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1. Land Where Sympathy Is Air

Revived in Lykathea, in that exhausting and
dazing embrace, discomposure entered me.
And I opened my heart and bared the yearning
and the wish buried from the light for aeons.

I felt connection and allurement that I will not withstand.
I awakened to Elvenefris and heard the calling.

The gate will be found,
the key will be forged.

My heart I will present to you being cleared
of the poisons of Lykathea that exorcise us to idleness
and condemn us to pain.

I am searching for the land where I will fall on my knees
and will be weeping for a long time.
Where my mind shall extend on the sky
and my heart shall speak the language of the trees
and open like a water-lily
by touches of morning sun…

2. To Become Shelter and Salvation

I am not able to tell you by words what I feel…. anymore.
To become shelter and salvation
To become shelter and salvation
Those so magnificent loveful waves reach far beyond the shore of my body.

I weep for the pain I have ever caused you even I know
it is the teacher leading us towards the light.
Learn to read from the eyes – they are the open gates to heart.

The waves of so magnificent loveful energy are flowing through and among
my fingers and my body is bathing in that purifying bath.

I wish to become shelter and salvation…

3. Bringer of Elvenefris Flame

Again he’ll find himself in silence and solitude,
again he’ll rise from land of sadness,
again he’ll begin to shine for your eyes.
Tears shall bear his inner beauty and noble soul
and his body will come into flower by gorgeous aura.

His eyes shall fill you by energy,
his eyes shall permeate behind your walls
and your strongholds shall crash.
You will stand before him in your nakedness and
maybe then for the first time you will see it yourself.

But do not be afraid,
his eyes shall purify you
and the iced hearts of yours shall suck the rays of his Sun.

…and you’ll hear the beautiful voice
and the purest words – the unspoken ones,
you will comprehend real love
and awakened you’ll weep….

4. Flowering Entities

Any negative emotion as a response
for stimulus from envious arisen in us
show us that we are still within power
of superficial dimension and teach us.

Let’s learn.

As the Sun for the Earth let’s become salvation
let creatures flower
and shine under the touches of beautiful energy.
Perhaps it can’t be seen
but they are starving and thirsty; they’re eager.

As a mirror light let’s reflect negativity
and show pure reality
let’s become the islands of peace and harmony
in that vast ocean of discomposure and disharmony.

and let the tired ones rest.

5. To Give

Gifts you give others – surely the same ones return to you,
therefore think how you present others,
since the good when you give – by that time you are presented
and if the evil being your gift – by that time you are punished.

Since the eyes watching over the life are never closing.

How much pain do you need yet?
Since the way is being shown to you
and indeed only the closed eyes do not see it.

6. On the Way Home

His heart he offers them
…and they spurn.
Then in silence and seclusion
…silently he weeps.
However there is no one coming all along
who would wipe the tears from
his careworn face away.
And so with each birth of a day he gets up
and sets forth the new pilgrimage.

His endless heart stays opened still,
so that everyone could enter…
…only visitors sometimes come…

He is not clad like a king,
his garments bear the sign of distant lands,
though he is the embodiment of thee Lord.

So night after night as wave after wave
lonely yearning and silent weep dissembles
and they are smiting upon the merciless shore of body…

I wish my pilgrimage to reach home already.

7. Shine of Consolation

The outside is corrugated very much so far
it reflects the Sun only a little,
there is too much obscurity and chill.
Please expose your soul and become a mirror,
warmth and light throw to gloomy lands,
ruin that musty crypts,
…yet there is no stronger might!

How intensively I long for that indescribably magnificence
whose twinkles I have every so often seen here on the Earth.

Oh the strong wind tear the grey clouds on my sky
otherwise I cannot tell about the Sun.

Too often I am dipped by the tears of sadness…
My sadness… homesickness.

“You even do not know that your home is elsewhere!
Inhospitable lands you have called your home!”
“Why can’t you search for a home with me?
Why do your ears not hear the call of home?
Perhaps it’s too gentle for them?”

8. Sadness and Strength

You have pierced me, human being,
it wasn’t for the first time and I believe it wasn’t for the last time.
You even don’t know it
but so often you have,
frequently I do not have the strength for you.
Then I retire into my palace veiled
in the morning vesture of apathy.

Still I haven’t found inside of you
what I am looking for a long time.
Silently I just beg this wasn’t phantasm…

How much more shedded blood and tears is
awaiting before my soul comes home?
The eyes of mine sow the wistful
longing on the firmament.

I will give you mercy… even I am bleeding
Mercy and sympathy… the arms of the strong and longing ones.
When I advance on my way… I’ll begin to pray for you.

9. A Step Closer

Jealousy is degrading us from divine freedom to futile slavery.

Be free and let ’em be free.
Spiritual teachers we become when giving freedom
and possibility of choice.
Show ’em freedom and you’ll be followed,
it’s the only way leading from the painsphere.

[Chorus:] Then we will be a step closer to home

Improvement of ourselves is an escape from inner impurity and its torments.
So because we judge others according to ourselves
when there is no impurity within us
we won’t be afraid of the impurity of others…

…and fear is gone,
only beautiful harmony remains…

[Chorus:] Then we will be a step closer to home

10. An Old Man and a Child

On the high hill sits an old man
his eyes are staring down… his mind is calm.
His sight he will soon turn to the sky in the while
when the last page of that strange book he has finished reading.

In the distance he hears the clear and ringing laughter of a child.
He knows child well, better than its mother.
Child knows him as well,
their hearts have elected shared path.

Yet their sights have never met
and won’t ever meet,
as rough waters can never be the calm ones at the same time.

Old man and child – old man and child.
Both they are the elements of one life

In that land that I was given to keep they live
their lives being teachers one to another.

Old man and child – old man and child.
Both they are the elements of one life

Celestial orchestra will start to play when
my mouth begins to speak to you by their joint language,
as mother speaks to her child
and then your tears shall be wiped…
…you tear-stained ones…

11. Walking in the Garden of Ma’at


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