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Liege Lord Freedom's Rise Lyrics Album

Freedom’s Rise Lyrics Album by Liege Lord

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1. Prodigy


2. Wielding Iron Fists

Death’s rain falls upon us I see the times’ arrival at hand
In rows aligned we march now drawn from these careful plans
Starved in this militia we hunger now for the fight
End this painful awaiting our gallant fate arrives tonight

Now here it comes the force we seek it breaks the dark with laser streak
We break down tremendous heat I count the ranks too far to see
We grip the iron close at hand they rip our armour to useless strands
We see the dead scattered in their tribes
We feel their souls soar towards the sky


Iron fists it’s terror twists you’ve yet to feel it’s gleam insist
So join the lines to keep in time it’s iron wields from armoured wrists
You’re drawing near you must compare the clash of fighting iron fists

The coupled forces gain a step ahead
But then fall back from which the ground they tread
Throw down their weapons make for the flee
Break from this havoc is their final plea


3. Dark Tale

Rising higher it grasps the sky overturning it’s sense of time
Bound in iron strong hand break free denounced it’s capture with raging flee
Its streams of colors blinds all keen eyes
Incandescent power its dark spirit flies

Focus, seize it, flee it, strife

Weak minds they wonder the weak must bow down
Rising from down under it’s advanced mind astounds
Flagrance enlightens it draws you near
Then sends you broken deep filled with fear
The fear to realize what shall be done
Taking sinners, liars, cheats, for their souls he’s come

Conceive, lured, realize, deceived

A dark tale spoken from past told word
One who disconcerns himself towards fate he’s lured
Devise a motion beyond what’s true
Or the air that will surround you is what no man ever knew
An act of mental warfare to strengthen evil form
Raise the deceased wicked ruler to repeat times moral wrongs

Dark Tale (4x)

4. Amnesty

Within the walls of captured land freedom’s rise begins
Patrons of the lesser man whose lives began to dim
A word or law set to them upon their weary limbs
Then to look back on all their past day’s grim

In the fall and rise of the lesser man’s demise
A gathering of royals to blaze the final night
Marching violent crowds the feudal integration
Take the ruler’s law to infernal destination

The meeting of the minds the first and last of time
Ends in bloody loss and sends them back chained inside
But the word of freedom’s day in turn, the amnesty
And the prisoners in end set out to sight the sun’s first rays

Amnesty! less than captive on this day
Amnesty! tortured loose the world will stay
Amnesty! in break to lead not to betray
Amnesty! set side all the chains
Amnesty! in a world of black and grey
Amnesty! the force will drive them to the day
Amnesty! the word of words all shall obey

5. Rage of Angels

Foretell us of the secret hosts of evil’s game
Their names may not be spoke aloud
Lest they profane mortal lips and take the blame
From unholy darkness their attacking the heavens


A rage of angels descending from the skies
A rage of angels seen through your eyes
And though you’ve wandered from life to save you one lone angel flies

Defending all that’s sacred hither hath we go
The devils pawns are on the rise
Foreseeking vengeance from the lives that they have known
Injecting thorns for peril or a snare for sin


The smoke is swept away as this encounter slows
The prince of darkness overthrown
The angel’s rage has proved victorious as known
The evil underground shall threaten nevermore


6. Vials of Wrath

Atop black sooted mountain lurks their wanted man
No one dares to scale it’s height but now they forge their plans
Fools beware it’s the source for man’s betrayal
Fools excuse for taming evil


Untired by tyranny the recluse has broken free fools game he awaits

Closer and then some they’re guided by lit torch
Innocence has blinded the recluse must now scorch
Fools beware one man’s practice breaks them down
Feel the fire from the ground


Frantic climbers escape tonight recluse broke them down in their fright
Fools you beware or tread real light in his eyes you’re a horrid sight
Fools beware it’s the source for man’s betrayal
Fools excuse for taming evil


7. Warriors Farewell

Over grey ocean tides past shores of dreams and narrow sunsets
Above snowy rock in swift flight
Coming close to where the dead inhabit
War is nothing to run from it’s in the minds and dreams of everyone
Can’t you sense the smell is drawing near
And all these young men are now filled with fear

And they know the men who’ve died their senseless killings
Would plunge them straight towards hell
Nothing to give to the sacrificed nothing to sell but the warrior’s farewell

All in body picked men and so young so many lands they’ve come from
From a country strong and powerful
Their ships hit shorelines like a raging bull
They’ve hit the same place as the troops before
Bloody waters and a red stained shore
Then as they look cross sandy battle ground
The scattered bodies laying all around

But they know the men who’ve died their vicious killings
Would draw them straight towards hell
Nothing to give but a sacrifice nothing to sell but a warrior’s farewell

Charge the enemy take back the land
Face to face we’ve got to make the stand
Our bloody swords and axes wielding high
Their spears and arrows swarm a darkened sky
We’ve got to take this fortress can’t you see
Drive these barbaric ones from you and me
But all these senseless killings that we’ve done
Bloody and vicious but they’ve just begun

8. For the King

Take heed to the words of this man beneath his feet is where you stand
Everyone and everything belongs to this man who is king
With arms of steel the guards they stand protect the ruler of this land


Riding high the king’s banner flies hold the king’s flag to the sky
Greet with lances the charging foe the rebels colors we shall bestow
For the king!
Gather arms and make a stand a war is sown in his own land
To win the battle we all must try tis not our choice to live or die

Beneath the castle slaves they lie can’t you hear their stifled cries
The traitors heads will be taken the ruler’s words are not mistaken
Don’t you know you’ll have to pay for what you do or what you say
betray the king to serve your right reconcile your dying plight


The king’s life branches from royal tree a royal surf insanity
Take the king’s life and we shall all be free and spread the wings of destiny

9. Legionnaire

A lonely fortress a desert sea
The legion holds its emptiness against the country’s mortality
Forceful kept soldiers guard the concrete rails
Serving their lives in the legion or spend their time in violent jails

The watchtower stands the point to view the lands
The watch guard shall die the first target in the sky
Legionnaire’s fight and death who knows their ammunition’s running low
Stand up the corpse to hold their guns they have no exit and no place to run

Fight the fight wrong or right a death sentence on a desert night
Might to might the tower’s height the watch guard falls in their sights
Naked steel hand to hand freelance legion meets its final stand
Hear the roar down they go across the sands their blood will flow

A lonely fortress a desert sea
The legion held its emptiness and lost to mortality
Forceful kept soldiers died along the rails
They served their lives in the legion but their purpose had sadly failed

Fight the fight wrong or right a death sentence on a desert night
Fight the fight might to might a death sentence has their plight

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