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Madder Mortem Desiderata Lyrics Album

Desiderata Lyrics Album by Madder Mortem

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1. My Name Is Silence

Spelling my name in analogies
Pulling your eyelids down
Over my silence, over my blind eyes
Building myself an anomaly
Building with breaking bands
Shutting the noise out
Driving the nails in

I have no name
My name is silence
I have no pain
Who would save you now?

Pulling myself through the windowpane
Kissing the broken glass
Drawing the walls close
Stitching my mouth shut
Resting my head on the demagogue
Leaning on burning sound
Tearing my words up
Putting my work down

I have no use for your bloodless compassion
Don’t waste your indulgence on me

Nodding my head with the grinning ghost
Loving the lucid flow
Too many mercies
Too many stale hopes
Turn my face to avoid your eyes
Swearing to let it go
Too many failures
Too many favours

2. Evasions

Speak it solify, I will hear you
Through your words are insincere
All your talk amounts to nothing
And that nothing’s not for me
Through a thousand smooth
Your voice still rings in my ears

If you’d remember who you were
I could take hell out of your care
I could give you all I am

No more syllables to hide us
Fate dead within our hands
No more shadows and contortions
We have run out of lies

I could leave you undefended
Always hurting always wrong
Leave you wanting and dependent
On a hope that’d let you down
But still your voice retains the phantom
Of all you wanted to be

I could give you all I am
Say my name

No more words to hide us
Fate dead within our hands
No more shadows and contortions
We have run out of lies

No more syllables to hide us
Say my name

3. Plague on This Land

Useless words and scattered earth
Wring that neck for what it’s worth
Curse the flood and hate the sun
I will see the damage done

Plague holds this land, flooded with milky tears
Life dripping from their eyes
Burning their hearts to sleep

Pure salvation on your tongue
Drink the venom you’re become
Traitor by necessity
Be the dirt that clings to me

Plague holds this land, flooded with milky tears
Life dripping from faithless eyes
With the surface sealed

Plague on this land!

None I loved and none I spared
I fulfil what I prepare
The remnants of your line
Lost the blood that now is mine

Plague holds this land, flooded with milky tears
Life dripping from faithless eyes
With the surface sealed

I have listened, I have come
I have torn you, one by one
Be the dirt that clings to me

4. Dystopia

All will wither, go to sleep
The ones you love you may not keep
All you touch will fall apart
The dreams you kill will break your heart

There’s no merc, there’s no rest
The void will scream within your chest
No one knows and no one will
So leave this place that makes you ill

5. M for Malice

Hold the curse close to your chest
Now let the game begin
Whisper a silence of disease
That will never end

Just give the changer all control
And the pallid king your hand
Lay your head gently down on hate
That will never bend

M for malice
M for modesty
M for me

Where no haven can be found
Only the purpose can remain
Let it drown all pain
Let it drown all fear

All things broken, all things sworn
All this the malice will replace
Let it drown all fear
Let it drown all pain

Let no sorrow hold you down
Let the weight of good recede
It will drown all pain
It will drown all fear

M for malice
M for modesty

We repay

6. The Flood to Come

Nothing can turn me now
Come the terror, come the turmoil
Close over breath and bones
On the tide will flow
Rivers of vibrant life
Come the fever to the dead soil
Stream with my dormant dreams
On the tide will flow

Cold is the waiting stone
Come the change, I’m sick with hunger
Burn me and make me whole
On the tide will flow, slow and sure
Come the fall, the fall I long for
Blind me and bring me home
On the tide will flow

Seed my world with auguries
With agony and joy
With fear to hold my spirit down
And glory yet to come

So will be the day
On the tide will flow
Out from our eyes
Out from our feeding hands
No pain and no penitence
No word to hold the flood to come

Burn me and make me whole
Blind me and bring me home
On the tide will flow

7. Changeling

Storyteller, bring your stories to my pyre
You, the tame man, be what I have learned to loathe
Tell me the secrets buried underneath a thousand years of dirt
Tell me the fever chills your blood
You were the last
I’ll be the first

Fall as you are and for good
I am here, there’s nothing left to change

Life bleeds too soon, counting time down on us
Hope withers at my touch
Leaving it’s ghost to teach all colours grey


Dtoryteller, see the futile smiles and answers
I will teach you not to taint my sweet control
I have a deeper kind of riddle and a puzzle you won’t solve
Laugh on your knees
Laugh for the changeling and the joke that took us all


8. Cold Stone

What are the words of the queen on her throne?
Spite and splendour, cold under stone
This is her promise

What is the name of the gift that she brings?
Sleepless slumber under her wings
This is her promise

Cold, cold stone

Cold stone that buys and baits you
Cold stone that hides and hates you
Older that pride and oyre
Older that flood and fire
Here the swiftest beat will stop
Here the strongest man will fall
In her tower, in her halls
In her silent maze of cold stone

Cold stone to groom and grind you
Cold stone to make and mind you
Cold stone to bleed and blind you
Cold stone to break and bind you
And her arms won’t let you go
And her weight will pull you down
And her breath is in your lungs
And her laugh is that of cold stone

What are the words that will always remain?
Hunger, sorrow, winter and rain
These are her promise

9. Hypnos

Sleep, take me now and never let me wake
Still in your hands, in you’re kingdom I’ll be yours to break

Sleep, I am tired
I have blundered on to a path where I don’t belong
Still in your land, I’ll be safe from where I could go wrong

Promise me a silver dream
Let your silence flow over me
Give me serenity and take away my will
Let your silence flow over me

Ghosts hold no pain
I surrendered years ago
Life has no claim on me
Let me sleep quietly beneath
The pulse noise of everyday
Lefi has no claim on me

Sleep, if I beg you, will you bleed all memory from my veins?
Cold in your arms, I’ll have given all my hurt away
I am not afraid
I have waited on your doorstep too long
Take back my name
Close my eyes and turn my face away

10. Sedition

Fate, I see your stare
Underneath your pale eyes
All is here, holding it’s breath to have life

Smooth, sleek smiles howl at my door
To hold me down or more me on?
The pace makes it unclear
They smell of lust
Of sweetly silky rotting dust

Once they’ll measure me coldly
Twice they’d beg me to try
Hope will always betray me
It’s hand of stone has left the bitter mark on me

Bright, clean lies bleed from their lips
The twist of their tongues a pattern in the puzzle
I will wait
I wait and cover the strain

Hopes, atrocities and daydreams
Lay it all on me
The cause that I should die for
Lay it all on me

Fate, I see your stare
All is here
Fate, I could not care less
All is here

11. Desiderata

I open my eyes today
To leave the world of dreams behind
We all know the nothing
A hole in our hearts we try to forget
Or drown in jest and jokes
So I open my eyes today
To let myself be torn apart

In the rigid chill of my vow
All my dreams will die

My blood is seeded with hateful ghosts
Their clawing hands upon my faults
Pleading my guilt as they pull me down
Into the sea of broken hope

How could I have known?
All my dreams were lies

I know
All my dreams were lies
All my dreams have died


12. Hangman

I know that death hides in my eyes
And screams from my song
I’ve left the bright lights
Left for the river without bridges
Slow and silent
In it’s waters I can dream of peace
I know of no hope
Down and into the flood will be my way

And to my hangman I will bow
My scaffold will follow me down
Sing as the soul falls
Over the water your voice lingers
Just be by my side
When the river sweeps my feel away
Though I gave you no hope
And all your love I repaid with pain

I will go down
Stay with me
My light is all gone
Stay with me

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