In Memorium Premortis Lyrics (1998)

Little Dead Bertha In Memorium Premortis Lyrics Album

In Memorium Premortis Lyrics Album by Little Dead Bertha

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1. Intro


2. Pipe

Pipe, pipe, play me death
I shall crying I’ll be dear
Lungs, lungs, which already roots
Where the ground, kissing the gound
Bell… of entangled sinew

Crying over sea screaming in crowd
The plenty seasons, the wasted seasons
I was side by side, you don’t turn around
It’s a distress, enormous distress
Play me death…

Crying in heave, screaming of the stones
The scanty seasons, the wasted seasons
The only witness of my gladness is grim
It’s a distress, enormous distress
My gladness is grim….

White flower among the grass
Over the Shaolin Wall
Poor fear heads tasted my honey
Become the first creatures
Of ungiven love…

3. Your Fate Is Pain

Candles burning in the night
Mirrors reflect the dark around you
Look at still dying light
Feel the voice now calling to you
Take a look to the gates
Locked with silver seal of power
Touch black water surface
Life clock strikes your last hour

Now you’ll obey
And never betray
Death’s no end
Whisper my real name

Don’t listen to your state
Climb into sorrow reign
Long time I’ve seek your fate
Now it is your pain
Your fate
Your pain
Your fate
Your pain

Put the wisdom crown
Step into heavens town
I’ve rose you up and I must go
Don’t fall down

Slip in the wind don’t allow you to stay
Remember of all who tried to cry
Follow, you immortal

4. Get to Like Me

Melancholy by cause of holyday
Inflated air balls
By bleeding of chime
Run after refuse
Get to like me…

Endless flight after deadly sign
In my soul dislike to light
Crazy dreams break my real life
In my soul dislike to light

Extending the road, cloted remorse
To the last truth, to the light hand
The winged witness by lead blessing
Untrampled snow of morning event
Under writhe of gypsy Satir
Turned sour wine
Has falling like red grapes
All that can I do

5. In Memorium Premortis


6. Wind in Emptiness

Dark and night are keepers of sorrow
Life is fight in claws of horror
Death is a wind in emptiness
Eternal dreams’re confirm of death

I feel a lonely appeals to the night
Evil refers me to magical fight
Fire in my soul I believe in my dreams
My life is long ang my way always grim

Silence and rest after wild battlecry
Ravens and death arise in their ghostly fly
Bones and ashes is fester for a beast
Blood after death always turns into mist

When my eyes’ll forget light of sun
Ghostly voices of other world
The endless way of turn
Destiny, open the mystery of my life
When my soul release from fetters and fly…

7. My Naked Ideal

Blowing to my window
About who breaking my angel
The knife on glass, the creeps on skin
Suffer the last, no more call
I believe he lives

My naked ideal
So it’s smile of my angel
Your stupid angel
So little in my pain
My naked ideal
In sorrow and depression
Your stupid angel
So little in my pain

A bird on leash angel into film
Don’t dying my child don’t prying celebration
Amusing dull
Sheere of sorrow

8. Dreams Now Comfort for Defunct

Get after on the wings of night
And cold the stars in the sky
Give their light in the dark of sprite
Ruthless fire in my soul
And I want go
To stars,
And outlife
In dust…

Dreams now comfort for defunct

Time of insanity
Fire of insanity
Life of insanity
Dreams of insanity

Splendid crazy dreams of stars
Disperse the night, their pale a light
And tears of sorrow flows
On the scribble of sacred, lying christian writing
Dying now are forever free
And go with me
Into sky
Your way begin
Don’t cry…

9. Sentence of Suffering

When the sun as smouldering cool
At last time arise on sky
Ancient gods from a chaos gone
Appears as an sentence of suffering

Time destroy the stones
Wiping off from face of ground a nations
And turning into ashes their bones
This again repeat…

Death run to you in fire of storm
Evil recieve its other form
My way’s the end and my soul is breaking

But even time have the end
Emptiness kill the time
And powerful death is dying
In that instant when seize her last sacrifice…

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