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The Scroll of Stone Lyrics Album by Magica

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1. The Wish


2. A Blood Red Dream

“Undeva, candva, povestea spune ca,
intr-un anume timp, intr-un anume loc,
printesa Alma si-a pus o dorinta.”

I remember how it all begun
Alone in the dark, trapped in the castle walls
I heard a voice and wanted to run
But something inside me answered the mystic calls

There it was , on the wall, the old mirror
And from its depths a voice
was saying to me
I can give you eternal beauty
If you reach my hand and pull me out
I can sell you a dream in red
For just a kiss
Pull me out !

I can give you whatever you want
But don’t leave me inside
Don’t leave me inside this trap
I can change the rest of your life
you just get me out
It’s just a little step.

“Si Alma elibera demonul care ii oferi printr-un sarut
tot ceea ce ii promisese :
Un vis in rosu sangeriu.”

3. The Sun Is Gone

And the sun is gone
Forever out of this game
And the sun is gone
Her eyes will never be the same
She lost her soul
Caught in the demon’s eyes

She lost her soul
And there s no ears to hear her cryes
The sun is gone

4. The Sorcerer

I watch the sunlight fade into darkness
And silence fills the village and the sea
I raise my hands towards the heavens
To beg them end my agony
Smell the scent of my burning flesh
Everytime I touch a crucifix
I scream, I beg, I curse, I pray
And the sorcerer steps into my way.

And down here
at the crossroad of heaven and hell
The sorcerer purrs me another keg of wine
How he knew
I will never understand
But he’s whispering slowly
The way to my magic land.
Follow the moonlight into the forest
You must speak to the elder elf
Climb your way to the mountains of ice
Look for your strength in your inner self
Lead your steps in the magic cave
Remember the words that find the key
Fight the demon, sit on the throne
And read the scroll of stone.

” Copila mea, cand vei fi la necaz, gandeste-te la mine
si vocea mea va birui timpul si spatiul
pentru a-ti veni in ajutor.”

5. Road to the Unknown

I walk a road to the unknown
To seek the scroll of stone
To untie the course that`s holding down my soul
I`ve searched through all mankind
The cave that i must find
To speak the words that will unchain my mind.
Years and Years go by
I still fight to save my soul
And now I`m on the road to the unknown.
The frozen earth below
My footprints in the snow
Are drawing now the picture of my life.
The mountains in my sight
Are shining in the night
But the blow and silent forest`s in my way.

6. Dacă

Daca ai putea oare n-ai pleca
Pe-o coada de matura la noapte in zbor,
Si daca-i sti tot ce-i in luna si stele
Oare-ai mai vrea sa traiesti printre noi ?
Asculta cum copacii vorbesc
Asculta cum florile cresc
Priveste luna iti zambeste
Iti arata cum cerul se topeste.
Daca vei bea roua de pe frunze
O poarta spre povesti pe loc se va ivi
Si daca vei pasi prin ea
In lumea mea te vei opri.
Daca un batran copac vei intalni,
Cu radacina in forma de stea
Cu seva lui pe ploape iti vei da,
El atunci iti va vorbi.
Daca vrei cu adevarat
Daca timpul nu te poate opri
Daca sufletul iti este curat
Trei dorinte iti voi indeplini
Si atunci oare, oare ce iti vei dori?

7. E magic

In inima padurii
Se aprind lumini de foc
Si toti licuricii
Se aduna la un loc
Si in luna si in stele
In izvoare apare
un semn
Se aude intruna un nesfarsit refren
E magic, te incanta
Te atrage spre necunoscut
Te indeamna , “hai vino”
O sa vezi ce nu ai mai vazut.
Si soarele dispare
Se ascunde printre nori
Vantul nu mai bate
Deodata te-nfiori

E Magic.

Acolo in poiana
Danseaza spiridusi
Si simt priviri de ingeri
Ce-n umbra sunt ascunsi
Un cal inaripat
In aer ma ridica

Ating cu mana norii
Si totusi nu mi-e frica.
E Magic

8. The Silent Forest

Unicorns, goblins, hobbits, magic ents
Faeris, pixies, urechins and evil orcs
Seems like over and over they all get in my way
But they tremble and scatter when I say
“- Eu sunt Alma!”
The day is fading in silence
I made my way trough the mire
I step into the elven land
And i climb the ancient spire
One sound of the bell
and seven arrows are pointed at me
The elfs have me sorrounded
Ready for the kill
But they stop , and a tree , suddenly awakens
And the flow of it`s sea slowly forms the Elder.
And Silent, slowly comes to me and gives me
The Emerald Sword of the Ancient
And sends me on my way.
I`m walking trough the silent forest
And the trees and the wind are crying with me
I sing to the silent forest
Maybe now will uncover it`s mistery.

9. Mountains of Ice

My breath in the cold
And the demon that`s waiting at the end of my road
Is breaking down my will and my reality.
While I scream inside my agony , insanity
My feet are numb , but I must face
This white fatality.
I`m alone but all i see
Is my reflection in the ice
And I smell death, blood, fear
A scream in the night i hear
For the streght of the gods I pray
To help me on my way.
The ice is shining on the lippery path under my feet
I nearly drown in all the snow that`s fallin from the peak.
I follow North my eyes go blurry, I hear the underworld
But I stay alive from the warmth of the elven sword.

10. The Key

I have climbed all the way through the moutains of ice
And now I`m at the end of my road
And I fed line I`m burning inside.
The magic gate holds my path and I can`t open the lock
sorcerer tell me what should I do!

” Sacrifica o picatura din viata ta si lacatul se va deschide! ”

I open my vain
In this magic game
Where my blood is the key to it all.
I open the gate
Well come my fate
And the darkness starts feeding my call.

11. The Scroll of Stone

I open my way into the cave of the demon
Destiny calls me and I`m full of rage.
Silent my blade lights the room with a warning
The demon attacks me and the walls come to life.

On and on , Break the Stone
The Cave echoes the screams of the demon
That dies with my sword between his eyes

I burn his corpse
And all the rivers stop their course
As i reach , for the scroll of stone
The course will break
And all the mountains will start to shake
When I will read
The Scroll of Stone

12. Redemption

And the story has reached the heavens
And my soul has turned to me
Great bards have sang my memory
And my story reached thee.

Alma, your eyes are diamonds in the night
Alma, your heart is running to the light.
And say goodbye, and say goodbye to the magic sword
And return her to the forest of the elven lord.
I thank you mighty sorcerer for the words that saved my mind
I thank you for your guidance, your eyes when I was blind

And the story has reached the heavens
And my soul has turned to me
Great bards have sang my memory
And my story reached thee.

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