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Lethian Dreams Red Silence Lodge Lyrics Album

Red Silence Lodge Lyrics Album by Lethian Dreams

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1. Red Silence Lodge

Aren’t they cold
The eyes you see me with
Aren’t they old
The words you speak

I still bleed from the same wounds
It is still the same taste of salt
They are living inside my dreams
I feed them now as I trapped them in

I will keep on chasing the unreal
Even if I know I’ll die each time more

It never leaves…
I still feel the rain…
The one you say that isn’t…
The one you don’t comprehend..

Every scar will stay
Pale lilac, amethyst

Every scar is alive
Pale lilac, amethyst

2. Shades

Life was taking its shape
As we walked by the vale
but fragile are my bones
and dirty are my stones
I might just leave
I might just go

Hiding into the days
I became unseen
Hiding into the years
I disappeared

And I begin again
A walk in a blue dream
Home’s where my footprints end
Where all has disappeared

Your words will lose themselves
In a feeling of a dream
Home will be mine again
When all has disappeared

3. Dust

A cold maze
Haunts me
Covers me of pale
The smoke I breathe
You’re calling me
But are you even there?

Like in a vivid dream
The way it is played

I’m carried by your gentle waves
In a secluded place
You make me witness
The most haunting chant
The most enticing pain

You are the mad
That doesn’t leave me
You are the cold of the rain
You are the only thing I can breathe
You are the dust of my death

And is this all I will recall
This is all
Fair enough…
And is this all I will recall
This is all
Fair enough..

You’re the shoulders that I break
You are the cold of the rain
You are calling me
but were you ever..
were you ever even there?

4. Midwinter

Here I stand
Where winds come and go
A garden of snow
Where cold settled home

In every moon
A different fate
A silver threat
awaits to fall

In a midwinter voice
fields and hills cry
All is setting forth
In different shades of white

No one will save no one
No one can see you
No words will heal you now
No one can save you

We’re setting forth again
We flee like ghosts again
In shapeless shadowlands
We’re setting forth again

5. Leaving Light

Quiet steps through dim hallways
Time will stand still
For as long as here I stay
The absence of sound
Marches towards storms
But my voice is too weary

Came to you empty handed
Came to you silent
Came to you deprived of feelings
Came to you already dead

Night fell on me
Our windows became walls
The shining home lights
Slowly they faded
Died every possible ways
All leaving me blindfold
Misleading the mind’s eyes
Leaving me no sight

As a worried wave
In a distant sea
Disappearing leisurely
Wish I could lead
The dead beats
Where they belong

6. Don’t Hold On to Me

Inspire me
for I am ready
Show me the horizon
That can’t be reached
The earth blurry and aflame
The disharmony
That now lead my way

For these woods no longer rhyme
with the frailty of my steps
My soul has died
under the feet of time

I built a shelter high above
A great wall of blended stones
A new home was found
but I left, I went away

So frail is a new day
Don’t hold on to me
I might be lost again
Don’t hold on to me

7. Black Winds

Where forces of the sun are weak
I breathe these spirals of time
Where forces of the moon are bleak
I stumble time after time

I hide behind walls made of flesh and stones
I hide behind hopes of being somewhere else
All inside me is moving off beat
All inside me is weak and leaving
leaving me…

You, black wind, forgive me
For I am no more what I have been
I wish the rain could wake and call
But behind the walls
Is there something left, at all?

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