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Little Dead Bertha Two Sides... Lyrics Album

Two Sides… Lyrics Album by Little Dead Bertha

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1. Intro / Sunrise


2. Two Sides of…

Lying God in your dirty actions
You want to kill my soul
Freedom is a crime
Bloody cross of your sacred faction
You want to break my life
Rotten fang of time

Forse of darkness in my soul forever
And you bring comfort in tender kiss of night
God and Devil is two sides of medal
I believe in darkness and my soul is fly

Don’t cry sacrifice, don’t say about the sense
Your God Jesus Christ, you slave in his hands

At first happen word Sorrow and sleep
Existence of god In the blood of his sheeps

You want to change yourself
But church don’t give you arise
And you don’t be a free
In the grave is your place
Forever life of slave is
Worse then instant of flight
And better lie in grave
In reign of endless night

Eternal life’s just dream
Before two worlds
Endless time is only seems
By bright bolt
Eternal life’s just dream before two worlds
Endless time is only seems…

3. Frosties War

Cold- of gloomy reign
In my soul- it’s all retain

When the icy Knights a fight i know,
Transparent blood don’t paint the snow
Despair, dismay and sense of loss
Decrease of force

Ever, rest and silence
Ever, voice of violence
Fever, killing me
Never, not be free

The force of wind and rage of storm
Inspire the doubt and crazy turn
Remain of life and sense of pain
The endless might of gloomy reign

I feel the cold of ice
When heart is die away
White snow and frozen light
And night long for regain your shades

I want destroy it’s real and everybody sign
My resistance still exist and never die
I believe in dreams my force appeal the hate
I continue sink in the river of my fat

4. The Dawn of Times

Slipping on invisible wings
The suns of dawn ride through cold air
The moonshine and icy winds
Embracin them not forever
The fly away over misty lands
And carry message for all living
The time reaching it’s own end
Now coming time for unforgiven

Golden age is far away
Dark is future, just hearing cries
Gods shall ieave us in that day
When last child shall tall only lies

The dawn of times
Of unforgiven

Flowing through the air strings
The messengers see pain and horror
There’s no hope for future spring
Where are the messiah
Mankihd follow for?
Smoke of funeral bonfires
Spreads in darkened ice-cold heaven
Dog howls and children cries
And croaking of old black raven

Golden age is just in mind
Remembrance of better way
Sorrow rains draw gray lines
No chance for mankind to stay

The dawn of times
Of unforgiven

5. Indifference

Rorroh fo esnes erehw reyarp fo seil dna
Worros fo ngier ot yek s’ti Yek s’ti

In my ears- gloomy whisper
Wicked voice- in my sense
And my tears don’t flow in distress
Owing to inhumans of spells
In my soul- rage and sorrow
Blaze of cold- in my eyes
And my dreams don’t be follow
After tendencies of blinds

Where the sense of horror and lies of prayer
It’s key to reign of sorrow It’s key

When disappear your doubt
Indifference follow the hate
And gladness will depart
In other world of pain

For life your fate is keep the rest
Don’t cry don’t laugh and keep your sense
You want retain your brain
In the reign of crazy laws
This world- vile and even some more worse

Fury of Gods in the world of pain
World- endless dismay

6. Who Dares…

The fate is keeping pack of cards
She’ll keep the ase for the death
And all remains she’ll bring to us
And throw to bloody depth

You won and don’t hear the funeral bell
But this is unfair play
A hungry wolf gnaws the fleshless bones
Of those who won yesterday

Those people insane who believe in Christ
His kindness and reign and pain
They’ll finish their lives
is that distant place
Where everyone rots in the grave

Is damned the one who rejected free life
Though this is too short and then
He called himself a sheep of the Christ
To go as it to your pen

For those who wanted to live in the calm
And born with the soul of the slave
The death is giving her bloody smile
And faith is preparing the grave

And only the free one dignity has
To finish his glorious way
The one who was born
With the freedom in blood
Could look at the eyes of the death

7. Remember Future


8. The Timelessness

Where the gray skies moving
Over the planes of green-gray
Time slowly flowing
Like a streams of long rains
Where the ages are like an endless
Chain stretched into tomorrow
Pale stone that faceless
Lies in dreams of sorrow

River of time river of light
Flow from the past in eternal flight
Leaving this plane leaving this stone
In it’s endless ride
Milleniums don’t changing this stone
Hundred years passed and passing on
But nothing changed all are remain
And it still go on

Ring of the swords or a thunder of guns
All is the same for the old granit block
Short sleepless time
And long one for dreams
Among the same sons of once stood rock

Splashes of light ringing of steel
Battles of several years
Have thundering over a plane
Years of rage are instant for the stone
When remains are disappered
Deep is sleep again

Shining waves
And nothing else
Keep this dreaming maze
Eternity and nothingness
Collide in stoned face

Wheels of time rolls on a road
Of fates that untold
Destinies threads usual or great
Breaks in eternity cold

Indifference and rest
Rules in empty stoneland
Drowned in endlessness
Sea that haven’t end
Heart of the stone is hidden
Under it’s gray surface
Here the time is rounded
In a circle of

9. Furtive World

Land of my dream
Furtive world
Tears of my soul is flame
Prison of real I still
Regect your endless game

There’s gloomy mountains
waitin the wind
Which disperse the clouds
by their wings
Which overcome
the cold of graves
Returning the power
to lost greats

Some day this wind blows
Born in my soul
Sorrow destroys my brain
Hard way into magic reign

My world- it’s real
It’s pledge of my will
With dreams of betterment
World fo damned

I want the sentence of fate
My world fading in a bog of lie
My broken soul long for the hate
With hope of dying

10. Wolfdance

Among the clouds Till sun shall gone
Your smiling face winds shall tears away
Yoyr ringin laughing Sounds alone
Till twilight embracing Leavin day

Nightbirds cryin In a dance woodshade
And moonlight fall’s on a yellow leafs
The Autumn Queen My eternal bride
By night you call With silent grief

And only in light I can see you
By my yellow wolf-eyes I’m dancing with you

When coming dawn Like pink perl shines
On amber follage falling to the ground
My conversion pain Slowly dies
But your lonely call Growing in my mind

And clouds whirling Over me
Filling the air i’m running through
My Queen You’ll set me free
And i’ll again Be dance with you

Where are you My servant, my true beast
My only man Waitin for fullmoon
I’m calling Come to me again

Destined to hide
I’m runnin through morning wood
Wishing for mercy moonlight
When again i could
Bow to your misty halo
Roll in ecstatic dance
Kiss your pale lips and howl
At your cooling trace When I’ll be here again With you? May be…

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