Into the Oriental Phantasma Lyrics (2003)

Kadenzza Into the Oriental Phantasma Lyrics Album

Into the Oriental Phantasma Lyrics Album by Kadenzza

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1. Kamikaze Blows

Ephemeral life is going on
only memories lying behind
the way I have to go
to change it before

Watch it, exploited by the material world
enslaved to fame and fortune
money begets much money
plague in economy
For freedom, deceived in fighting with your foe
despite you’re a true enemy
wasted my blood for your honor
now, back from hell

Reborn to be a rebellion
burning inside the evil will
betokened raising hell
covering the earth

Unite, imperial patriots
follow the sign of my god
devote your blood for my flesh
you hear the oppressed cry out

Be brave, I’ll give you the eternal wings
to fly higher over the sea
one way fuel to target
vengeance on attack

You ride on the iron wings
to be a blast of wind
go ahead without fear
no pain, no need to feel

Obey, the holy war has just begun
you’re nothing but a machine
yes, the machine at the controls
no personality, no feelings and no sense
just cling to an enemy’s carrier
that is only a molecule of iron

2. Mononoke -God of Worm-

You can hear my pain
oppressed desire in groan
you can feel my face
withering eyes in vain
forest of darkness will weep
with trickles of curse you fear
I am bleeding for mankind

Material eden
enchanted with fortune in mine
making the gun for your ruin
hiding your rotten face
no need to plead for your life
you are dying in evil fate
I am earthbound god of worm

You can’t run from me
the resurrection will come
the gods revenge on you
they are coming …

Remember, twilight in ancient past
holy places where gods breathe
the desecration by humankind
results in the curse of deformed god

I can kill your love
what is love and what is hate ?
I can take your life
dirty feelers wind you round
distorted body screaming
lake of life is filled with my blood
I am the bloody heartless god

Return my head back
I will seek and kill you all
over the mountain, over the sea
the evil spirits in everywhere
no need to plead for your life
you are dying in the hopeless world
I am earthbound god of worm

3. Wheel of Fortune

Ride on, wheel of fortune turning round
never returns from the past

Move on, a myriad of times passing by
only time will be telling truth, go on

Disguising sorrow
face up to face
I’m waiting for you to shine
chasing the shadow
fight with yourself
till sunrise comes again

Never surrender, you know doing to be
you never lose, you can dice with death

Cry out, lots of tears falling down
only solitude left you blind

Get out, the light is clear to leave your dark
behind memories of grief, no more

Never surrender, you know doing to be
you never lose, you can dice with death
forevermore, as a river flows to the sea
your wish comes true at the end of time

4. Endless Labyrinth

In dark hours still exist in mind
you swallow up me like sacrifice they need
binding my mind to a tree of fear
bonded my body takes another life
heated nectary makes it filthy
the rose stained as it will
obedience to pleasure of flesh
where is my pride
lust paralyzed me

Innocents, they rape as fire, lust in terror
red desire strikes you to the heart with their dagger
all you hope, all you love, all you wish are all I’ll give
you can take everything you require
you are just chosen one, no need to fear
you oughta know I’m the one, the scarlet messiah

Unawares, extreme pain has been the ultimate pleasure
you’ve experienced ever
bitter, but unforgettable sweet experience
remember, remember your true spirit in the dark ages
you were crucified with crimson cross and burned alive
I can see your shroud of evil burning in cold flame
ecstasy can call you back the spirit, you’re reincarnated
long time ago, you were the witch, remember …

Kill her, she is just wicked
no longer, sinful creature, you
inject the holy spirit
deepen you into the crack of herself
take out her womb to cut into pieces
nip off the embryo
to wipe out the root of witch

Do it… bitch
no way … death

To feel more peaceful, I wanna sleep in emptiness
as I fall into darkness, I had a dream

Chasing the light of sacred life with crawling lust at my feet
endless pain, endless fear, faithless desires
calling me into labyrinth, drifted me in the matters
let me see, let me hear, let me feel true sense of life

You die for my sin, for my lie, for my fame
I’ll forgive your cursed karma
I’m the illusion, possession, oppression
you can’t wake from the paranoid dream
it is reality unavoidable
owing the cross of sins to future in vain
pace your way alone

I’m never the one
behind the mask
always staring myself
in subconscious mind
someone else smiles

5. Lament 1999


6. War Phantasma

I die to kill
days of slaughter
giving my life for the nation
and his imperial majesty
with rising sun
the empire will come
our kingdom could have been real elysium
to vanquish the enemy

Oh … look back your way
to ruins and sorrows
when silence will scream

Porcelain eyed soldiers are marching on the street
mobs of leaden beast are trampling down tranquility
flocks of black flies are buzzing beyond the sky
sound of hate, air-raid sirens groan
children are running around trying to escape
when the flashing pale light dazed me
I perceive, this is the holocaust

Floating down, through the cloud
my consciousness is fading away
the edge of death I may have touched

I’m walking in a meadow of death
peaceful, crisp winds pass through my hair
I remember the feeling in my hands
the feeling of mother
your voiceless scream I cannot hear
please, please let me hear the truth

“How many children have you killed, honey?”

I survive to die
live to suffer
oh, my immortal existence
why can’t you help me ?

Mental disorder
distorted laughter
wasted years to ruins of oblivion
grinning inside my brain

No place to stay with me, peace has gone

Dreamland was far
illusion is fear
the end is near
in my dream
still I can see her form dressed in black
dew glistened in her eyes has changed to blood
blasphemy ever done tortures me in my end
redeem me from my sin
release me from this hell

I can feel death is creeping
the darkness I’m walking slowly to
my mental vortex
spinning round and round
the punishment for my sin
I’m longing, longing to sleep forever …

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