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Leaves' Eyes Symphonies of the Night Lyrics Album

Symphonies of the Night Lyrics Album by Leaves’ Eyes

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1. Hell to the Heavens

A fading paper sheet
Once plain white and unmeaningly

Love left a printed trace
Of something that may never be alive again

Hell to the heavens

It fills my mind with heat
I raise my hands against these shutting gates

Opening clouds above me
My raging wrath resounds into the heavens
Walls within walls won’t hold my mortal eyes from you

Hecate Sacred Goddess Hell to the heavens
Betrayers Sorcerer Godless Hell to the heavens

Wounds within wounds won’t hold my mortal eyes from you
Lies within lies won’t hold my mortal tongue from speaking verity

It fills my wits with blaze
These holy men arriving in my cold cell

Opening sky above me
I wage a war for life beyond the heavens

Hate within hate won’t hold my mortal eyes from you

There’s been no crime
My words plain and unmeaningly
I am innocent I swear I am
And so I long of going back to be

2. Fading Earth

I knew so well those eyes
I know so well what they won’t tell
Freeze in the window light
You’ve been too long away

I left you heartsick in the morning just to come again at dark
Scattered poems on the floor is all I left behind

This fading earth
This heavy dark-blue sky around me
Im laying the night awake forsaken and mistaken

Against my life I hold this silver blade in my hand
Who am I to think you’ll wait for me on the other side

My paradise was never here
This hopeless fight amongst the living
I fear that age and death someday brings you to decay

Coloured with the death of man
A hundred years of wait and drain
Sick with hatred sick with pain
Your patience is wearing thin

Why try to be patient with life
Once so promising but yet so vulnerable

This fading earth on the other side
I pray you’ll wait for me on the other side

3. Maid of Lorraine

Be not afraid
Glorious angel in the dark owns an armoured heart

No the ligth is turning grey

Our fate becomes an open grave
Souls of heroes dead and gone forgotten in a tale

All these men who swore to fight
They swore to follow in my light
Fallen on the forest bed
Those leaves will cover every trace

Seventy articles of accusation
La Pucelle d’Orléans
Divine devotion

The voice within my head
Will lead us through the darkness
And confort us asleep
Oh let me live

Oh let me live

Voices voices devil’s spears
Raised the army of Jeanne D’Arc

You must burn at the stake
You will perish
She will perish
Inqusituin secrecy
Exposed heretc witchery

Hundred years of war and grief
We spill our blood on halcyon fields
Fallen on a golden bed
Fine millet hide my blood spilled face

Voices voices men consent
Burn her burn her at the stake

My dreams of you will lead me through
My dreams of you lead me thtough

May 1431
Between the walls that imprison me I seek divine guidance
I embody the infinite
And I know it will be day

4. Galswintha

Galswintha of the Visigoths
Promised the King of Newstria
Love him until the day of death
What did she know
What a man was he

Galswintha sleeping all alone
Life in the hands of Fredegund
Jealousy blowing up her wits
She put an end to the princess’ life

Mercy there is no mercy within anger
Darkness there’s only darkness in your blindness

Burning you will be burning
For your cruelty

Envious eyes mistress of cruelty

Angel a dark angel in her chamber
Fearless a maiden fearless as she strangles
Burning you will be burning for your cruelty
Envious eye mistress of cruelty

5. Symphony of the Night

I feel these needles in my skin like savage wrath
She holds me in her arms I’m drifting in the dark
This fever of my heartt this burning fever drag
Every breath I take will make you hunt me more
I have no tongue to scream
My eyes deluded black

Symphony of thr night
Are we leaving tonight
Am I aching to love you in the night

You feel these needles in your skin like savage wrath
I hold her in my arms she’s drifting somewhere in the dark
This fever of her heart this burning fever drag
She has no tongue to speak
Are we living to die

Camilla all your rage will turn into sweet love
Are you living to die
Am I her just to be your sacrifice
Symphony of the night
Are we living to die
Am I here juste to be your sacrifice
Symphony of the night

You sense the coldness of your skin like icy glass
You feel your empty shadow like a faint painful call
They pass inside my wounded soul like mortal love
Hold me in my darkest hour
Are we living to die
Thine earth now springs mine fadeth

6. Saint Cecelia

Sweethy heavenly harmonies raise from the warbling lute
Music for the hopeless lovers
Oh Valerian let her be

For the fair and the pure holy soul of a dame
He shall swear to obey the angels praise

Oh Cecilia where’s your angel
What thou art we know not
Hear this delightful sound of heaven
Will soothe her lips with melodies

Oh Sweet Cecilia where is your angel
What thou seek we know not
Violins cry in desperation
Senses seduced with melodies

7. Hymn to the Lone Sands

Han ha’ har som silkitrad
Auga bla som hau
Den dagen gloymer eg allri
Eg ut af uindanga sag deg der sta
Eg gloymer allri deg
Eg gloymer allri deg

Tempt the winds
Break the waves

That ravished place
Mysterious maze
Lone sands swallow men
Traces annihilated

Nothing in my hands can break this stony ground
This blackness of the days
Imprints in me a disillusion

Bless the men with silver
Bless them with the rays of sun
Goddess of the desert
Sway your veils for pagan men

From the north to lone sands

Mighty rivers driving
Tempting reverie

He’s gone and away
No need to unsay
Far-off oceans swallow men
Longboats annihilated

Nothing underneath my feet until turn to fertile soil
This coldness of the nights bewitched me with a disillusion
Love to see marvel Dancing eerily
We set sail to lone sands
To the lone sands

8. Angel and the Ghost

I looked for love and then I found disgrace
My life dissolved into an empty shade
As dead as stones in the moundering wall
His heart was a silent grave
My throat in tunes so sadly expressed
What grief my chest so painfully appressedFor your misery I will not sacrifice
My holy virgin pride

Ring out the bells let my mourning echo through the walls
My heart sleeps so lonely
My ghost will seek you at night

Calm wasthe day though I was trembling hard
Calling me to explain to him at court yard
Then I refused to marry him at once
For his heart was sick with hate

The duke screaming insanely at the court
Have her beaded for she denied the lord
Her execution a blind man’s deed
Beheaded her for her faith

I have not sinned nor am I insane
Yet you will have me beheaded for believing in the good and honest
My cause not defended
You caused my death
You stabbed my soul and took away the bare earth under my feet
From here you will be the one to slowly decay night by night
When you see my sad guiltless ghost walking upon you
I will carry my head and leave it before your feet

My ghost will seek you at night
My angel will seek you at night
My ghost will seek you at night
My angel will seek you tonight

9. Éléonore de Provence

Éléonore the fairest of them all
So young and vulnerable
In January snow a shimmering golden gown

Rise for the Kingdom’s cause
Demon’s blood in golden gown
Seize the power of the crown
Hatred frozen in our veins

Rise for the kinfolk’s laws
She decieived the servile soul
Find her fight her seize the Queen
Pelt her stone her end this fraud

So faithful to her love
Devoted to the crown
A queen of foreign blood but hatred in her soul

Fight for the Kingdom’s cause
Blue-blood armed in golden robe
Seize the power of the crown
Empress poison mortal force

Men made of flesh and blood
She deceived our servile soul
Find her fight her seize the Queen
Bring her tothe trail’s court

A queen of foreign blood
And hatred in her soul

In her barge upriver in the dark
They seized her from the bridge
Dirt stained red silk damask
In vain a mother in her heart torn apart

In the drk upriver in the barge
They seized her from the bridge

10. Nightshade

As the deus of night arose
I remenber yielding fire in your eyes
Only hoof prints in the mud

All of you is here with me like a scar that cannot heal
Soon as you were gone thence I learned to love

It was heaven sent the voice inside you ah
For you the nightshade has bacome deceiving

All of you here with me
Yet I know you defy the dark
A rainbow in the sky shines on your solitary Barbaria

In every cry of every man lies an abyss of despair
You throw the sand against the wind then i all returns to you

All of me is within you like the sacred truth
Soon as you were gone thence you learned to love

All of you here with me
Yet I know you defy
Angels will shine on your solitary Barbaria

11. Ophelia

O maiden pale Ophelia
Your skin is white like diamonds in the snow
But they know
Madness and hysteria turned your flowers into stone

Sweets to sweet

I can hear them mourning at my grave

Can you feel this madbess in my veins
Inside my veins
Love and pain

This sighing fate
She fades away
I fade away into black waters

Confident black river strams tangle in your hair
White veils merge to snowbells like deadly poetry
All around you fleurs-de-lis on a white mortal bed

Maiden thou shalt not sin
Virgin suppress your will
Forces seduce your lind
Haunting a damsel’s sleep

12. Eileen’s Ardency

I came home in May with a glad heart
Nothing there that could cause me grief
Nothing could make me sorrow-full and bitter
Nothing could make my head hang down

Eileen my white flower of the blackberry
Whiter than lilies
The dew of a rose
Eileen my bright flower of the blackberry
My summer breeze
A poem in the spring

Woman why are you crying out your eyes now
Are there any other wooers around
Woman the nightingale sang me a tale tonight
That is not soothing music to my ears

So green her eyes
Burning red her hair
A hundred rings of thorns around my neck
There’s a thousand strings strangling my chest
Is tu ma ghra
A hundred rings of thorns around my neck
There’s a thousand strings srangling my chest

Eileen my white flower of the blacberry
Whiter than lilies
The dew of a rose
Is tu ma ghra
Eileen my death in the spring

13. One Caress (Depeche Mode cover)

Well I’m down on my knees again
And I pray to the only one
Who has the strength
To bear the pain
To forgive all the things that I’ve done

Oh Girl
Lead me into your darkness
When this world is trying it’s hardest
To leave me unimpressed
Just one caress
From you and I’m blessed

When you think you’ve tried every road
Every avenue
Take one more look
At what you found old
And in it you’ll find something new

I’m shying from the light
I always loved the night
And now you offer me eternal darkness

I have to believe that sin
Can make a better man
It’s the mood that I am in
That left us back where we began


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