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The Edge of Infinity Lyrics Album by Lunatica

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1. Introduction


What does it mean to you?

It can signify the point at which you leave reality behind.

Or it may just be a mathematical expression to describe the size of our universe.

It can symbolize that true love never dies (is immortal).

In other words, infinity offers you the chance that you’ll find at last what you’ve always been dreaming of.

Hasn’t it always been the endeavour of mankind to create a better world than the one we are living in?

Music gives you the chance to broaden your mind.

It’s time to forget about the artificial frontiers that our intellect is inflicting on us.

Prepare yourself for the greatest journey you’ve ever made.

Dream on until you’ve reached the edge of infinity.

2. The Edge of Infinity

Can you see the light we’re going into?
Feel the power. It’s a journey to a better world.
All you have to do is to believe
We’re heading forward. And we will be kings and queens

To the edge of infinity, an invisible reality
Where the power of thoughts sets me free
On the journey to wonderland
I will hold the key in my own hands
If dreams can come true let us dream

There are a hundred ways to reach the space
Between two worlds. See the open door in front of
Imagination helps to navigate
Take the next step. Sailing through the sea of time


3. Sons of the Wind

Control the power, leave the ground
As fast as an arrow up to the clouds, into the sky
Man and machine are becoming one
A perfect day for changing the face of the world

Go for glory, for hope and for God
They break the clouds, reach for the sky
Like hunters in an ancient story
They are the brave sons of the wind

Become a hero, pay the price
The need for speed is overwhelming your heart
The harvest of honour has begun
Live for the moment, leave all your worries behind


4. Who You Are

Frozen and broken
Don’t know where you’re going
Losing your identity
You’re so caught up in hiding
But everybody sees


You’re never gonna feel
You’re never gonna heal
You’re never gonna know what’s fake or real
‘Til you know who you are
You’re lying to your face
And running in a race
You’re never gonna win ’til you find your place
And you know who you are

You’re crawling and falling
But no one hears you calling
When you’re in a world of glass
‘Til your bubble bursts
And the true you’s first
You’re always coming last


You take yourself apart
To medicate your pain
Why is it so hard
To believe in you again

5. Out!

Receive me – unleash me

I crave the morning quickly come
I get down on my knees and pray
And hope the dawning pulls me right out (right out) of my dream

You walk right by my window
Everyday I can feel you so near
When will you come to get me out (get me out) of my fear

Would you unind me? If you’d finally find me

I am tied to the ground. Ready to be unbound.
Would you break me out and Would you help me to get out get out? Pull me out!

Each day a new tomorrow
And I long for the same old aim
I’m bound in bitter sorrow – I know, I want out, but I can’t

Would you unleash me? If you’d perceive me

I am tied to the ground. Ready to be unbound
Would you breake me out and Would you help me to get out get out?

I am tied to the ground. Ready to be unbound
Would you breake me out and Would you help me to get out get out? Pull me out!

Get me out – please hear my prayer
Do you think it’ll go that way?
I get down on my knees and pray
Do you think it’ll go that way?
I get down on my knees and pray

I am tied to the ground. Get me out just to dry my tears
Ready to be unbound
Yes I pray

Would you break me out and
Would you help me to get out get out?
Pull me out!

6. Song for You

You hold my hand when I tremble with fear
You bring me light when I burst out in tears
And now I want to thank you, dear, for all the things you’ve done
I can’t deny (that) you showed me the right way

For the light, for the love
For the truth in your eyes
I am grateful to have such a friend by my side
For the tears, for the joy
For not asking me why
We can hold our hands up and reach for the sky

You kept your faith when my words were untrue
You made me laugh when I was feeling blue
Always giving, never asking for more than a smile upon my face
Together we will conquer the whole world


(You) don’t have to worry
We’ll stay together all of our days
You can trust in my words, you can rely on me
And when dark clouds obscure the sky
I’ll be at your side
Until the weight on your shoulders fades away


7. Together

We stand invincible
Real heroes
We’re indestructible
Raise your swords

We are the last real knights
Full armour
We raise our banner high
Fast riders

Side by side we’ll face the threat
In this hostile foreign land
It’s the calm before the storm
The dawn before the battle’s won
It’s the mind that cannot sleep
It’s the wish that goes so deep
Never weary, never quiet
It’s the last night before we fight

We’ll face the enemy
The horns are calling out to the
Strong fighters


Side by side, together, real heroes

8. The Power of Love

When the first light of morning is touching the leaves
and the dewdrops are sparkling like stars
I feel the touch of a mild breeze caressing my skin
as I’m running to reach your strong arms

What greater gift could I get to feel alive
than the power of love in your eyes
Like a blooming rose in a barren place
that must absorb the falling rain
I am longing for your warm embrace

On my way through the forest I can hear a soft voice
But inside my heart it feels strong
It tells me to follow so I don’t hesitate
It will lead me to where I belong


9. Words Unleashed

Once in a lifetime you’ll reach a point
Where being a slave is no longer enough
Now the time has come to break your chains
Speak your mind, go straight ahead

Feel free to speak, don’t deny yourself
The rights you have got
See that the life you’ve been leading is wrong
Unleash these words

Career and politeness are like a cage
For a long time you’ve thrown away your life
Take whatever you need, don’t lose your faith
Terminate the times of diplomacy


Unleash these words and live

10. EmOcean

The deep blue sea attracts my senses
The tide is like the heartbeat of eternity
I feel warm and safe as I’m diving deeper
Into the heart of the ocean, I have no fear

Beauty and wisdom are surrounding me here
Aren’t we the ones who try to ignore?

Why I’ve never felt like this before? Oh, I cannot say!
It’s pulling me deeper
It feels like going home to my fathers
I feel like a child in this deep blue wilderness

What I used to be is not important
I feel that something has changed inside myself
I breathe easily inside this liquid life
A total synthesis, immortality

Beauty and wisdom are surrounding me here
Aren’t we the ones who try to ignore?


Forever free is what I could be if I stayed here
With no idea of human greed I would play my part

I escape from everything that I know as I’m drifting within this flow
Let me go to where I belong! Listen to the waves, they’re singing our song

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