Dance… in Darkness EP Lyrics (2007)

Little Dead Bertha Dance... in Darkness EP Lyrics Album

Dance… in Darkness EP Lyrics Album by Little Dead Bertha

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1. Reign of Eternal Night

Helpless existence
In the reign of eternal night
Blood and dirt around
In world, deprived light

Hate in the eye of little child
Murder – a way to lives
Cruelty rules this polluted world
Salvation? I don”t can find.

Despair – my faithfull friend
In darkness of the cosmic night
Eternal pain in heart and brain
My reason slowly died

I never shall forget the pain
She with me with my births
Death will bring the quietness
Life – that can be worse?

Existence in the dark
Down to depth
In my soul no more fire
Only cool icy desert

Your love – just a hiding hate
I hate this world of lie
This is the place, where is wound
Of mortal hate so deep.

2. Angel and Pain

My life is road in the bog of lie
My dreams is break and I get lost
Forgive and tell me– when I die
Indifferent angel, wicked ghost

Your low voice and lying words
As endless whisper in my head
I see the light and shades of gods
And now I die and now I damned

My heart in chains of endless cold
And in my wish not be change
You not be save all gold of world
I die my angel, I revenge.

My Indifferent angel
You are lying
I’ll forever be free
And I’m dying

Darkness of the night endless cold of tombs
Worms begin his fest eating rotten bones of corpse
God is far away and not hear your foolish prays
Sorrow pain and fear and eternal sleep of gloomy graves.

Mystic force I mast break your mirror
Crazy sign of my evil fate
Endless night I’m your lonely hero
I’m arise in the fire of hate.

3. My Nacked Ideal

Blowing to my window
About who breaking my angel
The knife on glass, the creeps on skin
Suffer the last, no more call
I believe he lives

My naked ideal
So it’s smile of my angel
Your stupid angel
So little in my pain
My naked ideal
In sorrow and depression
Your stupid angel
So little in my pain

A bird on leash angel into film
Don’t dying my child don’t prying celebration
Amusing dull
Sheere of sorrow

4. Wolf Dance

Among the clouds Till sun shall gone
Your smiling face winds shall tears away
Yoyr ringin laughing Sounds alone
Till twilight embracing Leavin day

Nightbirds cryin In a dance woodshade
And moonlight fall’s on a yellow leafs
The Autumn Queen My eternal bride
By night you call With silent grief

And only in light I can see you
By my yellow wolf-eyes I’m dancing with you

When coming dawn Like pink perl shines
On amber follage falling to the ground
My conversion pain Slowly dies
But your lonely call Growing in my mind

And clouds whirling Over me
Filling the air i’m running through
My Queen You’ll set me free
And i’ll again Be dance with you

Where are you My servant, my true beast
My only man Waitin for fullmoon
I’m calling Come to me again

Destined to hide
I’m runnin through morning wood
Wishing for mercy moonlight
When again i could
Bow to your misty halo
Roll in ecstatic dance
Kiss your pale lips and howl
At your cooling trace When I’ll be here again With you? May be…

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