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Man Must Die Peace Was Never an Option Lyrics Album

Peace Was Never an Option Lyrics Album by Man Must Die

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1. Congregation


2. Hiding in Plain Sight

In our face they spit
The working man is an invalid
Society nurtures the leech
No need to try for a better life
When you can sit on your ass
And just bleed your country dry
I’m working seven days a week
Breaking my back to make ends meet
We watch while future generations
Pave our way to extinction

Give them what they want
It fuels their greed
The parasite has a need to feed
Off you and me
So they can live for free
A drain on society

Neck deep in shit
It’s our economy that takes the hit
The damage irreversible
A fuckin’ free for all
Lining their pockets with the cash we earn
A parasitic nation let it burn
You’ve got no fuckin’ right
You won’t take what’s mine
Without a fight
Stand up and be counted
And do what’s right

Do you see it?
It’s destroying our integrity
Hiding in plain sight
Ignorance is systematic
Politicians self help tactics
Serves no means

Pull out our tongues
Remove our sight
But we won’t run
This time we’ve come to
Stand and fight

3. Patriot

Their mind contortion targets the weak
And binds us all in slavery
A passive existence bred for conformity
We swallow shit no questions asked

Their only rule is, divide
Like bringing knives to a gun fight
A pre-emptive strike
On an innocent mind

Reigns down upon their lives

Blind faith won’t set you free
We are slaves
Compliance is mandatory

Do as they say
Not as they fucking do
Do what you want
Now they own you

Die for their greed at the drop of a hat
No questions asked
Medals made of tin
Absolve all your sins
Your heart is black

A flag and a wreath are all that remains
To mark your graves
No glory in your death
Forgotten like the rest
Your fate is black

Embrace your dream
Because without it your reality
Is nothing but a fallacy
That you don’t want to know
Don’t want to feel
How much of this is even real

4. The Hell I Fear

You’re gonna get what’s coming to you
You worthless piece of shit
Here is a man who spends his life
Promising answers to questions
That he can’t provide
Your tunnel vision fascism
Makes you want to believe
That you are somehow justified
Pointing the finger at me
Cause I don’t buy your narrow
Minded ways of thinking

Free us from self limitation
Free us and liberate your soul
No God, no religion

Now your past is coming back to haunt you
You can’t run away
Your trail of misery
Stretches thousands of years back
You cannot tell me that your legacy is not a disease
Speak on behalf of God
With way too much fucking ease
It’s not hell I fear
Cause from what I see I’m already here

You fear me
Because I live my life without rules
That kill progress and free thinking

Everyone had the right to express themselves
I say to each his own
Whether it’s God, Budda, Satan, Hari Krishna or Allah
You will always find a home
But it’s never that fucking simple
THere’s always some power hungry fuck
With his hidden agenda
Who will fuck you up

We were blind but now we can see
The hate that’s surrounding me

We all have one thing in common
As we were born, we all shall die
I do believe life has a purpose
Believe in yourself, let go and try

5. Sectarian

Peace was never an option

Feels like you’ve won the fight
But lost the fucking war
Inbred degenerate
You don’t know what you’re fighting for
All that you see is what you’ve been taught to see
I’ll be damned if I expose myself to this disease

It’s not a game that they play
It’s a history of bloodshed
A violent masquerade
I’ve been witness to both sides of their hate
Two wrongs don’t make a right
When you’re planning out your children’s fate

You hold no validity
You are shaped by your elder’s flaws
Never question their authority
Just shut your mouth and die for their cause
That serves no purpose anymore
The past stays dead
It’s the future we should be fighting for

For the ones who died
Why can’t we let the hate go?
And bridge this divide

Why don’t you open your eyes?
This is destroying your life

Here they stand
Divided by God
A past drenched in blood
Lives on after you’re gone
Poison the seed
Spoil the earth
All in the name of your God

Spawn. Hate. Die
The cycle of decline

Take a stand for the very first time

6. Dissolution


7. Absence Makes the Hate Grow Stronger

I remember standing side by side
I had your back and you had mines
You always stood by your word
This bond I thought would last forever
But now time had passed cracks appear
And these words I say are sincere
Stay away because the damage is done
There’s nothing left to say

If it’s peace and forgiveness you’ve come for
You’ve come tot he wrong fuckin’ place
I stand for something that you can’t
If it’s words of resolve that you wanted
You’ve come to the wrong fuckin’ place

There is one thing to remember
Absence makes the hate grow stronger
Every day it fuels my hate for you
There’s nothing I can’t do

Times a healer but I’m immune
Every day that passes just deepens the wounds
You betrayed everything we had
To live a life of pure denial
5 minutes of fame and your time was through
Nothing left of the person that I once knew
An empty shell
You’ll serve your time in hell

No you’ve become what you hated
You sold your soul to make it
Your own mother would deny your existence
Your endless quest for power
Has left your soul to sour
You feed off success like a junkie
You’d kill for a hit
Sometime you open doors that you can’t close
Now you are dead to me
One things for sure you reap what you sow
I can’t forgive I can’t forget
You have no bridges left to burn

I’ll see you in hell

8. The Price You Pay

I regret to inform you
The time we have is almost through
It seems to me your only true conviction
Is planting your seeds of mistrust
There is no way you can’t ry
To justify
The way you’re living your life is a fucking lie
And I won’t be any part of it
Stop trying to involve me in your schemes

Cause’ it’s the price you pay
For living life this way
You’ll die alone
A broken man on a splintered throne

Killing is the only thing you know
You breed pain and suffering
Become the man that you despise

You and me will go round after round
So take your head out of your ass
Or you will be out on the ground
You weren’t the first but you will be the last
Take it from me your time a came and past
Defend your lies alone
Deceit’s something you condone
You better have the balls to back it up
You are the poster boy for self destruction

The masses flock to see the invalid
Stretched out before their eyes
There is no way for them to say
That I am wrong
Let fate decide

Right. There is no use in running
Now. You’re gonna burn for this
We. Are gonna watch you die
And end it all right now
Waste away

9. Antisocial Network

Devoid of the human touch
All hail the voyeurist
Cocooned inside your tombs
Your living out twisted fantasies
Everythings for sale
For 20 bucks a month
Reserve your seat in hell
Voyeuristic, blood drunk sadist

It’s a breeding ground for perversity
It’s abuse of power in every way
Exit human
Embracing the demon
This whole situation is sick
Out of control and on the brink

Anti-Social Network
A meeting place for the freaks to play
Anti-Social Network
Welcome to the end of days

Everything you want is at the touch of a key
As long as you don’t mind
Letting your conscience slide
You will see
Things that would defy all rationality
And once you’ve seen them
You’ll never be set free

Twisted and broken inside
Nowhere for anyone to hide
Suspended in darkness
The camera your only witness

This is real, this is sick
Infect the soul
The misery it will inflict

This reign is now complete

This is not a warning
It’s a global emergency
We’d rather trade reality
In for this morbid dream
An open invitation
To hide your true identity
No one can save us now
It’s reach expanding infinately

10. Abuser Friendly

Mark my words and let the voice be heard
Corruption is like a cancer spreading
I’d be first in line to put you down
The truth for the truth
An eye for an eye
Of you’re man enough to take a life
Prepare to die. You’ll pay with your life

No sense of justice anymore
Pull back the veil that obscures our sight
Cut the deals to keep the scum alive
No longer can the truth be told
Their whole empire is rotten down to the core
These unbalanced scales
Show me that your system has failed

I see it everyday
An uprising
They’re living better than me
Fuck their civil rights
Do the crime but serve no time
Where’s the fucking logic in that?

You regret your crime because you got caught
It doesn’t matter cause freedom can be bought

I have never seen such a rise in impotence
This is a world spiraling out of control
The damage is done thought the years of negligence
No consequences is the code we follow

Your system is a joke, Punishments revoked

You stand before me
Accused of killing the earth
Now lie my jury of victims decide your worth
The verdicts in, the penalty is death
You shall be taken from here
And hung until you choked to death
We’re going to celebrate you drawing your
Last breath, For every victims life

11. On the Verge of Collapse

Do I want to die?
I have questioned my life’s worth
A thousand times
Still nothing but a joyless smile
An inner feeling of defeat
Tears me up inside
Spat out

It’s true what they say
Never judge a book by its cover
You don’t know me one bit
As much as you think
My pain boils beneath the surface
Leaving you to think that
Everything’s alright

I’m on the verge of collapse
My mind is ground zero
It’s the place where your future’s your past
Pronounced dead at the scene
I’m living out a nightmare
Not embracing the dream

On the verge of collapse
Chewed up spat out

I am so good at being somebody else
You don’t know
I keep it hidden
Every day it takes its fucking toll
I’m sick of fighting this alone
What have I done to deserve this
I don’t know

I can’t begin to tell you how this feels
To see the world through my eyes
It’s like a noose around my neck

You don’t know
I keep it hidden
Every day it takes its fuckin’ toll
I’m sick of fighting this alone
What have I done to deserve this
I don’t know
Infatuated with how I’ll meet my end
Resurrecting demons that won’t stay dead
Tear it all down

12. The Day I Died

Born April 19th 1979
Blue collar working class
Poverty bound
Depressions grasp
Ate away at the family core
Self-destructive paths
Lead to inner war
All I could do
Was watch through the eyes of a child
Lonely and confused
Somewhere else when I needed you the most
Always out of your mind
You were a ghost

I wasn’t there
On the day that I died
I was somewhere else
Trying to hide

I don’t forgive you
And I never will

You saw yourself when you looked at me
That’s why you shut me out
Self-hatred of which you are devout
I was the itch that you could not reach
The infected wound that you refused to treat

I’ll tell you this for nothing
I don’t forgive you and I never will
More time for strangers
Than you had for your own sons
I lived in fear of you for years
The things you did haunt me still

It’s funny how the tables turn
You need me but still it burn
Deep down within my soul
Were you unaware or did you know?

You will be held accountable
No love means no respect
I wonder sometimes, what did you expect of me?

You get back what you put in
In your case, not a fucking thing
You get no credit for a single thing
I’ve achieved this far
I did this all without your help
I stand tall with my self-respect

What of you have?
Answer me
What do you have?
Nothing but me

I guess I wouldn’t be the man who
I am today
If it wasn’t for you
And your pathetic games
You made me realize
From day one, I was not welcome
An inconvenience
That you called your son

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