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Little Dead Bertha Angel & Pain Lyrics Album

Angel & Pain Lyrics Album by Little Dead Bertha

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1. Intro


2. Mistake

Eternal fire of war
Endless pain and devastation
Howl, screams and bloody stars
When destroy – your destination
Empty souls and crazy eyes
Of sheep select as sacrifice
Force of death and ravens flight
Fear and darkness after light

Life this mistake
Play to kill
Your world is break
Break your real

Wicked look of death
Closing way in your tomorrow
Gods give your crazy bless
Drown this world in the tears of sorrow
Crash of steel and battle cry’s
Of mans whose brain is break of lie
Angels smile and devils flame
Play with you in endless game

3. Angel & Pain

My life is road in the bog of lie
My dreams is break and I get lost
Forgive and tell me- when I die
Indifferent angel, wicked ghost

Your low voice and lying words
As endless whisper in my head
I see the light and shades of gods
And now I die and now I damned

My heart in chains of endless cold
And in my wish not be change
You not be save all gold of world
I die my angel, I revenge.

My Indifferent angel
You are lying
I’ll forever be free
And I’m dying

Darkness of the night endless cold of tombs
Worms begin his fest eating rotten bones of corpse
God is far away and not hear your foolish prays
Sorrow pain and fear and eternal sleep of gloomy graves.

Mystic force I mast break your mirror
Crazy sign of my evil fate
Endless night I’m your lonely hero
I’m arise in the fire of hate.

4. Reign of Eternal Night

Helpless existence
in the reign of eternal night
Blood and dirt around
In world, deprived light

Hate in the eye of little child
Murder – a way to lifes
cruelty rules this polluted world
Salvation? I don”t can find.

despair – my faithfull friend
In darkness of the cosmic night
Eternal pain in heart and brain
My reason slowly died

I never shall forget the pain
She with me with my births
Death will bring the quietness
Life – that can be worse?

Existence in the dark
down to depth
In my soul no more fire
Only cool icy desert

Your love – just a hiding hate
I hate this world of lie
This is the place, where is wound
of mortal hate so deep

5. Wind of Other Side

My world is wicked ocean
I know my endless way
I kill my last emotions
What go out light of day

Feelings of love
Feelings of light
Dying from breathe
Ghostly wind of other side
Silence and rest
Sorrow and death
Flying with breathe
Ghostly wind of other side

I feel you, i hear you, i wait you
Ghostly wind of other side
I see you, i fear you, i hate you
Ghostly wind of other side

I wait your gloomy presence
I know your evil might
Your voice as scream of sadness
Your soul is wings of night

6. Blood on the Blade

Sign of your fate in the night
As reflect of madness
Evil and hate real rule in your world
Blood on the blade be your light
In eternal sadness
Life – endless fight in the ocean of cold

Darkness in your fate
Evil killing light
Only sense of hate
Only ravens flight
Whistle of your sword
Better song for slave
You mast break this world
Turn this world in grave

Evil arias in mist,
Death in the eyes of beast
I feel the test of your pain
Into the way to my reign

I know way and feel my sign,
Fear and darkness in my mind
Eat your liver drink your blood,
Rage of demon in my heart
I’m the damned and I’m arias,
Feel the smell of sacrifice
I’m your horror, I’m your pain,
Tears of sorrow, bloody reign

7. Creeping in the Mist

I know your fears I’m your danger
Your pain reflected my light
I’m your indifferent angel
And follow me in the world of night
I know your crazy illusion
Your soul life in my reign
I bring disease and confusion
Sorrow and doubts in your helpless brain

Time for lie
I know you feel the pain,
Your cry as a music for my brain.
Your eyes is burn as flame
You mad doll in my game.

I’m grim sign of your fate
You slave of my hate
My voice kill your dream
My song is your scream

Cold of wind and darkness of night
Tasit land and snow mist
You believe in kindness and light
But you only food for beast
He the go and death in your eyes
Blood flow down from your lips
Evil force and power of night
Always creeping in the mist…

Life is long and you a strong
My angel I’m fear you
Dreams is lost my evil ghost
I know you but not hear you.

8. Truth of This World

I feel the cold and my home far away
Truth of this world in the triumph of dismay

Fury of war pain and fever
Light bloody star and so be forever

My way the end in the world of mist
My life is sand under foots of the beast

Your world- kingdom of sorrow and lie
Your words- sound as appeal to die
I wait, waiting the end of my way
I hate, your lying sense in your pray

Endless pain and time of sacrifice
Time of sacrifice time for die
God of war i see your evil face
See your evil face hear your cry

Fate of this world- be in my hands
Flash of my sword- destroy the rest of lands
Fire of great war- flow in my veins
I kill your soul – and I’m break your brain

Fight, fight in the endless night
Fight, fight and pain
Light, light I’m reject your might
Night, night my reign

9. If You Try

Darkness of my fate
Horror for all living,
Gladness turn in hate
Pain of unforgiving,
Day bay day
Evil bloody might
Kill your destination
You can see my flight
Sign of pain and devastation.

If you try you will cry
If you fly you will die

Madness of my dreams
Killing your tomorrow,
I not hear your scream
In the claws of horror,
Far beyond where clear light
Play with your reflections
You can see my flight
Sign of pain and devastation.

If you try you will cry
If you fly you will die

I’m destroy your world
I’m break your mirror,
Fear and endless cold
Reign for deadly hero,
When last star die away in sky
You can see my action
You can see my flight
Sign of pain and devastation.

If you try you will cry
If you fly you will die

I’m destroy your world
Break your mirror
Fear lie endless cold
Reign for hero,
When last star die away in sky
And you can see, see my action
You can see my flight
Sign of pain.

10. Let Me Roust Your Soul

Welcome to the Kingdom of Nightmares
In your last, worst dream.
There’s no one will share to you,
No one hear your scream.

Hate and scorn will chase on you
You’ll can’t live without them soon
Thousands of suns were burst to
Make this hell for you.

Bleeding, rave against your fate,
Broken for one thousand bits,
First of all-you’re must hate
When you want to live.

Fallen like an angel
Of the ancient
Times you lash yourself
Feeling like a lamb of god.
Sacrifice for your salvation.

Loosing everything
You are fall in sin
Butcher of yourself
In condemned cell.

God is just a dream
He’s not hear your scream
God is just a soul
Flying so that fall.

Let me roust your soul –
And you’ll see how it small.
(Roust your soul –
And you il see how it…)

11. Slave of Bloody Rain

You not hear my ghostly flight.
Fear, and I’m the darkness of your night.
My real, I’m reject the light.
I’m feel my pain again
Pain, as claws of beast destroy my brain
I’m slave of bloody reign

I hate, I hate the foolish light
My fate is gloomy world of night
My soul as flying shade of fear
I like, I like your scream of pain
Your life be flow in my veins
I’m beast and all repeat again

Creeping in the night evil
Ghost when your way is lost
I be drink, drink, drink,
I’m drink your blood
Sign of bloody reign in my eyes
As reflect of pain
I be kill, kill, kill- this my hunt

My angel in haven
Please save me…
No… I’m raven.
You lying you monster
I hate you…
Yes… I’m your master

12. The Ocean (Forgive-Me-Not cover)

Never had a desire to live
Never had to love and believe
Never thought that you are so cruel
Never had my mind so cool
Never shared my wisdom before
Never got all I’ve looked for
Never lost the life harmony
Never been but I wanted to be
The ocean of your eyes

I wander around your shore of life
And see there dying people
They ask my night to share with them forever…oh! never

Never shown my sympathy
Never loved my enemies
Never heard fabulous sounds
Never let somebody down
Never played fanciful games
Never stood under the rain
Never charmed my destiny
Never been but I wanted to be
The ocean of your eyes

I wander around your shore of life
And see there dying people
They ask my night to share with them forever…oh! never
The waves of your ocean held me here
I have to choose: to live or to die
Birds fly above the waves of fear
They disappear every night

I wander around your shore of life
And see there dying people
They ask my night to share with them forever…oh! Never…

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