening
Feeling so cold
In this Elysium dream

Covered in dirt
Vision dissipates
The blackness
helps to forget
The sweet aroma of death
Is in the air
Smile as the casket closes

Life is a pale shade of gray
Choking the life out of me
Pointless existence
We’ve fucked up
My feelings are dead

6. Selling God

Selling your God
Preaching the word of the
fallen one
Asking your price
Your fee will be damnation

Sinners selling God door to door
Masking lies
Why do you?

Sell God

Follow the Lord will set you free
Hoping to live for eternity
Led to believe he was the one
Your life returned
It wasn’t gone

Sell God

7. Imagination Overdose

Can’t recognize or recall
Everything’s misproportioned

The more drugs injected
The more sights contorting
Imagination overdose

Lost all control
Venom in the veins
Detained anxiety
Imprisoning decay

Dispensed nervousness
Body is sacrificed
Ripped apart, Discerp,
End this suffering

8. Dead or Dreaming

Led down the path of darkness
A black trial of despair
Entranced, lost momentarily
Walking on

End it all
Walk that path again

Fabricate my existence
Into the unknown
Confronting, accepting eternity

End it all
Walk that path again
Is it over?
Am I Dead or Dreaming?
Occupy my time remembering
the way it used to be
Contemplate suicide
End this life
End this life now

9. Cyber Messiah

Seven days of worship
Insomnia sets in
Vision is your weakness
A modem to the afterlife

Cyber Messiah
Linked to your master
Alive but not living
A screen Your salvation

Kneel at your throne
Kiss the plastic cross
Bow down to your God
A religion beyond reason
Weakness by time
Process the data
Your life an illusion
No will of your own

Alone in your chapel
Singing praises of thanks
Idol worship and defication
A higher form of reason
A ritual that’s non-existent
Negative, nothingness
Layout your sacrifice…your life

10. Identify

I see no light
Fade to black
Kiss the cheek then coincide

Identify then crucify

Force-feeding your ideals
Coerced against my will
A prophecy the second coming
A forecast haunting me
Forgive and be forgiven

A hypocrisy deceiving me
Hypnotizing with your religion

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