Center of the Great Unknown (2012)

Magica Center of the Great Unknown Album

Center of the Great Unknown Album by Magica

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1. Center of the Great Unknown

One day we shall hear the call,
One day will unite us all
And the picture will be clear.

Can you agnize your satellites?
Can you discern your inner chold,
Until there’s no more fear?

Can you believe what you feel?

The center of the great unknown
In the land beyond the pole we set our faith
Through the long night of the arctic
The center of the great unknown
In the sunshine of it’s truth we shall be safe
As we’ll ride the storm and lightning
of the great unknown

Walking on, towards the ghostly dawn,
Strange lights that dance my way
Magnetize my heart

Right at the point of no return,
Under the frozen tears of time
Creation veils are torn.

Are you prepared to be reborn?

Why, oh why can’t we see
What’s clouding our eyes that we just won’t care?
We live, in darkness of mind,
Our spirit is numb but we must prepare.

2. Masterspell

Long ago, a great divide,
So we let you grow, feel the snow…
But now, we summon our lineage
Back to our home.

Is time to resign your hollow life
Unite our substance will ascend.

You alone, you are the way,
The only one you must obey.
You are the heaven and the hell,
The only thing,
The masterspell

You are the masterspell,
The only one that can dispel
The darkness surrounding your shell,
The masterspell

You must know, nothing is decided,
Your destiny’s not carved in stone.
Time flows in more than one direction
But you’re not alone.

3. King of the World

Hear the king of the world,
Listen now for his words are coming out
Like thunder
Look for the king of the world
And you will find him in your mind.
Call the king of the world
If you’re down and you feel your soul
Is torn asunder.
Pray to the king of the world,
Cause in the end
You will leave this world behind.

Waiting and watching in silence,
He’s sending his guidance upon the humanity.
Weighing and keeping the balance,
He is writing with magic,
Untangling the secrets of our destinies.

With a blessing of the underworld chapel,
The lamb and the apple will alter reality.
The fallen can be resurrected
The evil corrected,
Wherever the eyes of the king will see!

4. Open

Who knows what I am,
A grain of sand on the reaches of time?
Who knows who I am,
A wondering spirit lost between
Unholy and divine

With no fear,
I open my heart and stare into destiny
I am who I am I don’t deny it.
I tear down the walls
And fences surrounding me.
I open my soul for you.

You hide within yourself,
Restrained bu this fear of the unknown
But if you reach out your hand
Your soul will link to everything
You will understand.

Let us begin.
Let beauty endue your heart,
Walk tall and proud,
Let’s make a brand new start!

5. The Earth Is Young?

You listen to the seers
And you’re crawling underneath
The blanket
of divine protection and trust.
Yielding to your fears,
Relinquishing the voice of reason
You turn ages of science to dust.
But I want to know
And I need to show
I’m not afraid like you.

The earth is young?
The world ain’t gonna end!
Regarding me and you,
We’re just passing through.
The earth is young?
The world ain’t gonna end!
But for humanity
Don’t know how long is gonna be.

The new dommsday coming in,
Makes you feel the need to bow down
To whomever promises hope.
You’re sheding your old skin
And changing from within all dogma,
Like convicts feeling the rope.

6. Step into the Night

The walls of history are falling,
Your fright is starting to dissolve.
But while you’re feeling safe, embraced by ignorance,
Your life is like a game of chance.

I, I wanna see what you whoose!
I wanna bathe in your light,
or I will weep, as you step into the night.

A new dark age is closing on your doorsteps,
Wrapping up the earth just like a pall
I’m hoping you will wake and turn from this disgrace,
Rise from the ruins of your race.

“You, my son, are to return
To the surface world with this message!

7. No Horizon

The sun grew dark just like a disc of sombre gold,
The ocean boiled below,
Rising crests of water burned with yellow glow.
We’re spinning fast out of control
The lightning shows the door through these streaks of amber fire.

Where we roam,
We only feel like flies in the web of a spider king.
We’re fallen leaves blown by the wind.

No horizon line in sight,
No sky to really matte, no,
No horizon!
No horizon and no night;
We’re sailing down to see the land of no horizon.

The storm abated, and the sea grew calm again,
The heavens became clear
And this sunturned in a rosy colow sphere.
This strange and mystic promised land
Is opening ahead, and we don’t fully understand but

Out of control, the only thing we know
Is we are sailing upside down
In this weightless world inside a dream.
Here we are, we wandered far from the known reality,
A thousand miles below, under the snow.

8. One Angry Gaia

I know your secrets,
I feel your pain.
I know your heart is crying.

You’re weeping for your children
And you scream in vain.
I know your eyes are drying.
But I still fight,
Despite your broken faith in man.
I’m trying!

One angry gaia
Is calling for our souls.
Listen to her crying!
One angry gaia
Retaking the controls,
Is not waiting for
Our wisdom anymore.

You heart os bleeding,
Your skin is torn,
Your seasons are misleading.
You’re looking for an answer,
The last forlorn attempt
To make your pleading.

But I still fight, despite the evilness of man.
No ceding!

And I know we’ve taken more
Than we’ll ever need from you
And I know we can’t ignore
All the signs you’re sending through.
And I cannot hide my shame,
I know we are a blight
And we are to blame
So strike with all your might

9. Mark of Cain

The master’s eyes burned deep,
Deep into my mind.
He chose his words with care
To hide his frown.
his heart was like a stone,
Burdened and resigned,
He whispered and my hopes went down.

My son,
You’re too loud,
You’re too proud
And you don’t want to learn.
You have reached the point of no return.

I know it’s too late,
It may be true.
You think that mankind’s lost to you.
But I feel that somehow
We’ll break through again,
I know it’s too late,
It may be true.
You think there’s nothing we can do
But I feel we’ll wash this mark of cain away,

Oh, this time you went too far,
You tampered with my grace
Misusing knowledge sent to you for progress.
We’ve never interfered
With your brutal savage race
But this time you’ve pushed to far
And made a mess

At the point of no return,
Please gaze upon the past
To see what you have done.
You are beyond the point of no return,
Your destiny is sealed,
You’ll never learn.

10. Under the Auroras

Can you see all the lights?
We’re under the auroras.
Watch them burn in the night! (Ride out)
We’re all sons of the sky
Under the auroras
Our heart together ignite.
(Burn like fire)

Shifting and fading, turning, evading,
The veil of the stars plays it’s game.
Spreading threads of green wonder,
Created down under
By a magical light spinning frame.

It mounts and it spreads, it parts and it plays
In a million patterns and ways.
Like a nimbus of glory it dances a story,
Forgotten in mystery and haze.

11. Dacă 2012

Daca ai putea,
oare n-ai pleca peo coada de matura la noapte in zbor?
Si daca ai sti cate-n luna si in stele,
Oare ai mai vrea sa traiesti printre noi ?
Asculta cum copacii vorbesc;
Asculta cum florile cresc;
Priveste cum luna iti zambeste;
Iti arata cum cerul se topeste.
Daca vei bea roua de pe frunze
O poarta spre povesti pe loc se va ivi
Si daca vei pasi prin ea,
In lumea mea te vei opri.
Daca un batran copac vei intalni
Cu radacina in forma de stea;
Cu seva lui pe pleoape iti vei da;
El atunci iti va vorbi.
Daca vrei cu adevarat,
Daca timpul nu te poate opri,
Daca sufletul iti este curat,
Trei dorinte iti voi indeplini;
Si atunci oare
Oare ce-ti vei dori?

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